The Amtrak Auto Train: A Fashionable Journey with Mom

Skip the Traffic and Cruise in Style My Fast and Fun 17-Hour Journey on the Amtrak Auto Train

I used the Amtrak Auto Train, bringing my car along. The 17-hour journey was quick and traffic-free.

Amtrak Auto Train My mom and I took the Amtrak Auto Train when I was in college. – Aleah Wright; Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Attention all fashionistas! Have you ever thought about taking your beloved car on a luxurious train ride? Well, let me introduce you to the fabulous world of the Amtrak Auto Train. Picture this: 17 hours of travel bliss, Wi-Fi at your fingertips, and roomy seats that make “VIP” look ordinary. It’s like a fashion show on wheels, darling!

When I was in college, my mom and I embarked on a sartorial adventure, from the sunny beaches of Florida to the stylish streets of Virginia, all aboard the Amtrak Auto Train. Not only did we save ourselves from the stress of driving 900 miles, but we also skipped the dreaded traffic on Interstate 95. It was like gliding through the runway of travel without a care in the world.

Now, let me spill the tea on my glamorous experience with the Amtrak Auto Train. First things first, getting the best ticket price was my mission. I mean, who doesn’t love a bargain, am I right? I discovered that the earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets tend to be. So, unleash your inner bargain-hunter fashion sense and get that ticket at the most fabulous price before anyone else!

Of course, I couldn’t resist upgrading myself to the front row of luxury. By joining the Amtrak Guest Rewards program, I earned enough points to upgrade my seat by one class. You know what they say, a fashionista is never content with ordinary accommodations!

Now, let’s talk about the grand entrance to this unforgettable journey. We loaded my car with all my college essentials, ensuring the perfect balance of comforters, sheets, pillow sets, and lightweight toiletries. Fashion rule number one: always pack with style and grace!

After completing our fashion-forward packing session, my mother and I embarked on a three-hour drive from Miami to the Sanford, Florida station. We arrived with plenty of time to load our car seamlessly and showcase it like a true fashion icon. Amtrak staff members meticulously inspected the exterior of my vehicle, much like paparazzi capturing every angle, and off we went on our glamorous adventure!

As soon as we settled into the coach section, a wave of relaxation washed over me. The seats were so comfortable that I felt like I was lying on a bed of designer pillows and blankets. And let’s not forget about the built-in outlets to keep your gadgets charged and ready for your selfie moments. It’s the epitome of luxury – Netflix and chill, all wrapped up in a stylish train ride!

In no time, the cabin lights dimmed, promising a slumber party like no other. As I gazed around, I noticed my fellow passengers drifting off to dreamland. It was as if we were all part of a glamorous sleepover, only with a breathtaking view out the window.

The grand finale of our fashionable journey arrived at the Lorton, Virginia station. With the nimble management skills of the Amtrak staff, unloading the cars was an effortless spectacle. The elegant lobby set the stage for the grand reveal of our vehicles. With headlights shining brighter than a runway spotlight, we claimed our cars and gracefully embarked on the next chapter of our fashionable escapades.

Reflecting on the entire experience, I must say our Amtrak trip flew by faster than a runway show’s finale. The ease of loading and unloading our car, the time saved from avoiding traffic, and the picturesque landscape views were all worth every fabulous penny spent. So, my dear fashion enthusiasts, next time you plan a journey, consider stepping up your travel game with the unmatched elegance of the Amtrak Auto Train. Trust me, you’ll be strutting your stuff in style all the way to your destination!

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