The Sweet and Sour Saga of Betty Crocker’s Cake Mix

A Baker's Honest Review Comparing Betty Crocker's Super Moist Cake Mix to the Original - The Verdict Might Surprise You!

A baker tested the smaller Betty Crocker cake mix and found it to be unimpressive compared to the original.

Screenshots of Malina Lee’s bake-off on TikTok.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sneakiest of them all?” A Texas bakery owner, Malina Lee, had a Roald Dahl moment when she noticed that Betty Crocker had pulled a fast one on all the cake lovers out there. They had quietly decreased the amount of mix in their Super Moist boxed cake mix, hoping no one would notice. Well, guess what, Betty? Malina’s eagle eye caught you red-handed!

In an act of fierce rebellion, Malina decided to conduct a bake-off between the old and new boxes of this infamous cake mix. Both called for the same amount of wet ingredients, but boy, did they deliver different results. The new, sly box left a “weird film” in Malina’s mouth, reminding her of a bad movie sequel. And let’s not even get started on the texture – holey and uneven like a road trip through a crazy rollercoaster. It’s safe to say that Betty’s little secret was out in the open, courtesy of Malina’s TikTok rant.

But wait, there’s more! Betty Crocker, hiding behind the General Mills curtain, confirmed the changes in an email but conveniently ignored Malina’s bake-off. Can you imagine the audacity? They sped away from accountability faster than a supermodel on a runway.

Now, let’s dive into Malina’s big experiment. She tracked down the old boxes of cake mix on Amazon, like a detective on a mission. The ingredients were mostly the same, with a few extra surprises thrown in. After weighing the contents on her trusted food scale, it was clear that Betty had been playing hide-and-seek with the ounces. But our fierce baker wasn’t fooled. Armed with her mixing bowl and a sense of justice, she dove into the baking process, feeling like a rebellious fourth-grader wreaking havoc in the kitchen.

The results spoke for themselves. The old, reliable 16.25-ounce box created a tall and glorious cake with a tight, even crumb that tantalized the taste buds like a sweet symphony. On the other hand, the new, shrunken 14.25-ounce version was a disappointment – holes galore and an uneven texture that made it feel like a cake rebellion gone wrong. It left a film in Malina’s mouth, similar to a margarine buttercream but without the intensity. And here we thought this was supposed to be a piece of cake!

Although Malina sighed with a sense of kitchen betrayal, she confessed that the average customer might not notice these sneaky changes. But she, brave warrior of all things baked, decided she could no longer trust the big baking companies. Rest assured, Betty Crocker, your reign in Malina’s bakery is over. Pillsbury has reached out to save the day, but if they fail to impress, Malina might embark on a daring adventure to explore other brands or go back to the good old-fashioned scratch baking. Take that, corporate deception!

Readers, the ball is now in your court. What are your thoughts on this sweet and sour saga? Have you ever uncovered any secret conspiracies in the world of baking? Let us know in the comments below! And remember, when life gives you a shrunken cake mix, make the best damn cake you can!