Fall Soup Recipes: Cozy Comfort in Every Spoonful!

29 Delicious Fall Soup Recipes to Ease Your Summer-to-Fall Transition

29 Fall Soup Recipes to Transition from Summer

While some people consider #adulting to be keeping a consistent bedtime (bliss), never repeating an outfit (overrated), or keeping a consistently organized desk (so satisfying), I define the elusive concept that I’ve spent my twenties chasing by the following: my ability to whip out and whip up all the fall soup recipes of my choosing come September 1st.

Despite writing this in the middle of a muggy, hot, and sticky day, I’ve had my sights set on cozy season since last year. And while Lorelai Gilmore and I share an appreciation for the mystical magic of snow, there’s something even more wondrous about the crackling of leaves underfoot, the warm mugs of cider I consume with festive abandon, and of course, the many comforting, autumnal meals made all the more special thanks to the fall soup recipes below.

So if you’re craving a dose of cozy, look no further than the wholesome deliciousness ahead. Let soup season begin!

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

29 Fall Soup Recipes to Satisfy Your Craving for Coziness

  1. Curry Butternut Squash Soup

    Why We Love It: It felt appropriate to kick things off with one of my all-time favorite fall soup recipes. When September hits, I’m ready to eat all the squash every day—and for every meal. There’s something about the smoky-sweet flavor of this soup that simply epitomizes fall. It’s velvety, thick, and, thanks to the curry powder, just a bit spicy and warm. Translation: perfect.
    Hero Ingredient: I’m never one to skip the opportunity to enjoy a slice or two of toasty bread alongside my soup. The croutons make that necessity all the more fun.
    Curry Butternut Squash Soup

  2. Fire Roasted Tortellini Soup

    Why We Love It: A bland soup can seriously ruin the cozy ritual for me. But with recipes like this fire-roasted fall tortellini soup, flavor is never lacking. There’s no doubt that this recipe is at the top of my list to cook this season.
    Hero Ingredient: A bit of parmesan to top this hearty, pasta-adjacent soup is a rich and creamy touch.
    Fire Roasted Tortellini Soup

  3. Vegetarian Chickpea Stew

    Why We Love It: Fall soup recipes are one of the easiest ways to pack in so many nutritious fruits and veggies. With immune-boosting ingredients like lemon and carrots, and protein from chickpeas, you’ll stay happy and healthy during cold and flu season.
    Hero Ingredient: My soup isn’t the same without cilantro.
    Vegetarian Chickpea Stew

  4. Tomato Basil Soup

    Why We Love It: Isn’t this tomato soup skillet just stunning?! A blend of creaminess and savory roasted tomatoes makes for the ultimate soup with a pretty unconventional cooking method.
    Hero Ingredient: What’s tomato soup without fresh basil? (And for that matter, a grilled cheese served alongside… )
    Tomato Basil Soup

  5. Chicken and Winter Vegetable Soup

    Why We Love It: Think—chicken noodle soup, but way more delicious. To keep your bowl gluten-free, this soup doesn’t contain any noodles but instead includes a ton of great veggies to keep it a hearty meal. The best part? This seemingly elaborate soup only takes 20 minutes to cook.
    Hero Ingredient: A bay leaf can make a big difference when cooking—whether it be a pot of beans or a delicious fall soup.
    Chicken and Winter Vegetable Soup