Boldly Venturing Across the Globe The Top 5 Destinations That Tested My Safety as a Female Traveler

Exploring the World as a Woman 5 Destinations Where Safety Was a Concern

Chloe Jade

Content creator Chloe Jade.

Chloe Jade, the fearless fashionista with an Instagram feed that makes you want to pack your bags and join her jet-setting adventures around the world. But hold on, even the most fabulous and fierce influencers have their moments of vulnerability. Chloe shared with us the top five places where she experienced a surprising lack of glamour and safety. Brace yourselves, fashion lovers!

Pattaya, Thailand: The Not-So-Glamorous Underbelly

Pattaya Thailand

Ah, Thailand, the epitome of exotic beauty and unforgettable memories. But Chloe discovered the dark side in Pattaya, the country’s infamous “sex capital.” She felt like a sequin in a sea of lustful foreigners with one-track minds. Imagine the discomfort! It’s like choosing a gourmet meal and ending up with fast-food. So, take note and steer clear of this bedazzling yet unsettling destination.

Belgrade, Serbia: Not Quite American Beauty


Bonjour, Belgrade! But wait, things took an unexpected turn when Chloe revealed her American identity. The locals transformed into fashion foes, exuding hostility and a distaste for all things U.S.A. One taxi ride became a battleground of anti-American sentiments, leaving Chloe feeling like a fashion icon targeted by fashion police. Who knew a city brimming with Balkan charm could suddenly become a fashion faux pas?

Paris, France: A Sweet Yet Sinister Affair

Paris skyline

Picture yourself strolling through the enchanting streets of Paris, embracing a romantic French adventure straight out of a movie. But let Chloe set the record straight – Paris isn’t always a fashion fairytale. In her case, it turned into a thriller when she encountered a local Romeo who lured her into a drink. Sudden cold sweats and an unsettling feeling left Chloe wondering if she had fallen victim to a fashion crime. Ladies, keep an eye on your designer handbags and stay alert, because even the City of Love has its dark corners.

Marrakesh, Morocco: A Fashion Maze of Intrigue


Morocco, a fashion capital bursting with vibrant colors and charismatic charm. Chloe herself felt safe, but her friend experienced a different atmosphere in the labyrinthine streets of Marrakesh. Picture walls closing in on you, aggressive looks from men, and a fashion battle you never anticipated. While some countries create exclusive spaces for women to shine, Morocco had a different fashion stance. But don’t let that discourage you, for the Middle East holds other fashionable secrets awaiting your exploration.

Kingston, Jamaica: Fashion Fears in Paradise

Kingston, Jamaica.

Jamaica, the land of rhythmic beats, sandy beaches, and captivating beauty. However, Chloe received a series of cautionary tales from every local she met. They warned her of untreadable fashion paths and places considered unsafe for a fashionista like herself. Despite the paradise setting, Chloe couldn’t shake off the feeling of needing extra security in the public eye. But never fear, stylish souls, Kingston still holds its allure. Simply be fashion-savvy and stay mindful of your surroundings.

This is just the journey of one fearless fashionista, a reminder that fashion adventures come with the unexpected. So, whether you’re strolling the boulevards of Paris, winding through the streets of Marrakesh, or jetting off to any glorious destination, remain fabulously fierce and keep your fashion compass close. Bad things can happen anywhere, but let’s remember that every fashionista is privileged to experience the world and, in most cases, feel incredibly safe.

Now, dear readers, what are your thoughts? Share your own fashion escapades and let’s celebrate the wild and wonderful world of travel!