Embracing the “Pomalo” Lifestyle: From American Hustle to Croatian Delights

Escaping the Grind From Hustle Culture to Croatia - Embracing a Life Beyond 9-to-5

American ex-hustler finds new life and freedom in Croatia, bidding farewell to the 9-to-5 grind.

You know that feeling when you’re stuck in a 9-to-5 job, and it feels like your creativity is being squished like a pancake? Well, that’s exactly what happened to the fabulous Niav Konno. This California-born fashionista knew that the classic office life just wasn’t her jam. So, what did she do? She packed her bags and jetted off to the dreamy coastal town of Makarska in Croatia.

Niav Konno in Croatia

The Slow and Steady Fashionista

Our girl Niav realized that the fast-paced work culture was taking a toll on her health. And quite frankly, who wants to live a life where stepping out of your house becomes a rarity? Not Niav! So, she made a bold move and embraced Croatia’s “pomalo” lifestyle. Think of it as a fashionably slow and steady approach to life.

Konno in Makarska, Croatia

I had the pleasure of chatting with Niav Konno, a social-media strategist and content creator extraordinaire, who now resides in the beautiful coastal town and runs the popular TikTok account [@mylifeincroatia](https://www.tiktok.com/@mylifeincroatia). Trust me, her story will have you daydreaming about living your best life in the fashion-forward wonderland that is Croatia.

Au Revoir to the 9-to-5 Grind

Let’s face it, folks – Niav never quite fit the mold of a corporate fashionista. She grew up amidst the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area, surrounded by people who wore their busyness like a badge of honor. Everyone seemed to be in a never-ending competition to see who could be the busiest bee in the hive. It’s like they were waiting all week for Friday, and that’s no way to live the fashion-forward life, my friends.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m talking to someone and ask how they’re doing, I want to hear about all the juicy details of their fabulous adventures, not about how busy they’ve been. Life is about living, loving, and strutting in style!

But our girl Niav knew that the glittering shores of Europe were calling her name. By the tender age of 13, she was already dreaming of bidding adieu to school and embracing the fashion capitals across the pond.

First stop, London – the city that unleashed her wild side and opened her fashionista mind. She explored the European wonderland, and guess where her fashionable heart led her? You got it – right back to Croatia! She worked in a cozy family-run hostel in the Makarska Riviera, and oh, did she fall head over heels for the mesmerizing beauty of the people, the culture, the nature, and, of course, the delicious food.

From Vacation to Fashionable Revelation

But wait… Love had other plans for our intrepid fashionista. She met an Aussie heartthrob, and before she could say “fashion crisis,” she was whisked away to the sunny land Down Under. She embraced the Aussie life and lived it up fashionably for six blissful years.

However, everything changed when the pandemic struck. Niav found herself trapped in a soul-crushing 9-to-5 job in Australia, where the concept of a glamorous life seemed like a distant memory. She was working from the comfort of her home, but her physical and mental health took a nosedive. Let’s just say she wasn’t feeling like a runway model.

But hey, when life gives you lemons, throw on a fabulous dress and make yourself a divine cocktail! Niav seized the opportunity when the borders opened and booked a one-way ticket to Croatia. And then, as if life wanted to spice things up, her relationship came crashing down just three weeks later. Single, alone, and far from home – a fashionista’s dream, right?

Niav Konno working as a digital nomad

But this heartbreak turned out to be a key moment of revelation for our fashion-forward heroine. She realized that life was happening for her, not to her, and that was a mantra she clung to as she navigated this challenging chapter. And boy, did she handle it like a fierce fashionista.

The Glorious Pomalo Lifestyle

So, what is this “pomalo” lifestyle Niav is all about? Well, my lovely fashion enthusiasts, it’s all about taking life at your own pace. Forget the mad rush for success and material possessions. In Croatia, it’s all about savoring the little things, like a coffee date with a friend or basking in the Mediterranean sun. It’s a place where “take it slowly” isn’t just advice – it’s a fashion-forward way of life.

Nowadays, you won’t catch Niav dead in a monotonous 9-to-5 grind. She’s a free-spirited digital nomad, working with small businesses around the globe. From Instagram strategies to TikTok brilliance, she’s on a mission to help shine a fabulous spotlight on local entrepreneurs. And did I mention she can work from anywhere she pleases? Imagine strutting around Barcelona or dancing her way through Lisbon, all while effortlessly slaying the fashion game.

But hold on, folks – being a digital nomad isn’t all glitz and glam. It takes discipline, determination, and a fabulous amount of fashion sense to make it work. Niav has unlocked the key to her own work-life balance, and boy, does she know how to rock it.

I mean, picture this – Niav strutting through life, a coffee in one hand, and her laptop in the other. No useless meetings or soul-crushing commutes. She takes control of her time and unleashes her fashion-forward magic on the world. And let’s not forget about the physical transformation she underwent. She shed a whole 33 pounds, balancing her hormones and igniting her inner fashion goddess. Who knew living life to the fullest could be so fashionable?

Join the Fashion-Forward Revolution

Now, my fashionable darlings, it’s time for you to embrace your own pomalo lifestyle. Let’s learn from Niav’s incredible journey and remind ourselves that it’s not about acquiring more, more, more. It’s about savoring the little pleasures of life, cherishing those intimate coffee dates, and, of course, strutting with fabulous confidence.

So, take a moment to assess your own work-life balance. Are you living in the style you deserve? If not, it’s time to unleash your inner fashion diva and make a few changes. Maybe it’s time to start that side hustle, work remotely, or create your own fashion empire. Whatever you choose, remember that life is too short to settle for anything less than fabulous.

Now, go forth, my fashion-forward friends, and paint the town red – pomalo style! Remember, life is happening for you, so make it a fashionably fierce adventure. And if you need a little inspiration along the way, be sure to check out [@mylifeincroatia](https://www.tiktok.com/@mylifeincroatia), where Niav shares her glamorous journey.

Stay tuned for more fashion-forward tales and updates from the world of style, right here at Vogue’s Fashion Chronicles! Until then, keep strutting and embracing your own unique fashion adventure.

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