GoWild with Frontier Airlines: A Wild Ride for Fashionable Travelers

Exploring Boundless Horizons Embracing Wanderlust, but Recognizing the Suitability of Spontaneity

I paid $299 for unlimited flying, perfect for spontaneous travelers.

A selfie of the author on a Frontier flight with pink headphones and a black sweatshirt on

Oh, honey! Have you heard about Frontier Airlines’ all-you-can-fly pass called “GoWild!”? It’s like the ultimate fashion subscription service, but for flights! For just $1,999 annually, you can jet-set across the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. But wait, there’s more! You can snag flights for as low as $0.01, plus taxes and fees. It’s like finding that perfect little black dress on sale – it’s too good to resist!

But here’s the catch – this pass is as elusive as finding the perfect pair of jeans. It requires flexibility and spontaneity, darlings. Picture this: waking up one morning, feeling fabulous, and thinking, “Why not hop across Frontier’s route map today?” Just grab your personal item, slip on your hottest shoes, and you’re off! You’ll be killing it at every destination for as low as $15 per leg. It’s like being a fashion icon on a budget!

Now, don’t get me wrong – using the GoWild pass can be a catwalk of frustration if you’re not ready to strut your stuff with flexibility and creativity. It’s like trying to squeeze into that one size smaller dress – it looks great, but it’s a struggle. But for those fashionistas with a spontaneous spirit, it can be a golden ticket to fashionable adventures.

Let me spill the tea on my fabulous experience with GoWild. I hopped on three flights across five days, covering over 4,000 miles, all for just $60! Can you believe it? It was like putting together the perfect outfit for a fashion show. Early mornings, late nights, hair-raising moments – it was a wild ride, my loves, but I conquered it all with style.

But, oh my Gucci, this pass does have its limitations. It’s like buying a trendy piece of clothing that’s not available in your size – heartbreaking! Some blackout dates can crush your dreams of a beach getaway to Cancun. Who wants to end up in Omaha when they’re dreaming of sandy shores? And don’t even get me started on trying to snag a last-minute GoWild seat to the Caribbean. It’s like trying to find the perfect shade of red lipstick – it takes time and patience.

Oh, and let’s talk about Frontier’s flight schedule. It’s like trying to find the perfect runway time during Fashion Week – it’s a challenge, darling. I had to work my magic to make everything fit. But hey, when life gives you an early morning flight, you make it work! Even if it means strutting your stuff on zero sleep, like a true fashion icon.

And speaking of fashion icons, let’s talk wardrobe. When using the GoWild pass, you’re limited to a personal item. It’s like attending a fashion event with just a clutch – you have to be selective. I had to be fierce and pack efficiently, leaving behind some fabulous outfits. But let me tell you, packing light is a struggle worthy of a reality show. So, honey, if you need that extra pair of shoes, just pay for the carry-on. Fashion emergencies require extra space!

Now, let’s talk about finding those coveted GoWild seats. It’s like hunting down the last pair of designer shoes in your size during a Black Friday sale – exhausting! Frontier’s website is your runway, but it requires meticulous scrolling and checking. But fear not, my stylish comrades! There’s a lifesaving tool called “The 1491 Club” that lists all available GoWild seats. It’s like having your own personal stylist, finding the best deals for you. You just have to pay a small monthly fee, like a fashion subscription box, and voila – effortless and fabulous!

But my darlings, let’s not forget that getting home can be a fashion challenge as well. If you live in a no-mans-land far from a Frontier hub or focus city, you might find yourself in a fashion crisis. It’s like trying to find the perfect haircut in a town with no hair salons – it’s tough! But don’t fret, my fashionistas. With a little creativity and flexibility, you can find your way home and still rock those stylish outfits.

So, is the GoWild pass worth it? Well, my fabulous friends, it all depends on your fashion style and lifestyle. If you’re a digital nomad, a freelancer, or someone with a flexible job, this pass can be a dream come true. It’s like having a closet full of options for spontaneous weekend getaways. But remember, risks come with rewards, and missing work might not be worth the hassle. So, strike a pose, plan your looks, and decide if the GoWild pass is the next fashionable adventure for you!

Now, my fashion lovers, are you ready to unleash your fabulousness and GoWild with Frontier Airlines? Make sure to pack your hottest outfits, subscribe to “The 1491 Club,” and embrace the spontaneity of fashion travel. And don’t forget to share your fabulous GoWild experiences with us – we want to see your fashion-forward adventures!

This article was inspired by Taylor Rains’ Insider article: “I tried Frontier Airlines’ $299 GoWild flight pass and found it’s a golden ticket or pain in the butt, depending on how flexible you are”