The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie Showdown: Battle of the Supermarkets!

The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie Showdown Unveiling the Top Two Grocery Store Gems Worth Buying Again, According to a Professional Baker

As a professional baker, I tested pumpkin pies from 4 grocery stores and found 2 worth repurchasing.

By Molly Allen

Pumpkin pie slices on plates

Introduction: The Quest for the Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Are you ready for a thrilling journey through the world of pumpkin pies? Join me, a professional baker with a taste for adventure, as I uncover the tantalizing secrets hidden within the aisles of four beloved grocery stores: Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and Costco. Hold on to your hats (and your fork), because this pie party is about to get wild!

The Pumpkin Pie Players: A Tasty Lineup

Four pumpkin-pie slices on clear plates

The lineup is set! In one corner, we have the charming Walmart, luring us in with its affordable price tags and room temperature delights. In another corner, the mighty Kroger, offering frozen wonders that promise to awaken our taste buds. And then we have Safeway, the belle of the ball, with its fresh-baked creations that whisper secrets of homemade goodness. Last but not least, weighing in as the heavy hitter, we have the goliath of pumpkin pies – the legendary Costco!

Round 1: Walmart’s Wonder

A whole pumpkin pie from Walmart

First up, let’s dive into Walmart’s pumpkin pie extravaganza! With an aluminum pan holding its treasure, this $5.94 wonder is a bargain that begs to be devoured. But does it deliver on flavor and texture? You bet it does! The crust is light and flaky, a delicate dance that complements the smooth and harmonious filling. Not too sweet and not too spicy, this pie hits the sweet spot, making it a worthy contender.

Round 2: Kroger’s Curious Creation

A whole pumpkin pie from Kroger

Next, we venture into the land of Kroger, where their 8-inch pumpkin pie awaits our judgment. Encased in an aluminum pan and plastic container, this $5.99 treat promises a mouthwatering experience. But alas, my friends, this pie fell short of pumpkin paradise. The crust lacked pizzazz, and the overpowering flavor of the filling left me longing for a simpler taste. With a hint of artificiality, this pie left me feeling a tad deflated, like a balloon missing its air.

Round 3: Safeway’s Sensation

A whole pumpkin pie from Safeway

Now we find ourselves at the doorstep of Safeway, a place close to my baker’s heart. Safeway’s 11-inch pumpkin pie, priced at $9.75, beckons us with its freshly baked allure. And oh, what a delight it is! The pie’s structure stands tall, ready to conquer our taste buds. The crust, light as a feather with a touch of salt, dances gracefully with the symphony of flavors in the filling. The cinnamon and spices meld perfectly with the pumpkin essence, creating a taste sensation that is pure euphoria.

Round 4: Costco’s Colossal Confection

A whole pumpkin pie from Costco

Last but certainly not least, we enter the realm of Costco, where size does matter. The 12-inch pumpkin pie, priced at $5.99, towers over its competitors, ready to claim victory. But does its impressive stature translate into an equally impressive taste? While the crust may be thin and unassuming, the filling surprises us with its fluffy texture. The sweetness tantalizes our palates, though we pine for a touch more cinnamon to truly elevate this behemoth to pumpkin perfection.

The Verdict: Safeway Steals the Show!

Four pumpkin-pie slices on clear plates with red

After this exhilarating pumpkin pie showdown, it’s time to crown a winner. With its impeccable balance of flavors, Safeway’s pumpkin pie reigns supreme. Every bite is a symphony of taste, a masterpiece that transports us to dessert heaven. But let’s not forget the valiant efforts of our other contenders. Walmart’s affordable allure and Kroger’s frozen dreams have their merits, while Costco’s colossal creation captures the imagination.

Conclusion: A Pie for Every Taste

As we bid adieu to this pumpkin pie adventure, let’s remember that taste is subjective, and every pie has its unique charm. Whether you’re in the mood for a budget-friendly treat, a frozen delight, or an artisanal masterpiece, the supermarket shelves hold a pie for every taste. So go forth, fellow dessert enthusiasts, and may your pumpkin pie encounters be filled with joy, laughter, and delicious discoveries!

What’s your favorite pumpkin pie experience? Share your thoughts and pumpkin pie tales below!

Images courtesy of Molly Allen