Break Free from Trauma: Surrogate Partner Therapy

Surrogate partner therapy, a revolutionary treatment that utilizes the power of physical touch, holds promising potential in aiding individuals with deep-rooted fears of intimacy.

Surrogate partner therapy, an emerging treatment using physical touch, could aid individuals with a fear of intimacy.

When traditional talk therapy falls short for clients, an emerging practice called surrogate partner therapy could be the solution, mental health professionals told VoiceAngel.

A man and a woman embrace.

“Hugs felt odd, like his body was covered in layers of bath towels.”

Justin, a 38-year-old survivor of sexual abuse, always felt disconnected from physical touch. Hugs felt like a burden, as if he was wearing layers of bath towels. While others reveled in comfort and pleasure, Justin longed for these experiences. After eight years of talk therapy, he still felt stuck. That’s when he discovered the unconventional surrogate partner therapy.

“Stay hypervigilant. Violence could strike at any time.”

Haunted by traumatic memories, Justin’s body constantly warned him to stay vigilant, even in safe environments. This extreme hypervigilance prevented him from enjoying himself in social situations. Desperate for a breakthrough, Justin turned to surrogate partner therapy.

“Surrogate partner therapy could fill in gaps that talk therapy leaves in healing.”

Surrogate partner therapy, unlike traditional talk therapy, provides a hands-on approach to healing trauma and sexual struggles. It involves working closely with a surrogate partner to build trust and establish boundaries. This innovative practice aims to help clients like Justin who feel stuck in their healing process.

“Trained surrogates use touch-focused exercises to boost clients’ ability to relax and communicate.”

Surrogates, trained professionals certified by organizations like the International Professional Surrogates Association, help clients overcome deep-rooted challenges with emotional and physical intimacy. Through a series of exercises, clients learn to relax, lean into physical sensations, and effectively communicate their needs and boundaries.

“Feel the warmth, care, and comfort that used to be foreign.”

Justin’s journey with surrogate partner therapy was transformative. He worked closely with his therapist, Lee Phillips, and surrogate partner, Michelle Renee, for six months. Although sexual encounters did not play a part in his therapy, Justin experienced breakthroughs in physical intimacy. He was finally able to hug Michelle and feel the warmth and care that were previously elusive.

“Surrogate therapy paved the way for successful romantic relationships and fulfilling friendships.”

Once trapped in the clutches of trauma, Justin emerged as a changed person. Surrogate partner therapy liberated him, allowing him to fully enjoy life and form meaningful connections. His friendships became deeper, and he even found love. The impact of this therapy extended beyond Justin’s own experience, as he now recommends it to anyone facing an impasse in traditional therapy.

“Break free from the limitations of talk therapy and explore new paths to healing.”

Surrogate partner therapy is a promising alternative for those who feel traditional talk therapy is not enough. While it is not yet widely available, more therapists are recognizing its potential to unlock healing in cases that were previously deemed inaccessible. Embrace the possibilities and embark on a journey of healing and growth.

The Power of Surrogate Partner Therapy

Traditional talk therapy has limits

Surrogate partner therapy, an emerging practice dating back to 1970, fills the gaps left by traditional talk therapy. Unlike sex therapy, which focuses solely on talk-based techniques, surrogate therapy incorporates hands-on exercises to explore physical sensations and trust.

How surrogate therapy works

Justin’s experience with surrogate partner therapy allowed him to overcome his anxiety and tension, transforming his perception of physical sensations. Through a series of exercises, led by his surrogate partner Michelle, Justin learned to embrace physical touch and express his boundaries.

Physical touch leads to therapeutic breakthroughs

Contrary to common misconceptions, surrogate therapy does not always involve sexual encounters. For Justin, physical intimacy was a vital component of his journey, enabling him to finally experience warmth and care.

Less fear, more living

Justin’s life was forever changed by surrogate partner therapy. He regained control over his anxiety and enjoyed successful romantic relationships, deep friendships, and even ventured out into unfamiliar social environments. The therapy provided him with a new lease on life, ultimately freeing him from the chains of trauma.

Michelle Renee is a trained surrogate. She worked with Justin for six months on a series of trust-building exercises

Surrogate partner therapy offers a unique and powerful approach to healing trauma and intimacy struggles. It provides a safe space for individuals to reconnect with their bodies, overcome deep-rooted challenges, and embrace the joy of physical touch. Break free from the limitations of talk therapy and embark on a journey of healing and transformation.