Insider’s Guide to Nailing Your Scottish Adventure: Fashion Faux Pas Edition

Embrace the True Scottish Experience 7 Essential Etiquettes Tourists Must Integrate While Visiting the Land of Tartans

Born and raised in Scotland, we have compiled a list of 7 tourist behaviors to avoid.

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Hidden among the rolling hills and enchanting landscapes of Scotland, VoiceAngel’s quirky fashionistas, Mikhaila Friel and Priya Raj, have spent most of their lives devouring the beauty and fashion scene in their beloved Glasgow. As experts in all things Scotland, they’ve teamed up to bring you an insider’s guide to the do’s and don’ts of exploring the rich tapestry of Scottish fashion and culture.

Dress to Impress, Darling

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Scotland’s traditional garment, the kilt, is more than just a fancy skirt. Forged from the fires of history and woven with threads of cultural significance, this tartan treasure deserves proper respect. So, before you don one of these bad boys, educate yourself on the fascinating history behind kilts and tartans. Trust us, there’s more to it than Mel Gibson’s dreamy portrayal in “Braveheart” or Jamie Fraser’s rugged charm in “Outlander.”

Fashion Faux Pas Alert!

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Imagine strolling through the picturesque streets of Scotland, vibrant kilts swaying in the wind, only to witness tourists with jaws on the floor and laughter erupting from their mouths. Don’t be that person. Mocking traditional Scottish attire is a surefire way to dampen the spirits of the cheerful locals. Show some respect and embrace the uniqueness of their fashion choices. When in Scotland, do as the Scots do (or at least appreciate it).

Slow and Steady Wins the Scottish Race

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In the land of sweeping vistas and ancient castles, don’t be tempted to rush through Scotland like a crazed bagpipe player. Embrace your inner slowpoke and take the time to soak in the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you. Our seasoned experts recommend focusing on one destination at a time, allowing you to savor the magic of each location. Whether it’s exploring Cairngorms National Park or venturing deep into the Highlands, let Scotland’s slow charm enchant you.

Haggis: Scotland’s Mysterious Delight

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Ah, haggis, the enigma wrapped in sheep’s intestines. Don’t let this unconventional dish scare you away! Behind its peculiar ingredients lies a culinary adventure waiting to be devoured. While traditional haggis might be off-limits due to legal restrictions, fear not! Vegetarian haggis options abound in Scotland, allowing even the most skeptical taste buds to indulge in this traditional delicacy. So, give it a try, and let your taste buds dance the Highland Fling!

Edinburgh vs. Glasgow: A Tale of Two Cities

Writer Priya Raj and friend in Edinburghs old town

Scotland’s two prized gems, Edinburgh and Glasgow, may be close in proximity, but they are worlds apart in charm. Edinburgh enchants with its mystical gothic vibes, reminiscent of a certain bespectacled wizard’s Diagon Alley. This historic city boasts enchanting castles and a rich cultural tapestry. Meanwhile, Glasgow exudes a modern vibrancy, with a bustling art and music scene that will leave you humming with excitement. Embrace each city’s unique character and resist the urge to play favorites. We wouldn’t want to witness a full-blown fashion feud!

Think Beyond the City Walls

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No Scottish adventure is complete without venturing off the beaten track. Don’t confine yourself to the cosmopolitan cities! The true heart of Scotland lies hidden in its glorious highlands and breathtaking islands. Yes, it might require a bit more effort to reach these remote havens, but trust us, it’s worth it! Picture yourself strolling along the pristine white sands of Barra or getting lost in the Gaelic whispers of the Outer Hebrides. Let Scotland’s wild side whisper sweet nothings to your adventurous soul.

Accentuate the Positives, but Don’t Mock!

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Ah, the rolling Scottish accent that could charm the kilt off a highlander—that distinct brogue is an integral part of Scotland’s identity. While it might be tempting to imitate it for a giggle, we strongly advise against it. Spare the locals from your exaggerated impressions and instead let their melodic lilt work its magic on your ears. Embrace the unique dialect and playful quirks, like saying “ginger” for a soft drink. Remember, a gentle nod of appreciation goes a long way!

It’s Time to Unleash Your Inner Fashionista!

Now that you’re armed with the insider’s guide to Scottish fashion and culture, prepare to dazzle the Highlands with your style and grace. Scotland awaits, ready to enfold you in its rich tapestry of fashion, history, and natural wonders. So, pack your bags, channel your inner tartan warrior, and let Scotland cast its spell on you.

Tell us, fellow fashion enthusiasts, what Scottish fashion trend would you embrace wholeheartedly? Share your thoughts in the comments below!