Growing Up in Hawaii: The Unexpected Truths

Island Living Unveiled 9 Surprising Insights into Growing up in Hawaii, the Ultimate Tourist Hot Spot

In Hawaii, life is filled with surprises. Here are 9 unexpected aspects of living in this tourist paradise.

Author Ashley Probst with wet hair smiling in front of water and a rainbow Aloha, fashionistas! Get ready to dive into the magical world of growing up in Hawaii! Hang loose and prepare to be surprised by the fascinating realities of island life that will make your fashion compass point due west.

Misconceptions? We’ve Heard Them All!

Mauna Kea Hula and pineapples 24/7? Nah, dudettes and dudes! There’s so much more to the story!

You see, not everyone from Hawaii is Hawaiian, just like not everyone from California is a movie star. We’re a diverse bunch, representing various cultures, traditions, and climates, and we’re here to shatter those stereotypes faster than you can say “hang ten!”

One time, someone asked if we lived in grass huts, rode dolphins to work, and generated electricity by rubbing coconuts together. Nope, sorry to disappoint! We’re just like you, with modern homes, cars (not dolphins), and a love for Wi-Fi!

Living Life on the Volcanic Edge

Some businesses are open on Mauna Kea Brace yourself, we’re about to erupt with volcanic facts!

Think Hawaii is all beaches and umbrella drinks? Think again! We live and work on the slopes of active volcanoes. It’s like living on the edge, literally! From Kīlauea’s mesmerizing lava flows to the slumbering giants of Mauna Kea and Haleakalā, we’re surrounded by Mother Nature’s fiery creations.

But be warned, trying to mess with a lava flow? Not cool, bro! You’d be messing with Pele, the Hawaiian goddess responsible for volcanoes and lava. Trust us, you don’t want to anger her!

Embrace the Aloha Spirit (and Hugs!)

Physical touch is our version of social media, only with real-life likes and hugs!

In the land of aloha, we take greetings to a whole new level. At a party? Get ready for a 20-minute hugging spree! We embrace the honi tradition, where we press our noses together and inhale each other’s breath of life. It’s like a fashion-forward version of “sniff-kisses”!

Now, when I moved to the mainland, I quickly discovered that not everyone appreciates a good nose-to-nose greeting. So, I switched to handshakes, but I secretly missed those “ha-nose-tals”!

Melting Pot, Oh So Delicious!

Spam musubi is similar to Japanese onigiri Our cultural blend will have your taste buds hula-ing with joy!

Hawaii is a melting pot of Asian and Pacific Islander influences, like a fashion buffet of exotic flavors. It all started with Chinese laborers in the 1800s, and soon, people from all corners of the globe made Hawaii their island paradise. We’ve got it all, from mouthwatering Spam musubi to the cool and refreshing shave ice.

In fact, our love for delicious food is so intense, we even have a word for it: “ono grinds”! It’s like a celebratory dance for your taste buds, and you won’t find it anywhere else!

Royalty Reigns in Paradise

Make way for the royal fashionistas!

Hawaii is the only state with holidays that celebrate the monarchy. We honor Prince Kūhiō and King Kamehameha I with parades, festivals, and traditional dance performances fit for a king or queen.

On May Day, also known as Lei Day, our schools become fashion runways as students learn traditional dances to perform for the royal court. It’s a vibrant display of culture and fashion that will make your heart do the hula!

Islands in the Stream…Quite Literally!

The view of the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii, from aboard a Hawaiian Airlines flight Hawaii: where island fever meets fashion fever!

We live on one of the most isolated land masses on Earth, surrounded by endless blue waves and captivating sunsets. It’s both a blessing and a curse. While we soak up the island vibes, life’s essentials can be a bit of a challenge. Shipping costs an arm, a leg, and maybe even a grass skirt. Our grocery store prices are sky-high because up to 90% of our food is imported.

Some companies even refuse to ship their fabulous fashion finds to us! Can you believe the fashion injustice? But fret not, we embrace the challenge with style and grace!

Paradise…Rain or Shine!

In the land of diverse microclimates, fashion choices are always on point!

When people think of Hawaii, they imagine a perpetual summer, where the sun shines, and the beaches beckon. But the truth is, our islands are like a box of fashion chocolates. Each one has its own unique microclimate, giving us the freedom to rock a fabulous wardrobe for every weather forecast.

For example, in my hometown of Lāhainā, we had “rain days” instead of snow days. Just a short drive away, a cooler climate awaits, proving that Hawaii has fashion surprises around every corner. And guess what? It even snows on our majestic summits, adding a touch of winter wonderland to our tropical paradise.

The Aloha Spirit: Love and Trust in Every Stitch

Truck and people organizing piles of donations on a concrete patch In Hawaii, love and fashion go hand in hand!

In the land of aloha, fashion is more than what you wear; it’s a way of life. We treat everyone like family, with our own unique language of endearment. Aunties, uncles, cousins, and braddahs – these terms of love and respect define our close-knit community.

Whenever you hit the road, you’ll find roadside stands selling fresh fruit and flowers, relying on the honor system. That’s right, no cashiers, just trust and the aloha spirit. It’s like a fashionable crop of positivity that blooms in our hearts and shines through our style.

Surf’s Up…or Not!

We’re more than just a wave and a twirl!

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room…No, not the one wearing a coconut bra! Contrary to popular belief, not all Hawaiians are pro surfers or hula dancers. I know, shocking! Some of us would rather channel our fashion vibes into peaceful forest retreats and lush greenery.

While it’s true that surfing and hula are deeply ingrained in our culture and history, assuming we’re all experts can be a fashion faux pas. We honor and respect those who dedicate themselves to these sacred traditions, and we embrace fashion expressions beyond the beach and stage.

Unique Islands, Unique Rules

Pets, billboards, and daylight savings? Sorry, we don’t play by those fashion norms!

In Hawaii, fashion is about expressing your individuality. That’s why we have a few unique rules that would make mainland fashionistas raise an eyebrow. Pet snakes, ferrets, and hamsters? Nah, they’re a no-go in paradise. We like our ecosystem just the way it is!

Brace yourselves, mainlanders! No flashy billboards or relentless slot machines here. Our islands are all about the natural beauty, both in fashion and landscape. And don’t even get us started on Daylight Savings Time. We prefer to let the sun dictate our fashionably relaxed schedules.

Aloha, Readers!

Hope you enjoyed this fashion journey through the colorful world of growing up in Hawaii! Now go forth, spread the aloha spirit, and show off your newfound fashion wisdom.

Mahalo and stay fashionable!

P.S. Drop your comments and questions about Hawaii below! Let’s share the island love and continue this fashionable conversation.