Dating Coach Reviews 41-Year-Old’s Tinder Profile Expert Advice on Cropping Out Friends in Pictures

Expert Dating Coach Assesses a 41-Year-Old's Tinder Profile The Importance of Curating Solo Shots

Lindsay submitted her Tinder profile to VoiceAngel’s Dating App Clinic.

Lindsay, the daring fashionista on a quest for love, has bravely submitted her Tinder profile to the prestigious VoiceAngel’s Dating App Clinic. With a heart full of hope and a swipe-worthy selection of selfies, Lindsay is looking to revamp her profile to increase her chances of finding a perfect match. Cue the fashion experts and let the makeover begin!

Enter Erika Ettin, the fabulous dating coach armed with her keen fashion sense and a knack for witty bios. She took one look at Lindsay’s profile and exclaimed, “Oh, darling, we can work with this!” With a twinkle in her eye, Ettin shared her pearls of wisdom on how to make Lindsay’s profile shine even brighter.

First on the agenda: the photos. Ettin praised Lindsay for her captivating smile and advised her to keep the photo that showcased her stunning beauty. But alas, Lindsay had made the cardinal sin of group photos! Ettin gently reminded her that potential matches don’t have time to play “Where’s Lindsay?” in a game of spot-the-single. So, it was decided – crop out the friends and let Lindsay’s radiant personality take center stage.

Now, let’s talk about the written bio – the gateway to a potential love connection. Lindsay’s descriptions of herself were a touch too generic, according to Ettin. So, our fearless dating coach donned her thinking cap adorned with puns and metaphors. “Darling,” she began, “before you alert the authorities, let’s add a dash of adventure to your profile. When you’re not conquering the dating world, you can find Lindsay strolling through hiking trails or skiing in the breathtaking mountains of Vermont. And when she wants some downtime, you’ll spot her curled up in a hammock with a book (an audiobook, if we’re being really honest!). She’s an INFJ overthinker who embraces personal growth – a true force to be reckoned with!”

As the fashion gods smiled upon Lindsay’s revamped profile, Ettin couldn’t help but notice a fashion faux pas that needed correcting. Too many pictures, my dear! Ettin wisely advised Lindsay to remove a couple of photos – ones where her gorgeous face was obscured by sunglasses. She assured Lindsay that five or six carefully selected pictures were ample to capture her irresistible charm without overwhelming potential matches.

But the fashion transformation doesn’t end there! Ettin, being the matchmaker extraordinaire that she is, suggested Lindsay explore other fashion-forward dating platforms like Bumble and Hinge. These apps, with their commitment-oriented vibes, would embrace Lindsay’s desire for a long-term partnership ready to take on the world.

With all the changes complete and Lindsay’s profile emanating confidence and charm, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let the messages flood in. As Ettin noted, matches are just the beginning – the real magic lies in sparking intriguing conversations and igniting that romantic flame. So, dear reader, remember to sprinkle your profile with conversation starters, intriguing quirks, and visually pleasing photos. Let your fashion sense shine and let the love games begin!

Now, it’s your turn! Have you ever sought a fashionable makeover for your dating profile? Share your tales of transformation and triumph in the comments below. Let’s inspire each other to charm our way into the hearts of fashion-minded suitors!