A Heartbreaking Miscarriage: Selling Sunset Star Shares Her Pain with the World

Selling Sunset's Mary Opens up About Her Pregnancy Journey on the Show From Joy to Heartbreak

Selling Sunset’s Mary announced her pregnancy on the show but tragically experienced a miscarriage.

Romain Bonnet, Mary Bonnet, and Amanza Smith sit on a couch tearfully discussing Mary’s miscarriage on “Selling Sunset.” Romain Bonnet, Mary Bonnet, and Amanza Smith on “Selling Sunset.” Netflix

Selling Sunset, known for its outlandishly styled real estate agents and glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle, takes a dramatic turn in season 7. Amidst all the glitz and petty fights, Mary Bonnet (née Fitzgerald) shares a deeply personal experience: her heartbreaking miscarriage.

In this emotional moment, Mary and her husband Romain, accompanied by her loyal friend Amanza Smith, sit in silence on their couch. The series’ usual upbeat pop soundtrack comes to a grinding halt, perfectly setting the scene. Mary confesses her numbness, going from tears to emptiness. It’s a raw and powerful moment that hits close to home for many.

Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet sit on a couch after she shares the news that she’s pregnant on “Selling Sunset.” Mary and Romain learn they’re pregnant on the season seven premiere of “Selling Sunset.” Netflix

Mary shares the heartbreaking news that during a routine ultrasound appointment, they discovered that their 9-week-old baby had no heartbeat. These scenes give the show a dose of reality, reminding us that miscarriages occur in 10-20% of pregnancies.

Opening up about such a personal experience on-camera wasn’t easy for Mary. But being a character on a reality TV show magnified the pain. “It’s absolutely brutal,” she revealed. “To re-watch yourself, hear everyone talk about it, and face the scrutiny of the public—it’s an incredibly difficult situation.”

While Mary’s decision to announce her pregnancy on the show seemed like a joyful one at the time, she admits not fully considering the possibility of a miscarriage. But she’s glad she shared the news, recognizing the power of opening up about such matters.

Behind the scenes, Mary grieved privately and worked closely with the production team to navigate the delicate situation. Keeping it as natural and respectful as possible, the crew reduced the number of people present, ensuring a scene that captured Mary’s raw emotions. The aim was to strike a balance between empathetic storytelling and the demands of producing a TV show.

Mary’s willingness to share her experience has resonated strongly with viewers. Messages of support have poured in, reassuring her choice to disclose such a painful moment on-camera. In addition to the septic miscarriage she experienced, Mary also learned that she has a unicornuate uterus—a congenital condition that presents further challenges in conceiving and carrying a baby.

But Mary remains hopeful. Despite the heartbreak, she looks to the future, determined to push forward and pursue her dream of starting a family. She knows that when the time is right, they will try again, hoping for a better outcome.

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Real life is not always a glamorous ride in a luxury convertible. Sometimes, it takes unexpected turns and throws heartbreaking challenges our way. Mary Bonnet’s courage to share her miscarriage story on Selling Sunset, amidst the glitz and drama, is a powerful reminder that vulnerability and strength can coexist.

Have you ever faced a situation that required you to be brave and open up, even when it felt uncomfortable? Share your stories in the comments below. Let’s support each other, just like Mary’s fans did for her.