Stay Safe in Style: A Flight Attendant’s Fashionable Tricks for Solo Hotel Stays

Essential items to ensure your safety and peace of mind in a hotel room, recommended by a seasoned flight attendant who frequently stays alone

Flight attendant shares 2 essential items for feeling safer in a hotel room

CiCi said she always packs a door lock and door alarm for solo hotel stays. Image Source: @cici.inthesky/Instagram

Are you a fashionista who loves traveling solo and exploring the world? Well, have we got a treat for you! Meet CiCi, the fabulous flight attendant who knows just how to make her hotel stays safer, all while staying fabulous. Think James Bond meets Coco Chanel – it’s safety in style, darling!

CiCi spices up her hotel routine like a runway model sashaying down the catwalk. Picture this: she enters her room, sweeps it like a fierce queen, and then takes two special items out of her bag. Drum roll, please… a door lock and a door alarm! Yes, you read that right. These are CiCi’s secret weapons to feel safe during her glamorous solo hotel nights. Move over, 007, CiCi is here to take the lead!

The door lock CiCi uses in hotel rooms. Image Source: @cici.inthesky/Instagram

Now, let’s talk about these ingenious gadgets that would make even Q, the legendary gadget master, proud. CiCi’s door lock is not just any ordinary lock; it’s a fashion statement. It’s like putting a chic accessory on your hotel door handle. You insert a metal plate into the handle, close the door, and hang a colorful handle on top. But here’s the juicy part: if an intruder tries to enter the room, that colorful piece of the lock drops down, like a mic-drop at a fashion show, and locks the door tight. Take that, potential burglars!

Oh, but what if the lock doesn’t fit on every door? Fret not, dear fashionistas. CiCi has another trick up her stylish sleeve. She carries a door alarm, disguised as a trendy doorstopper. This little genius is wedged underneath the door, silently guarding the room. But the moment someone opens the door, it unleashes a sound so loud that it could put a fire alarm to shame. Imagine all the eyes turning towards the door, intruder frozen in fear, while you look immaculate in your pajamas. Talk about making an entrance!

The door alarm CiCi uses to alert her of any intruders entering her hotel room. Image Source: @cici.inthesky/Instagram

Now, let’s talk shopping, because what’s fashion without a bit of retail therapy? CiCi’s recommended door lock costs a mere $7 on Amazon, while the door alarm is a steal at $10. Fashion-forward and affordable – just the way we like it!

But wait, there’s more! CiCi has a couple more tricks up her stylish sleeve. If you don’t have these gadgets, fear not. Push an ironing board or a chair against the door, and voila! You’ve got a makeshift alarm system. Maybe not as fashionable, but it will definitely alert you if anyone tries to enter your glamorous domain.

However, CiCi’s most important style tip is to trust your instincts. Be confident, be situationally aware, and follow your gut. Remember, a fashionista always knows what’s best for herself!

So, my fashionable friends, whether you’re jet-setting around the world or planning a staycation in your city, take a page out of CiCi’s sass-filled book. Let’s stay safe in style! And don’t forget to strike a pose, just in case any paparazzi are lurking around the corner.

Darlings, which fashion-inspired safety tip will you be trying on your next solo hotel stay? Share your thoughts in the comments below!