A Love Story in the Skies: How I Found My Flyboy in an Unexpected Place

Love at First Flight How I Found My Perfect Match in an Airport Lounge and Navigated the Allure of a Long-Distance Relationship

Met in airport lounge and dating long-distance.

The author and her partner Janick in Delray Beach. They are smiling and wearing sunglasses on their heads.

Courtesy of the author

Fashion lovers and hopeless romantics, hold onto your berets – I’ve got a delightful tale to spin. Picture this: I’m perched at a swanky airline lounge, indulging in fashionable daydreams, when fate takes an unexpected turn. Little did I know that the buzzing hub of aviation would become the backdrop for my own personal love story. Brace yourselves!

Let me set the scene for you. I found myself in the United Polaris lounge at Washington Dulles, contemplating life’s mysteries over a glass of Champagne. Just as I was about to board my flight to Paris, in swoops a dashing gentleman with salt-and-pepper hair. It was a moment straight out of a movie, my dear fashionistas.

Now, prepare for the twist, as our story takes flight. We struck up a conversation, and I discovered that my mysterious suitor was none other than Janick, a Belgian pilot who had traded his wings for the glamorous life of a private jet navigator. Talk about a daredevil in the skies!

As we chatted about aviation and sipped on Scotch and Champagne, a spark ignited between us. The air crackled with connection, my dears! In a bold move fueled by the effervescent Champagne, I handed him my business card, teasing him to get in touch the next time he found himself in my glamorous city of Washington, DC. And oh, how he did.

Before I even settled into my business class seat, my phone sprang to life with a message from my skybound paramour. The virtual chemistry unfolded, as our WhatsApp conversations danced from heart emojis to flirtatious banter. Our rendezvous extended over three months of long-distance courtship, my dears.

Finally, the stars aligned, and I found myself hopping on a plane to France, eager to embark on our first date. Brace yourselves for the romance that unfolded, my fashion comrades. Our first date lasted a staggering 30 hours – a whirlwind of passion and connection. We wandered the enchanting streets of Bruges, relishing in local delicacies and taking a romantic boat ride on its picturesque canals. Our lips finally met on Minnewaterbrug, the legendary “Lovers’ Bridge.” Le sigh!

And oh, the culinary delights that awaited me! Janick, my pilot-turned-gourmet chef, unleashed his skills in the kitchen, treating me to a gastronomic wonderland of mussels in herbs and white wine, accompanied by homemade, twice-fried frites. It was a feast fit for fashion royalty, my darlings.

Since that fateful day in Bruges, our love has taken flight across the globe. We rendezvous in the stunning seaside towns of Delray Beach and Long Island, while also finding solace in each other’s arms amidst the splendor of France. Our relationship, marked by daily video calls and passionate texts, blooms and flourishes in the most enchanting way.

As we plan our future together, my lover and I envision a life split between Belgium and a sun-drenched oasis by the ocean, where we’ll relish in all the joys and adventures of a typical couple. And let me tell you, dear readers, the thought of waking up beside Janick, sipping espresso, strolling through Belgian markets, and indulging in Flemish beef stew makes my heart flutter with excitement. It may be a foreign land, but it feels like home. The next chapter awaits!

My closest confidants have playfully dubbed us “Janly,” a sensational celebrity couple. Meeting my flyboy amidst the clouds seems fitting, doesn’t it? It was a chance encounter, my fellow fashion enthusiasts, a twist of fate that led me to discover love while pursuing my passions. Love does indeed travel in mysterious ways, mes chéris.

So, for those of you still searching for your runway romance, take heart. Love may be lurking in the most unexpected places, ready to whisk you away on a journey filled with laughter, companionship, and the sheer joy of finding one another. Bon voyage, my lovelies!