Embarking on a Train Adventure: 30 Hours of Fashionable Comfy Chaos

11 Genius Hacks to Transform Your Amtrak Journey from NYC to Miami into a Blissful Ride

On a 30-hour Amtrak journey from NYC to Miami, here are 11 ways I made the ride more bearable.

Right: Author relaxes on the train with a window opened on the left and her duffel on the right, Left: author takes a selfie with the train in the background An VoiceAngel reporter took an overnight train from New York City to Miami. (Joey Hadden/Insider)

Who needs quick flights when you can embark on a thrilling 30-hour train journey from New York City to Miami? It’s the ultimate test of fashion, comfort, and endurance. So, grab your popcorn and settle in for a train adventure like no other!

The author sits on a train to Paris looking out a window to the left The author on a train to Paris. (Joey Hadden/Insider)

Now, I know what you’re thinking: 30 hours on a train? That’s longer than the time it takes to binge-watch an entire season of your favorite show! But trust me, the allure of this epic train ride had me captivated. I fancied myself gazing out the window, lost in a sea of podcast episodes I had neglected.

But reality hit when I stepped onto the Amtrak train at New York City’s Penn Station. I was greeted by my cozy haven for the next 30 hours – a Roomette. Think of it as your own private sanctuary, complete with a bed, seats, and a toilet hidden behind a sneaky side table!

Yet, despite my temporary royal quarters, the discomfort and endless motion made me feel like a restless fashionista in the wrong season. But fear not! I embraced the chaos and found ingenious ways to make the journey stylish and enjoyable.

The author sitting in a train to Miami with greenery out the window The author smiles on a train to Miami from NYC. (Joey Hadden/Insider)

First things first – fashion! I dressed in the coziest clothes imaginable, blurring the line between pajamas and streetwear. Let’s just say, my “public-approved” pajama-like trousers had my mother raising her eyebrows. But hey, on a train adventure, comfort reigns supreme, no matter what the fashion police say!

And let’s not forget the all-important footwear. I ditched my overpacked shoe collection and opted for the comfiest pair in existence. Picture me strutting down the train aisle in memory foam slippers, feeling like a million bucks (that’s how much I would have saved on baggage fees anyway).

The author holds up her comfy shoe The author’s shoes were an important choice. (Joey Hadden/Insider)

But if you’re susceptible to that dreaded motion sickness, fear not! I’ve got a tip to save the day. Sit in a seat facing the same direction the train is going. It’s like having a snorkel on a turbulent journey – a magical remedy that allows you to enjoy the ride without feeling green around the gills!

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the roomette – the bathroom situation. To combat any potential odorous disasters, I came prepared with a secret weapon: Poo Pourri. This miraculous spray eliminated any unwanted scents, giving me the freedom to do my business without fear of leaving a lasting impression on my pristine sleeping quarters.

The author holds Poopouri on the toilet The author poses with a bottle of Poo Pourri. (Joey Hadden/Insider)

To create the perfect ambiance, I took control of the lighting and temperature. By flicking switches and adjusting thermostats, I transformed my cramped space into a cozy cocoon of tranquility. It was like installing a mini spa in the middle of a train! Talk about luxury on-the-go.

Now, let’s tackle the culinary side of this adventure. While the train provided meals, let’s just say they weren’t exactly Michelin-star worthy. To satisfy my taste buds, I brought my own snacks – the holy grail of sustenance. Trail mix and granola bars became my comrades in hunger, keeping me fueled and fabulous during those long stretches between meals.

The author holds trail mix on the train The author holds her snack of choice. (Joey Hadden/Insider)

Of course, dining in the train’s grand halls was a glamorous affair. Instead of turning my roomette into a food festival, I waltzed my way to the dining car, letting my taste buds embark on a flavor journey. Sure, it saved my room from smelling like a gourmet buffet, but more importantly, it allowed me to stretch my legs and escape the four walls that had become my temporary kingdom.

Now, what’s an adventure without a little exploration? At longer stops, I took advantage of the platforms and indulged in quick walks. Breathing in fresh air and stretching my legs elevated my mood and made the next few hours of confinement a tad more bearable. Ah, the simple pleasures of a wandering fashionista!

The author takes a selfie outside of her sleeper car The author takes a selfie in Orlando, Florida, one of the train’s longer stops. (Joey Hadden/Insider)

To combat boredom and maintain my fashionable energy, I turned my roomette into a dance floor extravaganza. Drawing the curtains and unleashing my inner dancing queen, I boogied like no one was watching (because they probably weren’t). Trust me, nothing gets the blood pumping and the train adventure mojo flowing like a private dance party at 30,000 feet… well, kilometers.

Entertainment was the icing on the train-ride cake. Armed with my trusty gadgets and pre-downloaded movies, music, and games, I transformed my roomette into a techno wonderland. Whether it was taking a thrilling journey through Mario Kart or finding solace in a carefully curated playlist, I transformed the train into my own personal amusement park.

The author plays a Nintendo Switch on the train The author plays Mario Kart. (Joey Hadden/Insider)

But don’t forget to take a break from the digital nirvana and appreciate the breathtaking views passing by. Gazing out of the window, I became one with the landscape, marveling at the beauty of changing scenery. It was like my very own fashion show, where nature unveiled its finest creations with every mile traveled.

So, my fellow fashionistas, if you find yourself embarking on a train adventure of epic proportions, fear not! Embrace the chaos, dress for comfort, dance like nobody’s watching, and savor every moment. Remember, it’s not just a train ride; it’s a fashion odyssey!

Have you experienced a long train journey? What fashion tips would you recommend to make it more enjoyable? Share your fashion-forward adventures in the comments below!