Dr. Divya Shokeen’s Magical Skincare Routine

Secrets from a Dermatologist A Daily Routine for Smooth, Acne-Free Skin, Even with Oily Skin

Pro dermatologist spills her daily routine for flawless, acne-free skin

Dr. Divya Shokeen

Dr. Divya Shokeen

Hey, fellow fashionistas! Get ready to be dazzled by the magical skincare routine of the one and only, Dr. Divya Shokeen! This dermatologist extraordinaire not only treats oily skin in her clients but also battles it herself. Talk about practicing what you preach, right?

According to the fabulous Dr. Shokeen, the key to smooth, acne-free skin is all about balance. But beware, my friends, tread carefully on this precarious path. Too many skincare products and cosmetics can lead to disaster! Imagine trying to eliminate shininess, only to end up with clogged pores and unwanted mites crawling all over your face. Yikes!

But fear not, for Dr. Shokeen has come to our rescue with her expert advice and a skincare routine that will make your complexion gleam like never before. I’m about to spill the tea on her morning and evening skincare rituals. Brace yourselves!

Morning Magic ✨

Step 1: Gentle cleanser

Dr. Shokeen kicks off her mornings with a gentle cleanser. Hold your horses, though! She warns against going overboard with oily-skin marketed cleansers. Keep it simple, my darlings! Her weapon of choice? The glorious Vanicream cleanser. Soft, gentle, and oh-so-effective.

Step 2: Vitamin C serum

Once her canvas is clean, Dr. Shokeen applies a vitamin C serum. This superhero ingredient helps regulate sebum production and protects your delicate skin from free radicals. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your face! And that’s not all, my lovelies. Vitamin C also fights redness, boosts collagen, and delivers a flawless, even skin tone. It’s pure magic!

Step 3: A lightweight moisturizer

Niacinamide to the rescue! Dr. Shokeen slathers on a lightweight moisturizer with this star ingredient. Watch as your oil production and inflammation melt away, leaving behind a radiant glow. Neutrogena’s Ultra Gentle Face Gel Hydrator is her go-to knight in shining armor. Say goodbye to oily skin and hello to luminosity!

Step 4: A zinc-based sunscreen

Last but not least, our glamour-puss doctor applies a zinc-based sunscreen to keep oil production at bay. With the humidity soaring high in the summertime, this golden rule becomes a lifesaver. Shield yourself from the sun’s harmful rays while defeating oily skin like the superhero you truly are!

Evening Enchantments 🌙

Step 1: Micellar water or cleansing balm

As the sun sets and you dive into dreamland, Dr. Shokeen believes a clean canvas is a must. She double-cleanses to ensure every last trace of sunscreen is obliterated. Micellar water or a cleansing balm? The choice is yours, my friends. Just make sure all that gunk is wiped away before you hit the pillow!

Step 2: A medicated sulfur cleanser

Feeling a little oily or congested? Fear not, for Dr. Shokeen has the perfect potion. She reaches for a medicated sulfur cleanser that not only unclogs pores but also fights inflammation and puts acne-causing bacteria in their place. This is one magical brew you definitely want in your arsenal!

Step 3: Tretinoin

Prepare for the grand finale, my loves! Dr. Shokeen unveils her secret weapon: tretinoin, a powerful retinoid. She applies this beauty four times a week with the grace of a fairy godmother, banishing excess oil production while keeping your skin safe. And for lighter nights, an over-the-counter retinol is her enchanting alternative. That moisturizer is the cherry on top, sealing in the goodness.

Optional step: Chemical peels

But wait, there’s more! Dr. Shokeen loves to add a little spice to her routine with occasional at-home chemical peels. It’s like giving your skin a mini vacation, complete with smoothness and radiance. Who doesn’t want that?

Are you bewitched yet, my fellow fashion lovers? Dr. Divya Shokeen’s skincare routine is here to rescue you from the clutches of oily skin. Follow her whimsical pathway to balance, and your complexion will shine brighter than a supernova. Trust me, the results will leave you spellbound!

Do you have any skincare secrets up your fashionable sleeves? Share them below, and let’s embark on this radiant journey together!✨