Putting the cult-favorite Spanx Perfect Pants to the test The ultimate workwear experience that feels like wearing leggings

Your ultimate review The cult-favorite Spanx Perfect Pants - They'll make you feel like you're wearing leggings at work!

The Perfect Pants for the Perfect You

When it comes to fashion, what you wear can truly make or break your day. Just like finding the perfect outfit for an eight-hour flight, choosing the right work clothes is crucial. You need something professional, versatile, comfortable, and easy to care for, all at an affordable price.

Enter Spanx, the renowned shapewear brand that has become a staple in our wardrobes. From their amazing underwear to their top-notch tights, Spanx has continuously impressed us. And now, they’ve done it again with their Perfect Pant—the ultimate contender for the title of “best black pants.”

These pants embody everything that Spanx is known for, including their signature smoothing and elongating effect. But unlike their shapewear, these pants won’t leave you feeling constricted. Made from Ponte material with a four-way stretch, they are unbelievably comfortable. Getting dressed in the morning has never been easier with the pull-on band. In short, these pants are a dream come true for the fashion-forward career woman.

To put the Perfect Pant to the test, we gathered a group of women who are experts in the world of online fashion. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Hi-Rise Flare – The Perfect Flare for Any Occasion

Sally Kaplan, our executive editor, instantly fell in love with the Hi-Rise Flare pants. Even though she’s 5-foot-2 and curvy, these pants fit her like a glove. They were just the right length to make her legs look endlessly long. And the wide-leg design added a touch of elegance to her overall look. Sally couldn’t help but rave about how easy it was to dress these pants up or down. They were perfect for work when paired with a blazer, but equally stylish with sneakers and a shirt jacket for a more casual vibe.

  1. Split-Hem – Leggings in Disguise

For those who yearn to wear leggings to the office, the Split-Hem pants are a godsend. Our style and beauty editor, Samantha Crozier, couldn’t get enough of their stretchy and smoothing fabric. She described them as the perfect combination of yoga pants and work trousers. But here’s the catch—they’re designed to be worn with a three-to-four-inch heel. So, if you’re a flat shoe lover, be sure to choose a shorter inseam. Samantha, being 5-foot-2, opted for the petite option. While she adored the leg-lengthening effect, she wished they were just a tad shorter to cater to all occasions. As a budget-friendly alternative, she recommended the Quince Ultra-Stretch Ponte Bootcut Pant. They offer the same comfort as Spanx, but at a fraction of the price.

  1. Back Seam Skinny – The Definition of Comfort

At first, Mara Leighton, our senior reporter, wasn’t sold on the Back Seam Skinny pants. She craved the look of traditional pants, which meant no visible pull-on design. But after wearing them for a few days, she completely changed her tune. These pants were the epitome of comfort, with the same thickness as jeans but the feel of leggings. The four-way-stretch Ponte fabric hugged her in all the right places, allowing her to do lunges if needed. Plus, the tailored back seam added a touch of sophistication. And the best part? Throw them in the wash with the rest of your clothes. No special treatment needed!

  1. 4-Pocket Skinny – The Leggings You’ll Actually Love

Francesca Rea, our senior story producer, was never a fan of dress pants or slacks—until she discovered the 4-Pocket Skinny. Unlike those itchy and uncomfortable options, these pants felt like a supportive pair of leggings. The soft and stretchy material provided the perfect balance between comfort and professionalism. The waistband sat comfortably at the smallest part of her waist, making her feel confident and ready for anything. The only minor downside was that the two front pockets were purely decorative. But hey, who needs pockets when you’ve found the perfect pants?

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for the ultimate work pants, look no further than Spanx’s Perfect Pant collection. These pants will revolutionize your wardrobe, making you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to conquer the world. So say goodbye to those ill-fitting trousers and opt for the perfect fit that Spanx provides.

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Let us know in the comments which style you’re most excited about trying, and how you plan to rock it in the workplace. Your fashion journey starts here, and we can’t wait to see you shine!