Love in Plane Sight: United Airlines’ Cinema Delight

I Survived the New United Airlines Rom-Com So You Don't Have To

I reviewed the new United Airlines rom-com so you don’t need to.

Oh, dear fashionistas and beauty mavens, have you heard the latest juicy gossip? United Airlines, yes, you read that right, United Airlines, has stepped into the glamorous world of film production. And what did they bless us with? Prepare yourselves for “Love in Plane Sight,” a holiday rom-com that has taken the fashion-forward skies by storm (well, maybe more like a light gust of wind).

Now, close your eyes and imagine the fabulous boardroom where this cinematic masterpiece was born. The executives, fueled by a budget that needed an urgent makeover, vowed to give us an experience we would never forget. Cue the brainstorming session!

“Shall we venture into the land of holiday-themed safety videos?” suggested one enthusiastic executive. But, no! They wanted more.

“I want grandeur! I want spectacle!” demanded another.

And then, in a burst of genius, someone proclaimed, “Let’s create a rom-com! Everyone else is doing it, so why not us? Besides, we have a captive audience on our planes.”

Silence filled the room. Hearts raced, palms sweated, and the countdown to production began.

Excitedly, I decided to review United’s cinematic offering by recreating the perfect onboard experience. Donning my go-to plane pants (yes, they exist), I poured myself a bowl of peanuts and settled in, laptop positioned a mere 20 inches from my face.

As the movie began, I anticipated a full-length feature. United had boldly referred to it as an “original film.” But lo and behold, after a mere 5 minutes and 44 seconds, the whirlwind romance of a traveling astronomer and her dreamboat reached its conclusion. Yes, my fashion-forward friends, you heard it right. They fell madly in love and embarked on their honeymoon to Hawaii. Did I forget to mention the four employees with sparkling elf ears and the three appearances by none other than Santa Claus? Oh, the magic of air travel!

From the very start, it was clear that “Love in Plane Sight” delved into the classic enemies-to-lovers trope. Our mesmerizing astronomer, Elle Towe, sipped on a gingerbread latte while carolers serenaded her at the airport. And then, in a moment that could only happen in the movies, Santa himself walked by, giving her a flirty wink. But wait, cue the handsome stranger who spills her drink on her pristine white sweater. Oh, the drama!

As the story unfolded, I found myself caught in a whirlwind of airline mishaps and clichéd romance moments. Talkative seatmates, crying babies, and oh, did I mention the subtle United product placements? Bravo, United, for seizing every opportunity to win our hearts, both on and off the screen.

But alas, not everyone was captivated by United’s movie magic. The online announcement sparked a wave of backlash. Some questioned the airline’s treatment of its staff, suggesting alternative storylines featuring broke and overworked flight attendants. Ouch! Nevertheless, amidst the criticism, love stories blossomed as passengers shared their own romantic encounters in the airport. Who needs Hollywood when love takes flight with United?

Now, here’s the truth, my fashionable darlings. As much as I adore all things fabulous, it pains me to admit that a second viewing of “Love in Plane Sight” might not be on my agenda. Unless, of course, I find myself onboard a United flight during the holidays, trapped beside a wailing infant, and without any other form of entertainment. In that case, well played, United, well played.

So, mark your calendars, fashionistas! “Love in Plain Sight” will soon grace the screens of on November 16, and it will be soaring through the friendly skies starting December 1. Brace yourselves for a rom-com experience that will leave you craving peanuts, filling your heart with whimsy, and igniting your wanderlust. Just remember to pack some extra entertainment, my dear friends!