Ina Garten’s Outrageously Delicious Brownies: A Treat Worth Its Weight in Chocolate

The Delectable Delight My Unforgettable Experience Recreating Ina Garten's 'Outrageous Brownies,' the Crowning Glory of Her Famous Store

I made Ina Garten’s famous ‘outrageous brownies’ and they tasted incredible.

Ina Garten’s Outrageous Brownies Image: Anneta Konstantinides/Insider

Attention, fashionistas! Today, we’re taking a little detour from our usual style talk to discuss something equally delightful – Ina Garten’s “outrageous” brownies. Now, you may be wondering, what’s so outrageous about a brownie? Well, my dear fashion lovers, prepare yourselves for a chocolatey journey like no other!

As a devout follower of the “Barefoot Contessa” herself, I embarked on a mission to master Garten’s heavenly desserts. And let me tell you, when it comes to easy baking recipes, Garten is the ultimate queen, especially when she adds a touch of chocolate magic. Just one bite of her mocha chocolate icebox cake or iconic Beatty’s Chocolate Cake will have your taste buds doing a tantalizing tango!

So naturally, I had to try her famous “outrageous” brownies. These confections have enjoyed such popularity at Garten’s Barefoot Contessa store that they could sell like a thousand hotcakes every single week. I mean, who can resist such an extravagant culinary masterpiece?

To create these mouthwatering treats, you’ll need an arsenal of scrumptious ingredients, including a pound of unsalted butter that loves to play hide and seek with your taste buds, plus 12 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips that will make your heart melt faster than you can say “yum.” Garten’s recipe embraces the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, incorporating instant coffee and rich walnuts that will dance harmoniously with your chocolate-craving soul.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! After preheating the oven to a toasty 350 degrees Fahrenheit, I elegantly buttered and floured my baking sheet, like it was preparing for a cosmopolitan runway show. This recipe demands a 12-inch by 18-inch by 1-inch pan, the perfect stage for our brownie stars to shine.

Slowly but surely, I melted the unsalted butter, bitter chocolate, and a pound of chocolate chips into a divine concoction. As the chocolates gracefully danced in the heat, my kitchen was filled with an intoxicating aroma that could rival the most enchanting Parisian perfumes.

While the chocolate mixture cooled, I prepared my wet ingredients to join the bakery ball. In a bowl fit for a meringue gala, I blended extra-large eggs, vanilla extract, instant coffee granules, and sugar. Remember, we don’t want to beat the eggs, just a gentle stir to keep the harmony intact.

Once the chocolate mixture was ready to mingle, I stirred it into the egg medley, creating a heavenly duo that would rival Romeo and Juliet. But, dear readers, patience is key! The batter needed time to cool, allowing all the flavors to gracefully waltz in perfect synchronization.

While I waited for this tantalizing symphony, I sifted the flour, baking powder, and salt like a fashionista sieving through her closet for the perfect accessory. Words of wisdom from the great Garten herself state that these brownies achieve their fudgy excellence because they don’t rely heavily on flour. It’s all about that chocolatey decadence, darlings!

In a separate bowl, I playfully coated the walnuts and twelve ounces of chocolate chips with a dash of flour, ensuring they wouldn’t sink to the bottom during their oven-bound voyage. We want every bite to be a tantalizing explosion of flavors and textures, after all!

Now, it was showtime! With a touch of culinary finesse, I combined the chocolatey masterpieces with the dry ingredients, harmoniously marrying the mixtures like a high-profile fashion collaboration. The star-studded lineup was now complete!

To preserve the integrity of these outrageous brownies, I poured the batter onto the prepared baking sheet, allowing it to showcase its luscious, thick consistency. Into the oven it went! After a solid 20 minutes, I gave the baking sheet a little tap on the oven rack, just as Garten sagely advises. We want to release any trapped air and ensure our brownie babies grow into the fudgy wonders they were meant to be.

Another 15 minutes in the heat, and my brownies emerged, their aroma calling out to my senses like a siren song. A quick toothpick test confirmed they were ready – moist, glossy, and utterly divine!

As I carefully cut the brownies into squares, I marveled at their fluffy perfection. Each square was packed with more chocolate chips and walnuts than any fashion lover could possibly resist. And trust me, darlings, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the marvelous creation that stood before me.

Now, dear readers, let me tell you – these brownies exceeded all expectations. They were not just “outrageous”; they were outrageously delicious! Garten’s magic had once again worked wonders in the kitchen, delivering an ethereal chocolate experience that left me weak in the knees.

The richness of the chocolate, the satisfying crunch of the chips and walnuts – it was a harmonious texture symphony. And while the recipe is easy enough for even the most fashionably challenged among us, these brownies tasted like they were whipped up by a Michelin-starred pastry chef. They oozed sophistication right down to their very last crumb.

In the dessert section of her first cookbook, Garten explains that “a homemade dessert is a special reward.” Well, darlings, her outrageous brownies are the epitome of heavenly indulgence. Sharing them with loved ones is a true delight, as they’ll savor every bite with a passion usually reserved for the hottest runway trends.

So, my fashion-forward friends, as you embark on your next baking adventure, remember that Garten’s outrageous brownies are an absolute must-try. They are the ultimate reward for your taste buds, and no outfit is complete without a little chocolate love. Happy baking, darlings!