The Great CD Debacle: When Baby Swifties Meet Ancient Technology

Feeling Like a Blast From the Past Gen Zers left in disbelief as Gen Alpha girls struggle with operating a CD

Gen Zers feel old seeing Gen Alpha girls struggle with CDs.

The three girls trying to remove a CD from its case and use a CD player. The girls said they were between the ages of 11 and 12 in a subsequent video. @swiftiebabies13/TikTok

Attention, fashionistas and Swifties! Hold onto your floppy hats because we have a viral TikTok video that will rock your world! Three fabulously young Gen Alpha tweens recently embarked on an epic quest filled with intrigue, confusion, and one ancient relic: a CD! (Cue dramatic gasps)

On October 28, the fierce TikToker known as Shannon, according to their bio, shared a video that left viewers in a state of shock and awe. The video showcased three tweens huddled around a CD case (yes, you read that right) for Taylor Swift’s brand new album, “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” But wait, there’s more! These youngsters were caught in a sticky situation as they attempted to free the CD from its case, their perplexed faces reflecting a complete lack of familiarity with this outdated packaging technique.

“It’s not coming out,” one of the girls exclaimed, while another managed to save the day by pressing down on the plastic circle in the center of the disc. Phew, crisis averted!

Little did they know that their innocent struggle would unleash chaos on the internet. The TikTok video quickly gained 2.4 million views, leaving countless Gen Z viewers in complete shock. Oh, the horror! Many commenters couldn’t believe the girls’ unfamiliarity with such ancient technology, and even those who claim to be within the Gen Z age bracket felt the weight of their own aging process.

“I feel old and I’m only 17,” one comment with over 27,000 likes confessed. Another user chimed in, “I’m 18 and I feel 80.” You know it’s serious when even a wise soul of just 14 years says, “I know I’m only 14 but even I grew up with CDs and cassettes!”

But there’s more to this story, my lovely fashion fans. Brace yourselves, because the queen herself, Taylor Swift, noticed this viral phenomenon. Taylor Swift’s official TikTok account left a comment exclaiming, “Wait this is amazing.” Can you imagine the honor? Our beloved Taylor, applauding the youthful confusion while sipping her tea.

But hold your breath, for things took an even more perplexing turn in the next chapter. A follow-up TikTok video showcased the three bewildered girls attempting to operate a CD player. Buttons were pressed, discussions were had, and chaos ensued. How on earth does one get the mighty music machine to play?

Finally, in another splendid clip, posted by Shannon on October 31, the precious information regarding these darling girls emerged. They revealed themselves to be between the ages of 11 and 12, placing them squarely in the Gen Alpha age group. Yes, darling readers, these youngsters are the future we’re all counting on. Pay homage!

Curiosity piqued, we delved deeper into their world as the tweens responded to questions from a mysterious figure behind the camera. They admitted to having vague knowledge of CDs but confessed to limited experiences with them. One girl even admitted that she did watch DVDs in her younger days, but her dear father always operated them for her. Oh, the privileges of youth!

As if that weren’t enough, Shannon teased us with further adventures in another tantalizing clip. The Gen Alpha tweens were now faced with the ultimate challenge: conquering the vinyl record. Can you feel the excitement in the air? Stay tuned, fashionistas, for more thrills to come!

Till then, let’s embrace the wonders of fashion and the charming quirks of the ever-evolving youth. Raise your glass (or your floppy hat) to these adorable Baby Swifties, as they uncover the hidden secrets of ancient technology, one TikTok video at a time. Remember, fashion knows no age and curiosity knows no bounds. So, let’s applaud their journey and eagerly await the next chapter.

Have you encountered any fashion or technology surprises lately? Share your unforgettable moments in the comments below, and let’s embark on this incredible fashion adventure together!