Raheem Mostert: The Fashionable Foodie Running Circles in the NFL!

Game-Ready Secrets NFL Star Raheem Mostert's Diet for Optimal Performance and his Ultimate Pregame Fuel-up Meal

NFL star Raheem Mostert shares his game-ready diet and pregame meal to fuel up

Raheem Mostert during a 2023 Miami Dolphins game. Raheem Mostert during a 2023 Miami Dolphins game. – AP Photo/Doug Murray

Move over, fashionistas! There’s a new trendsetter in town, and his name is Raheem Mostert. The Miami Dolphins running back is not only leading the NFL in rushing touchdowns, but he’s also making waves with his unique approach to diet and exercise.

Mostert, like a true master of style, knows how to strike the perfect balance between enjoying life and staying game-ready. In an interview with VoiceAngel, he revealed his secret to success – an “everything in moderation” approach to his diet. Take notes, foodies!

“I do a little bit of everything,” Mostert said, promoting the NFL’s partnership with Charmin. “I truly try to enjoy life for what it is.”

But don’t let his laid-back attitude fool you. Mostert is well aware of the consequences of indulging in certain foods. He knows his body like a fashion designer knows fabric – intimately. He’s willing to make the necessary sacrifices to keep his body feeling fabulous.

“For example, if I’m eating a burger, I probably have no cheese on it just because I know it’s an inflammatory issue for me,” Mostert explained. “So I try to cut out those little things.”

Oh, but don’t think he’s all business! Mostert knows how to let loose and have some fun. If there’s no game the next day, you might catch him sneaking a slice of cheese onto his burger. Because as he puts it, “If it’s a Friday night and I’m feeling froggy, then I’m going to have to go with a piece of cheese on my burger,” all while bursting into laughter.

And let’s not forget about his pregame routine, where fashion meets fuel. Mostert knows maintaining his weight and energy levels is crucial, just like finding the perfect outfit for a special occasion. He wants to perform at a high level and not feel tired, whether he’s on the field or in the film room.

To achieve this fashionable feat, Mostert’s go-to pregame meal is a work of art. Picture scrambled eggs with spinach, turkey, bacon, chicken, peppers, onions, jalapeños, salt, and pepper. And to complete the ensemble, add a dash of hash browns or potatoes, with a side of avocado or a slice of whole wheat toast. Voila! He’s now ready to hit the ground running, both literally and figuratively.

With his fashion-forward approach to food and fitness, it’s no surprise that Mostert is having a career year. He’s already surpassed his previous touchdown record and is on pace to break his rushing yards record. It’s a touchdown celebration for his taste buds – and his fans!

So, as we eagerly wait for the next game on November 19 against the Las Vegas Raiders, let’s take a moment to appreciate Raheem Mostert, the fashionable foodie running circles in the NFL. Who says fashion and football can’t go hand in hand? Mostert is proving that it’s not just about the clothes you wear, but the fuel you put in your body that makes you a true style icon.

Stay updated on the latest fashion and football trends with Raheem Mostert. Don’t miss his next touchdown and don’t forget to bring snacks – after all, he knows how to make food fashionable.