The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Relieving Foods What to Eat (and Avoid) from a Registered Dietitian

The Ultimate Guide What to Eat (and Avoid) When You're Stressed, According to a Registered Dietitian

Nourishing Your Body After Stress: A Fashion-Friendly Guide

woman eating healthy food
Image by Studio Firma / Stocksy
September 25, 2023

Stressful events are like a fashion disaster for your mind and body. They can trigger a flurry of reactions that release stress hormones faster than a fashionista at a sample sale. But fear not, my fellow fashion lovers! There are fabulous ways to support your body after a high-stress period, and they involve the glitz and glamour of nourishing foods!

1. Replenish Your Micronutrients Like a Supermodel During stressful times, your body craves extra vitamins and minerals like a runway model craves the spotlight. Rebuilding your micronutrient reserves is like sending a signal to your body that it’s time to strut its stuff once again. It’s all about restoring hydration, promoting detoxification, and guiding those leftover stress hormones out of your fabulous body.

Need an oh-so-chic recipe for stress recovery? Check out the “adrenal cocktail,” a trendy beverage that supports your HPA axis and adrenal glands. It’s like a fashion show for your recovery!

Adrenal cocktail for stress recovery: – 4 ounces of orange juice (vitamin C) – 4 ounces of coconut water (potassium) – 1 pinch of salt (sodium)

Optional add-ins:
For an extra boost, add some magnesium powder to regulate cortisol production and metabolism. And why not sprinkle in some protein or collagen powder to help stabilize your blood sugar? It’s like accessorizing your cocktail with the perfect statement piece!

2. Balance Your Blood Sugar Like a True Fashionista When stress hits, your blood sugar goes into chaos mode, just like a fashion trend that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Cortisol is released, signaling to your body that it needs sugar ASAP. This rollercoaster of blood sugar can leave you feeling like a train wreck, darling!

To prevent this fashion faux pas, indulge in meals that balance your blood sugar like a fashion icon. Think protein, fat, and carbohydrates (don’t forget the fiber!) all combined into a fabulous stress-recovery plate. Picture yourself indulging in a stunning ensemble of chicken (protein), rice or potatoes (carbohydrates), and vegetables cooked in olive oil (fat). It’s a show-stopping look for your wellness!

3. Eat, Even if it’s Trendy Cold Foods Stress can leave you feeling as tired as a model after a long photoshoot. But darling, it’s crucial to eat within a few hours to regulate your blood sugar and let your nervous system know you’re not starving. Now, we know eating while stressed can be slightly complicated, especially if you’re feeling a bit nauseous.

For those glamorous souls out there, warm and cooked foods may bring you comfort and cozy vibes. But if nausea is your frenemy, embrace the trend of cold foods! Smoothies and salads are the perfect fashionable food choices—they’re cool, refreshing, and have less of a smell (and sometimes taste). It’s like eating on the runway of feeling better!

4. Be Fabulous with Anti-Inflammatory Fats and Gorgeous Protein Unchecked stress is like a hot mess for your body—so inflammatory, so not chic. But fear not, my stylish friend! You can neutralize the effects of stress by incorporating healthy, anti-inflammatory fats into your diet, like a fashionable superhero.

Omega-3 fats are like the little black dress of good fats. They can be found in cold-water fish, chia and flaxseeds, walnuts, and grass-fed meats. And let’s not forget about the monounsaturated fats in avocado, olive oil, and nuts. They’re like the perfect accessories for your body’s healing journey.

Oh, and don’t forget about protein, darling! It’s like the ultimate fashion statement for reducing inflammation. Proteins rich in essential amino acids can replenish those feel-good neurotransmitters. So make sure to strut your protein stuff with eggs, seafood, poultry, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and tofu!

5. Sip on Ginger Tea, Darling! Ginger is like the most fashionable supermodel of the spice world. It has it all—improved digestion, reduced nausea, decreased inflammation. It’s like a total package! Sip on a calming ginger tea in the morning, midday, or evening to create a sense of stability and safety, darling. It’s like adding a touch of magic to your recovery routine.

What to Avoid When Stress Strikes the Runway

  1. Blood Sugar Fluctuations: Just like you avoid fashion trends that don’t fit your style, steer clear of foods that mess with your blood sugar. Say no to sugary treats and refined carbohydrates that spike your glucose levels. Also, skipping meals during or after stressful events can cause your blood sugar to mimic a roller coaster ride. Stay consistent and balanced with your meal patterns, my stylish friend.

  2. Alcohol and Excessive Caffeine: Remember, darling, caffeine and alcohol can be the worst kind of fashion faux pas for your stress levels. They can aggravate and deplete your already stressed-out body, leaving you feeling more like a mess than a fashion icon. So limit your caffeine intake and save the cocktail parties for when you’re feeling fabulous again.

  3. Pro-Inflammatory Fats: Trans fats, omega-6 fats in excessive amounts, and artificial fats are like fashion crimes against your body. Stay away from commercial baked goods, fried foods, and processed snacks. Opt for healthier fats found in natural sources like seed oils, avocado, olive oil, and nuts. It’s like wearing couture for your inner wellness!

The Grand Finale: Takeaways for Fashionable Stress Recovery

You might not have control over the stressors in your life, but you can always control how you respond to them, darling. By nourishing your body with whole, unprocessed foods, high-quality protein, and anti-inflammatory fats, you can transform your stress recovery into an exquisite runway show.

Remember, fashion should never be stressful, and neither should food. Start small, my stylish friend. Incorporate one or two of these fabulous food suggestions into your routine, and watch as your body struts towards a whole-body recovery from stress, looking oh-so-chic!

So, my fellow fashionistas, how will you nourish your body and embrace stress recovery with style? Share your favorite fashion-friendly tips in the comments below! Let’s support each other as we conquer stress like the fabulous trendsetters we are. 💃👜👠