The Ultimate Halloween Cereal Guide 8 Spooktacular Options Taste-Tested and Perfectly Ranked

The Spookiest Cereals for Halloween Taste-Tested and Expertly Ranked

The Most Spooktacular Halloween Cereals to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

A picture of all of different Halloween-themed cereals in a row on a kitchen counter.

Don’t wait for the 31st to start sugary snacking: here are the best Halloween cereals.

It’s spooky season, my friends, and that means it’s time to indulge in all things Halloween. Forget about the tricks, it’s the treats we’re after! And nothing says “deliciously creepy” quite like Halloween cereals. Trust me, my pantry is overflowing with spooky goodness. I mean, sure, my kids want a bite too, but let’s be honest, this is my thing. Besides, they can still go door-to-door demanding candy from strangers. Talk about a sweet deal!

But enough chit-chat, let’s dive into my professional recommendations for the best Halloween breakfast cereals. Get ready to salivate, my fellow fashionistas!

1st place: Monster Mash Remix

A young child eats Monster Mash cereal out of the box.

Monster Mash Cereal RemixSee at Target

Picture this: it’s like gathering all the members of the legendary 1980s country supergroup, The Highwaymen, but with an extra spooky surprise! Monster Mash celebrates its 50th anniversary by combining the best of Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry. But wait, there’s more! They also added the short-lived Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute to the mix. This year, they even threw DJ Carmella Creeper into the equation, forming the holy grail of Halloween cereals. It’s a fruity bonanza, with strawberry and blueberry taking center stage, and a subtle hint of chocolatey goodness. This ensemble pulls off a perfect harmony that will have you humming with delight.

Rating: 10/10

Some nutritional info: 11g of sugar per serving, main ingredient is whole grain corn, 2g fiber, and protein

2nd place: Chocolate Frosted Flakes with Spooky Marshmallows

Frosted Flakes Chocolate Cereal with Spooky MarshmallowsSee at Target

You know how I feel about classic Frosted Flakes—they’re grrreat, right? But guess what? They just got an upgrade. Introducing the Chocolate Frosted Flakes with Spooky Marshmallows! This cereal is a sugar-packed sensation that will send shivers down your taste buds. With ghost, bat, and Frankenstein’s monster marshmallows, it’s a spooky lineup that will enchant your mornings. The chocolatey flavor combined with sugary bursts of marshmallows will leave you in a foodie frenzy. Plus, this box turns leftover milk into a chocolatey delight. A win-win situation, if you ask me!

Rating: 8/10

Some nutritional info: 17g of sugar per serving, main ingredient is milled corn, <1g fiber, 2g protein

3rd place: Reese’s Puffs Bats

Reese’s Bats CerealSee at Walmart

Ah, Reese’s — is there any better candy brand? Definitely not in my book! I can’t resist anything Reese’s. I mean, I even have unopened boxes of the limited edition Travis Scott Reese’s Puffs (don’t judge). The Reese’s Puffs Bats cereal tastes exactly like its non-spooky counterpart, and that’s just fine with me. With a balanced combination of peanut butter-flavored bats and chocolate-flavored bats, you’ll enjoy a harmonious blend of flavors that won’t overwhelm your sweet tooth. Just one teeny-tiny detail: unlike the others on this list, it doesn’t have marshmallows. But hey, we can’t have it all, right?

Rating: 7/10

Some nutritional info: 12g of sugar per serving, main ingredient is whole grain corn, contains peanuts, 2g fiber, 3g protein

Honorable Mentions.

As the fashion guru that I am, I couldn’t forget to mention a few honorable mentions. So here they are, my friends, in all their spooktacular glory:

  • Count ChoculaSee at Amazon
    • Spooky, chocolatey goodness that turns your milk into a chocolate wonderland. It’s a classic for a reason!
  • Froot Loops with Spooky MarshmallowsSee at Target
    • Experience the flavorpalooza of Froot Loops with a delightful addition of marshmallows. Just be warned: the jokes on the box are the same as Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks. We can’t have it all, can we?
  • Apple Jacks with Spooky MarshmallowsSee at Target
    • Similar to Froot Loops, but with an apple-y twist. If you’re an Apple Jacks fan, this might be your top pick.
  • Boo BerrySee at Amazon
    • Bland compared to the others, but if you’re a blueberry lover seeking a low-sugar option, it might be worth a try.
  • Franken BerrySee at Target
    • OK, before you start typing that email, let me clarify something. We’re dealing with a portmanteau here. So please, bear with me. Franken Berry is essentially Boo Berry, but with a vaguely strawberry twist. It’s a bit mild for my taste, but hey, it’s still tempting enough to keep hidden from the little ones.

Now, my fellow fashionistas, have I whetted your appetite for Halloween cereals? I certainly hope so! And remember, life is too short to be anything less than fabulously spooky. So go ahead, indulge in these devilishly delicious cereals, and let the flavors transport you to a world of enchantment. Happy Halloween, my darlings!

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