Indulge in Blissful Relaxation this Weekend.

Rejuvenate and Unwind Indulge in a Blissful Weekend

Paris Rooftops Windows

Ah, the weekend is finally here! Time to relax and unwind, just like a fried chicken cook who accidentally fainted into a hot oil wok. If you’re interested, we’ve just released the inaugural issue of Big Salad. Trust me, it’s a thrilling read. As for me, I plan on lying supine on my bed all weekend, although my two little boys will probably have other ideas. They just don’t understand the joy of horizontal lounging, haha.

But before I fully commit to my weekend plans, let me share some delightful links from around the web:

  • First up, the trailer for “All of Us Strangers” starring Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott. The song choice starting at 45 seconds is absolutely brilliant. Who knew trailers could have such impeccable taste in music?

  • Have you ever experienced the changing leaves by train travel? It’s like watching nature’s paintbrush create a masterpiece before your very eyes. All aboard the autumn express!

  • Fall is here, and I must say, this color of sweatshirt is absolutely divine. It’s like wrapping yourself in cozy autumn vibes, with a touch of chic elegance.

  • Plot? Who needs plot when you have vibes? According to BookTok, the pinnacle of the “no plot, just vibes” genre is Ottessa Moshfegh’s “My Year of Rest and Relaxation.” It’s a literary masterpiece about a woman who spends most of the novel lounging around and self-sedating with a cocktail of pharmaceuticals. Talk about living the dream!

  • Prepare to be amazed by some incredibly LARGE dogs. These magnificent creatures will leave you in awe. Move over, small-sized pooches, big is definitely better.

  • While I remain loyal to my trusted Daybreaks, it seems these sneakers are having a moment in the concrete jungle of NYC. They’re the go-to footwear choice for the fashion-forward city dwellers. Who am I to argue with the Big Apple’s style authority?

  • Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with a batch of whole wheat chocolate oat cookies. They’re the perfect indulgence to warm up your autumn days. A word of caution: they’re so delicious, you may find yourself devouring the entire batch in one sitting!

  • Can I tell your kid to get off their phone? Vogue seems to believe that the only thing worse than an eight-year-old boy being loud in your house is when they are strangely silent. Perhaps we should start advocating for noise pollution in our homes, just for the sake of our parental sanity. Kids, make some noise!

  • Feast your eyes on Ali LaBelle’s wardrobe moodboard. She’s the epitome of cool and her style choices are pure fashion inspiration. Get ready to fall down a rabbit hole of effortlessly chic outfits.

  • Should we all pool our money and buy this apartment? Just look at those dreamy bookcases, begging to be filled with literary treasures. It’s the ultimate bookworm’s paradise. Time to start a crowdfunded book lovers’ commune, anyone?

  • Dating can be fun, right? Well, these snapshots of singles events definitely make it appear that way. It’s like a montage of love and laughter, where every right swipe leads to a memorable experience. Who knew dating could be so enjoyable?

  • Art or pasta? Believe it or not, these incredible creations are made entirely out of pasta. It’s a marriage between culinary genius and artistic flair. Edible masterpieces that are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Finally, let’s conclude with some insightful and hilarious comments from our readers:

  • Cat shares her secret to making a house feel like a home: “Throw a party boisterous enough for someone to spill something! The first big spill or a knocked-over houseplant is a real ‘this is my home full of my friends and their messes’ moment for me.” Let the mess be your truest form of domestic bliss!

  • Alyssa believes a house truly becomes a home after the first trip taken after moving. The feeling of arriving back home after a journey, the longing for your new abode when you’re homesick, and the act of unpacking in your fresh space all contribute to that magical moment when it all clicks into place. Home sweet home indeed.

  • Rachel adores Josh O’Connor, and who could blame her? His portrayal in “The Durrels in Corfu” is an absolute gift. She simply can’t get enough of him. Watching his performances is like discovering a treasure trove of talent. Josh O’Connor, please grace us with your brilliance!

So there you have it, a delightful assortment of fashion, art, literature, and random musings to brighten up your weekend. May it be filled with laughter, relaxation, and just the right amount of chaos. Enjoy, my lovely readers! 🌟

(Photo by Helen Rushbrook/Stocksy.)