Why Costco has become a beloved haven for the Amish community, as revealed by devoted super fans on a global quest spanning 7 years and 200 locations

Costco's Global Appeal Insights from Dedicated Amish Super Fans with 7 Years of Traveling to Over 200 Locations

The Beloved Costco: A Haunting Ground for Amish Bargain Hunters

Costco Amish Super fans David and Susan Schwartz say they discovered how popular Costco was among Amish people while researching their book about the wholesaler.

Oh, Costco, the mega-store with over 850 locations worldwide, where fashion-savvy individuals can embark on a treasure hunt for the finest deals. But did you know that the joys of Costco extend even to the unconventional Amish community? Yes, you heard it right! According to the adventurous duo, David and Susan Schwartz, who spent a whopping seven years exploring over 200 Costco stores worldwide, the retailer has become a beloved spot for our horse-and-buggy-driving friends.

You may wonder, how did the Schwartz’ reach this fascinating conclusion? Well, picture a scene straight out of a quirky rom-com: David and Susan visit the Costco store in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish country, and there it is – a sight to behold. A shed in the parking lot specially designed for the graceful parking of their majestic horses and buggies. Talk about eccentric parking accommodations!

Costco Fans It’s safe to say David and Susan Schwartz are two of Costco’s biggest fans.

But it doesn’t stop at their unique parking needs. The Amish, with their large families, appreciate the art of saving money while indulging in quality goods. And where could they find such a magical combination? Costco, of course! Bulk-buying is their secret weapon for securing the necessities of life. As David so eloquently puts it, “Costco provides a very convenient way for buying large quantities for large Amish families.”

Now, you might think, are the Amish the exclusive beneficiaries of Costco’s charm? Not at all! This retail giant aims to cater to the needs of all its neighbors. They go above and beyond to accommodate Orthodox Jewish and Muslim communities with their range of halal and kosher products. However, let’s not fool ourselves. There is a slight snag when it comes to Costco’s legendary beef hot dogs. These delicious treats, available at Costco food halls since 1985 for a mere $1.50, may satisfy our taste buds, but they lack the halal and kosher stamp of approval.

Costco TikTok Take a sneak peek at the famous horse and buggy parking shed.

Oh, those Costco hot dogs! They used to be kosher, my friend. Back in the day, Costco even partnered with Hebrew National to bring the kosher magic to their aisles. But alas, time changes everything. In 2009, the wholesale giant switched gears and began selling non-kosher hot dogs manufactured by Kirkland, which left fans of Hebrew National’s staple kosher dogs in a pickle.

So, my dear fashion enthusiasts, let us marvel at the wonder that is Costco. A retail paradise that welcomes people from all walks of life, horse and buggy included. Whether you’re Amish, Jewish, Muslim, or just a fashion lover looking for a bargain hunt, Costco has something in store for you. So saddle up and join the adventure of exploring the aisles, riding high on the wings of wholesale splendor!

What are your thoughts on the unexpected love affair between the Amish and Costco? Would you park your horse and buggy at Costco? Let us know in the comments!