The Best Body Washes for Men: A Shower Party for Your Skin!

So Fresh and So Clean The 8 Best Men's Body Washes to Level Up Your Shower and Leave You Smelling Amazing

8 top men’s body washes for a luxurious shower and incredible scent

A hand holding Harry’s Body Wash for men in a bathroom.

The author with one of his top picks, Harry’s body wash. Amir Ismael/Insider

Are you tired of using the same old soap that leaves your skin feeling dull and mundane? Well, fear not, my fashionable friends, because I’ve got a list of body washes that will make your shower feel like the ultimate fashion party for your skin! These magical potions are not only refreshing and moisturizing but also affordable enough to keep your bank account smiling. So, hold on tight as we dive into the world of stylish suds and explore the top picks that will leave you feeling clean and fabulous!

Art of Sport: Scrubbing on the Field of Fashion

A bottle of Art of Sport Activated Charcoal Body Wash.

Available at Walmart

Founded by Matthias Metternich, Brian Lee, and the legendary Kobe Bryant (may he rest in peace), Art of Sport is not your average body and skincare line. It’s a brand that caters to the gods and goddesses of the athletic world, ensuring that their products meet the rigorous demands of top-level pros and everyday fashionistas alike. With activated charcoal-infused body washes that provide a deep, refreshing cleanse, you’ll feel as if you’re scrubbing away the sweat of the runway. And the best part? These babies are vegan, cruelty-free, and made without any sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Talk about winning the gold medal of cleanliness!

Bevel: A Symphony of Scents and Style

A bottle of Bevel Body Wash.

Available at Bevel

Tristan Walker, the rockstar entrepreneur, brings you Bevel, a Black-owned brand that knows how to make grooming essentials for people of color. Famous for its razor bump-preventing single-blade shaving system, Bevel doesn’t stop there. Their body washes, available in three heavenly scents—Supreme Oak, Black Bergamot, and Dark Cassis—will transport you to a world of hydration and exfoliation. These remarkable creations use small bits of charcoal to gently scrub away dullness, giving you silky smooth skin that makes heads turn. The scents are so divine that they linger long after you’ve stepped out of the shower, leaving you feeling like the star of your very own fashion show.

Duke Cannon: Thick, Luxurious, and Heroic

Three boxes of Duke Cannon Thick High-Viscosity Body Wash stacked on top of each other and four bottles sitting on top and in front.

Available at Duke Cannon

Are you ready to conquer the shower like a true superhero? Then embrace your inner warrior with Duke Cannon’s Thick High Viscosity Body Wash. This military-inspired brand knows how to blend quality grooming essentials with a playful twist. But don’t let the fun packaging fool you; Duke Cannon takes supporting veterans seriously by donating 5% of its net profits to reputable foundations. Now, let’s talk about that body wash. Its thick, indulgent consistency ensures that each drop lingers on your skin, giving you a luxurious experience that surpasses the average bathing ritual. Packed with mineral-enriched ingredients and soothing aloe vera, your skin will feel like it just enlisted in the fashion army of fabulousness!

Bravo Sierra: Going Commando on Dirty Fashion

A bottle of Bravo Sierra Hair/Body Wash + Shave Gel.

Available at Bravo Sierra

If you’re ready to wage a war on boring shower routines, then Bravo Sierra is your fashion ally. This unisex grooming brand draws inspiration from military culture, creating products that are as tough as they are versatile. Their hair/body wash and shave gel is a true force to be reckoned with. It’s like having four trusted companions: shampoo, face wash, body wash, and shaving cream, all in one pressurized canister. It’s perfect for minimalists or jet-setting fashionistas who want to keep their grooming routine streamlined. And fear not, loyal fashion followers; Bravo Sierra’s scented body washes are also available for those who prefer a dedicated shower experience. With their gel-to-foam consistency and commitment to being sulfate and paraben-free, Bravo Sierra truly deserves a standing ovation.

Harry’s: The Wizard of Refreshing Scents

Three bottles of Harry’s Body Wash with blue, yellow, and red tops.

Available at Harry’s

Calling all wizards and fashion enthusiasts! Harry’s, the exceptional men’s grooming brand that started as a shaving sensation, has expanded its magical empire to include body washes. The secret to their enchanting creations lies in their carefully crafted fragrance profiles. Take Redwood, for example—brisk, sharp, and woodsy, with notes of evergreens, sea salt, and sandalwood. These scents are more sophisticated than your average drugstore body wash, ensuring that you’ll smell like a dashing fashion icon rather than a teenage boy drowning in body spray. Plus, Harry’s body washes are made without sulfates, parabens, or dyes, so you can shower with the confidence of a true trendsetter.

Every Man Jack: Eco-Friendly Heroes of Cleanliness

A bottle of Every Man Jack Body Wash.

Available at Every Man Jack

If you’re a fashion-forward environmentalist, Every Man Jack is the brand for you. With a commitment to being eco-friendly, 97% of their body wash ingredients are naturally derived, and their bottles are made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic. Not only will you feel good about your shower choices, but the body washes themselves perform exceptionally well. From exfoliation to acne care, Every Man Jack offers a range of scents and formulas that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. And don’t worry about running out too soon—just a small amount goes a long way, so you can lather up without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win for both your wallet and the planet’s fashion future!

Rudy’s Barbershop: Where Style and Sensations Collide

A bottle of Rudy’s No. 3 Body Wash.

Available at Rudy’s Barbershop

Step into the world of Rudy’s Barbershop and let your shower transform into a relaxing retreat. Founded in 1993 to provide quality haircuts, this gender-neutral grooming brand has now made its fantastical products available online. Experience the power of ingredients like jojoba oil, citric acid, and lactic acid as they exfoliate and moisturize your skin, leaving you feeling as soft and hydrated as a pampered fashion icon. And let’s not forget about Rudy’s signature scent—a harmonious blend of citrus, cedar, and juniper that transcends gender boundaries. It’s a bright and refreshing fragrance that will make you feel like the star of a stylish shower extravaganza.

Jack Black: The Timelessly Luxurious Splash of Style

A tube of Jack Black Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser for Hair & Body.

Available at Amazon

Last but certainly not least, we have Jack Black—a brand that has been providing luxurious grooming essentials since 2000, with zero relation to the iconic actor. Jack Black aimed to fill the void of high-end products tailored specifically for men, and boy, did they succeed. The Jack Black Turbo Wash is the pinnacle of their creation. It’s a powerful blend of natural ingredients, including rosemary extract, eucalyptus, juniper berry, and arnica, that revitalizes and invigorates your skin while giving you a clean, sophisticated scent that says, “I am the epitome of style.” Yes, it’s a pricier option, but for those days when you want to experience a truly indulgent shower, splurging on Jack Black is like treating yourself to a front-row seat at a fashion show for your skin.

Don’t Settle for Boring Showers; Drench Yourself in Fashion and Flair!

With these fabulous body washes at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for settling for a dull and lackluster shower routine. Embrace your inner fashionista and indulge in the scents, textures, and styles that these enchanting products have to offer. Remember, my dearest readers, that your shower is not just an ordinary part of your day—it’s an opportunity to treat yourself like a trendsetting icon, splashing your skin with the very best that fashion and skincare have to offer. So go forth, embrace these astonishing body washes, and let your shower become a party where fashion meets cleanliness!

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