Get Ready to Fall in Love: Black Cherry Nails, the Chic Trend for Short Nails

Black Cherry Nails The Must-Try Moody Manicure Trend of the Season

Black Cherry Nails to Dominate Moody Manis This Season

Woman with dark nail polish fixes red lipstick Image by Ohlamour Studio / Stocksy

We all know the struggle of trying to keep our long nails intact, especially when faced with a can opener that seems to have a personal vendetta against our digits. But fear not, fellow fashionistas, for I have found a solution that will make your short nails the talk of the town. Introducing… drumroll… black cherry nails!

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly are black cherry nails? Picture this: a deep, rich, and sophisticated red hue that reminds you of perfectly ripe black cherries. It has a vampy vibe similar to wine-colored lacquer, but with an even deeper allure. It’s like looking into a black hole, only to be pleasantly surprised by hints of purple and red shining through. It’s mysterious, it’s elegant, and it’s the perfect shade for shorter nails.

According to the nail gurus, black cherry nails are practically made for short, natural nails. Stephanie Stone, celebrity manicurist extraordinaire, explains that the color is so bold that it doesn’t need much to make it pop. And Jin Soon Choi, the genius behind JINSoon, agrees that short nails showcase this color beautifully. It’s like a sassy little secret that only short-nailed divas are privy to.

But wait, there’s more! This moody mix of red, purple, and brown tones adds an edgy touch to any nail length or shape. It’s like the rebellious teenager of nail colors, refusing to conform to societal norms. Plus, black cherry nails are the perfect accessory for the autumn season. Just like a leather jacket, they exude that cool and badass vibe that screams “I’m here, and I mean business!”

Now, let’s talk about the diverse range within the black cherry spectrum. Just like the fruit itself, not all black cherry polishes are created equal. Some have lighter red or plum undertones, while others fall closer to the black end of the spectrum. It’s like a fruit basket filled with delightful options, just waiting for you to take your pick.

So, how can you master the look? Fear not, my fabulous friends, for I have the answers:

  1. Prep, cut, and shape the nails: Whether you’re a fan of squoval, round, or almond-shaped nails, black cherry polish flatters them all. Don’t be afraid to cut them short, as this shade truly shines on natural nails. And remember to show some love to your cuticles with moisturizing cuticle oil.

  2. Paint: When it comes to applying the black cherry polish, take your time, my darlings. This color is so intense that even the slightest spillage can be noticeable. Follow the advice of celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann: “Place the brush about an eighth-inch away from the cuticle. As soon as you see polish flow, pull the brush straight down the center to the tip. Your nails get a bit wider at the side, so apply a little more pressure and let the bristles fan out.”

  3. Dress it up: Want to add some extra pizzazz to your black cherry nails? Go all out with glitter, chrome dust, or even splatter nail art (white for contrast, of course). It’s like throwing a party on your fingertips, and everyone’s invited!

  4. Top it off: Finish off your masterpiece with a glossy top coat that will keep your mani looking fresh and fierce. Essie’s 85% plant-based base & top coat is a personal favorite. Don’t forget to reapply a new layer every few days to extend the life of your at-home mani. We need to make this beauty last!

Now, my fellow short nail gals, are you ready to fall head over heels for the fabulousness that is black cherry nails? Trust me, it will take your nail game to a whole new level of sophistication and glamour. This color complements the classic fall color palette like a match made in fashion heaven. So go ahead, embrace the moody hue, and let your short nails steal the show this season!

What are your thoughts on black cherry nails? Have you tried them before? Share your experiences and any other fabulous nail trends you love in the comments below! Let’s keep our fashion game strong together!