The Golden Bachelor’s Fitness Secrets

Ageless Inspiration Fitness Secrets from 81-Year-Old Trainer Gerry Turner in 'The Golden Bachelor

Fitness trainer Gerry Turner, 81, shares advice for seniors to stay fit in ‘The Golden Bachelor’.

Harry King at the gym

Oh, my fellow fashionistas! Prepare to be dazzled by the incredible fitness journey of an 81-year-old heartthrob, Harry King! This charming gentleman has defied the rules of aging and works 35 hours a week as a fitness trainer. Move aside, youngsters, because Harry is here to show you how it’s done!

Now, get ready for the star of the show, Gerry Turner, a dashing 72-year-old who has stolen hearts on “The Golden Bachelor.” This man’s fitness regime is no joke. He walks like a man possessed, thanks to his dog’s insistence on daily strolls. But that’s not all – Gerry is a pickleball superstar! Yes, you heard it right. He swings that paddle with such vigor for nine whole hours each week. Talk about a grand slam! Who needs long runs to clear their head when you can saunter around a stunning lake?

It gets better – Gerry’s favorite exercise sanctuary is none other than the treacherous world of pickleball. Three mornings a week, this silver fox engages in three-hour-long pickleball marathons. With his hearing aids in place, Gerry is unstoppable! Running may be a thing of the past, but walking? Oh, that’s the way to go for this wise gentleman.

And guess what? The “Golden Bachelor” didn’t even mention pumping iron at the gym. But fear not, for the mansion where the show was filmed had a swimming pool for the contestants to frolic in between takes. How’s that for a fitness regimen?

But wait, there’s more! Let’s meet Harry King, the 81-year-old fitness trainer who wishes nothing more than to put Gerry Turner through his paces. Harry believes Gerry is a shining example for all those silver foxes and foxy ladies out there who want to stay fit and active. And you know what? Harry works harder and has more energy than most people. Take that, age!

Now, fellow fashionistas, listen closely as Harry reveals his top three fitness tips for seniors. First things first, consult with your doctor and discover what you want to achieve. Is it bulking up those muscles, shedding those pounds, reducing blood pressure, or just feeling all-around fantastic? Whatever it is, write it down as your golden goal.

But don’t stop there! Harry suggests monitoring your progress. Keep track of your vital signs and snap some fabulous before and after photos. Trust us, a little vanity can go a long way in keeping you motivated. And who knows, you might end up with a stunning fitness journal like Harry himself.

Now for the most important tip of all – low-impact workouts! Yes, dear fashionistas, these low-intensity exercises are like exquisite couture for your joints. Harry recommends activities such as walking on a treadmill, gracefully stepping on an elliptical machine, and channeling your inner rower. These workouts keep your feet on the ground and your posture on point. It’s like strutting down the runway of life!

But hold your weights tight, my darlings, for Harry insists that you don’t dive headfirst into lifting barbells. Seek supervision, my friend, because we don’t want any fashion faux pas in the gym. Safety first!

Ah, the sweet allure of a gym buddy. Someone who motivates you, holds you accountable, and ensures that exercise becomes a joyous adventure. Harry knows the power of a partner in crime. Together, you can conquer the gym and conquer the world. Plus, think of all the fabulous new friends you’ll make! Harry loves surrounding himself with the vibrant energy of younger members and staff. Oh, the joy of seeing those young whipper-snappers in awe of his spirit!

So, my dearest fashionistas, pledge yourself to a bountiful routine of low-impact workouts three times a week. Spend at least half an hour to an hour at the gym, because darling, you deserve it. Let Harry and Gerry be your beacons of inspiration as you embark on this remarkable fitness journey. Remember, age is just a number, but confidence and vitality are forever!

Tell us, darling readers, what fitness regimes do you swear by? What keeps you motivated to strut your stuff at the gym? We can’t wait to hear your fabulous stories and secrets. Together, let’s celebrate the enchantment of fashion and fitness!