The Unparalleled Hydration Powers of True Botanicals Rescue Balm – Brooke Shields’ Stamp of Approval

The Miracle of True Botanicals Rescue Balm Instantly Reviving and Hydrating Crepey Skin, Endorsed by the Legendary Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields photo

Image by Guy Aroch / mbg Creative October 5, 2023

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Don’t get me wrong, I have a weakness for fancy packaging and indulgent experiences. As a Taurus, I’m all about the sensory pleasures of the beauty world. But there’s something irresistibly charming about simplicity, about a humble tube of lip balm or a no-frills body moisturizer in a travel-friendly tin. And that’s precisely why I fell head over heels for the True Botanicals Everything Rescue Balm.

I must admit, it’s a bit of a dark horse. Its compact design blends in with the lineup of luxurious oils and lotions, making it a hidden gem. But once you give it a try, you’ll be smitten, just like I was. And I’m not the only one who fell under its spell.

True Botanicals Everything Rescue Balm

True Botanicals Everyday Rescue Balm

About the formula

At the heart of this skin savior is regenerative farmed calendula oil, a true superstar ingredient. It’s packed with fatty acids that support our precious skin barrier. And let me tell you, calendula oil is no ordinary oil—it’s an extract obtained from the magnificent marigold plant. Board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., once told us about the wonders of calendula oil: “It’s commonly used in skin care products for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.”

But wait, there’s more! Calendula is also loaded with carotenoids and flavonoids, which are impressive antioxidants. It’s like having a soothing superhero on your side. Studies have shown that calendula oil can accelerate wound healing, provide deep hydration, enhance circulation, and prevent inflammation. Talk about a multitasking gem!

And then there’s helichrysum oil, another skin savior that deserves praise. Aromatherapist and functional wellness practitioner Mariza Snyder, D.C., raves about helichrysum oil for its ability to hydrate the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, and even out skin tone. It’s a true anti-inflammatory hero.

Let’s not forget about eucalyptus oil, which brings its own anti-inflammatory powers to the table. It doesn’t just smell refreshing; it can also relieve pain when applied topically.

Of course, any good barrier balm needs a top-notch occlusive ingredient to lock in moisture. This True Botanicals beauty relies on illipe butter, a plant-based fat extracted from the shorea stenoptera tree native to Indonesia. It’s like the cocoa butter’s sophisticated cousin, working tirelessly to protect your skin from transepidermal water loss. And let me tell you, it feels luxuriously rich.

Jamie using the True Botanicals Rescue Balm

Image by Jamie Schneider / mbg beauty editor

Why we love it

I like to call this magical potion the “rescue balm.” Its compact design makes it a breeze to carry in any bag. As a city dweller, I’ve turned to it countless times to soften calluses and soothe blisters on my heels. It’s been my go-to for tackling dry patches on my elbows and knees. Believe me, my knees are still hanging on to shorts season here in NYC, and this balm keeps them hydrated and flake-free.

And guess what? Even Brooke Shields agrees! Now, that’s something to get excited about. In an exclusive interview with VoiceAngel, the 58-year-old actor couldn’t stop gushing about the True Botanicals Everything Rescue Balm. According to Shields, it’s the perfect product for anyone on the go. She says, “It’s truly a skin-thirst-quenching game changer.” Shields reveals that it has rescued her skin multiple times, effortlessly softening dry and fragile patches. “There’s no dry skin that this balm can’t fix!” she adds.

But the love doesn’t stop there. My 55-year-old mother, who’s quite the discerning skincare aficionado, became an instant fan when she saw the results on my skin. As we ventured through the city, she couldn’t resist asking me what I was using. “It’s a new True Botanicals hydrating balm,” I proudly announced. The smoothness and softness it brought to her skin, especially on the more delicate areas like the arms and chest, left her impressed.

That’s when I knew—I had found the real deal. If it’s good enough for Mom and Shields, it’s definitely good enough for me.

The takeaway

Consider the True Botanicals Everything Rescue Balm your trusty on-the-go BFF. Priced at $38, this salve works wonders on chapped, inflamed, and sensitive skin. It’s like a barrier cream on steroids, locking in moisture and offering immediate relief. And over time, it nourishes your skin with essential nutrients, making it stronger and healthier. An effective skin barrier support for under $50? Now that’s what I call a major win.

True Botanicals Everything Rescue Balm

True Botanicals Everyday Rescue Balm

So, my fellow fashion enthusiasts, have you ever fallen in love with a product that was hidden in plain sight? Let me know your beauty discoveries in the comments below!