The Tallest Countries in the World: A Height-Hacking Adventure!

Height Matters Exploring the Countries with the Tallest People in the World

Countries with the tallest people ranked

Tall people walking at a pedestrian crossing in Paris

Picture this: you’re strolling down a fashionable avenue in Paris, and suddenly, a group of people tower above you. Their heads almost touch the clouds, and you can’t help but feel a twinge of envy. Well, my fellow fashionistas, it turns out that height varies greatly around the world, and some countries definitely have a leg up in the height department. Let’s embark on a delightful height-hacking adventure as we explore the world of the tallest countries!

Now, before we unravel this tall tale, meet Sultan Kösen. Standing at a staggering 8 feet 3 inches, this Turkish titan may just be the tallest person on the planet. But hold on a second – despite Sultan’s sky-high stature, Turkey doesn’t actually make the list of the tallest countries. So, where do they hide all those tall folk?

To unearth the truth, VoiceAngel (our trusty data collector) delved into the secrets of the world’s height game. Armed with medical data from the NCD Risk Factor Collaboration, they crunched the numbers and uncovered the countries that reign supreme in the height department. This treasure trove of information gathered height metrics from over 2,500 population surveys across 193 countries. Now, that’s some serious height hunting!

But before we dig into the juicy details, let’s talk about the rules of the game. The dataset provides separate heights for 19-year-old males and females in each country. We took an average of these two figures to get a general idea of a country’s typical height. And worry not, my inquisitive darlings, we’ll also be serving up some gender-specific results. It’s all about fairness in the fashionable world, after all!

Now, brace yourselves, because the United States didn’t quite make the cut. Sorry, Uncle Sam, but you’re 58th for women and 47th for men in the height rankings. Coming in at 5 feet 4.29 inches (163.3 cm) for women and 5 feet 9.65 inches (176.9 cm) for men, the U.S. will have to work on reaching new fashion heights.

Oh, but fear not, fashion-forward Greece is here to save the day! Picture the dazzling beaches of the Greek islands as we unveil their average height. At 5 feet 7.93 inches (172.55 cm) for women and a strapping 5 feet 10.59 inches (179.3 cm) for men, Greece knows how to wear their height with confidence. And let’s not forget their pride and joy, the actor John Aniston, who once walked those Greek shores.

John Aniston and Jennifer Aniston

Now, let’s hop on over to Austria, where the hills are indeed alive with the sound of tallness. Clocking in at 5 feet 7.99 inches (172.7 cm) for women and a dashing 5 feet 10.28 inches (178.5 cm) for men, these Austrians perfectly blend height and charm. Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, who flexed his muscles alongside the significantly shorter Danny DeVito in the legendary movie “Twins.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito

But wait, there’s more! Our height-hacking adventure takes us to the land of Belarus and the enchanting Cook Islands. Belarusian tennis ace Victoria Azarenka, standing at a fierce 6 feet, dominates the courts with her towering presence. Meanwhile, the Cook Islands, nestled in the beautiful South Pacific, bestow their inhabitants with an average height of 5 feet 8.03 inches (172.8 cm) for women and a fetching 5 feet 10.19 inches (178.3 cm) for men. Just imagine the picturesque beaches and those stylishly tall islanders soaking up the sun!

Victoria Azarenka Three women waving on a Cook Island beach

Now, let’s set sail to the enchanting island of Bermuda and groove to the lively beats of reggae music. These Bermudians, with their average height of 5 feet 8.07 inches (172.9 cm) for women and a striking 5 feet 10.75 inches (179.7 cm) for men, dance to the rhythm of style and elegance. It’s no wonder Daren Herbert, a born Bermudian actor and dancer, has graced both Canadian and U.S. screens with his towering talent.

Daren Herbert

And guess what, my fashion-forward friends? Poland and Germany join the height club too! Poles rock an average height of 5 feet 8.21 inches (173.25 cm) for women and a lofty 5 feet 11.14 inches (180.7 cm) for men. They’re in good company with Germany, strutting their stuff at 5 feet 8.21 inches (173.25 cm) for women and a fashionable 5 feet 10.98 inches (180.3 cm) for men. You can’t help but admire the work of the beautiful Blanka, representing Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest, and the former German chancellor, the ever-fashionable Angela Merkel.

Blanka Angela Merkel

Now, let’s venture to the scenic landscapes of Norway and Finland. The Norwegians, with their love for chess, demonstrate their heightened sense of strategy with an average height of 5 feet 8.29 inches (173.45 cm) for women and a towering 5 feet 11.06 inches (180.5 cm) for men. Meanwhile, the Finns, with their vibrant culture, savor an average height of 5 feet 8.31 inches (173.55 cm) for women and a proud 5 feet 11.1 inches (180.6 cm) for men. Magnus Carlsen, the Norwegian chess grandmaster, brings a touch of finesse to his height, while the Finns wave their national flag with unmatched style.

Magnus Carlsen Finnish flag

Next up, let’s explore the captivating lands of Dominica and Sweden. Dominica, with its vibrant culture, gifts its inhabitants an average height of 5 feet 8.33 inches (173.55 cm) for women and an impressive 5 feet 10.94 inches (180.2 cm) for men. Meanwhile, stylish Swedes grace the world stage with an average height of 5 feet 8.35 inches (173.6 cm) for women and an eye-catching 5 feet 11.06 inches (180.5 cm) for men. Just imagine the stunning presence of actor and former “Game of Thrones” star, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, towering over the Swedish landscape.

Danny John-Jules and Petula Langlais Zlatan Ibrahimović

Hold on to your fashion hats because the journey takes us further to the lands of Ukraine and Croatia, where the tall tales continue. These Ukrainian beauties and Croatian stunners strut their stuff at 5 feet 8.43 inches (173.8 cm) for women and a striking 5 feet 11.26 inches (181 cm) for men. Just take a look at “Dancing with the Stars” legend Maksim Chmerkovskiy and the spectacularly tall Slavica Ecclestone, former wife of Formula One magnate Bernie Ecclestone. These towering individuals bring a touch of grace to the height game.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Slavica Ecclestone and Bernie Ecclestone

And what about the captivating lands of Slovakia and Slovenia? Slovakian downhill alpine skier Petra Vlhová glides down the slopes with her impressive height of nearly 6 feet. Meanwhile, Slovenia’s president, Nataša Pirc Musar, and Kosovo’s president, Vjosa Osmani, strike a stylish pose. These remarkable men and women from Slovakia and Slovenia command attention with average heights of 5 feet 8.52 inches (174.05 cm) for women and an enviable 5 feet 11.26 inches (181 cm) for men.

Petra Vlhová Nataša Pirc Musar and Vjosa Osmani

But our fashion odyssey isn’t over yet! We embark on an adventure to the Baltic lands of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Montenegro. These Baltic beauties break fashion barriers with average heights ranging from 5 feet 8.54 inches (173.6 cm) to a marvelous 6 feet 0.17 inches (183.3 cm) for men. Hold your breath as Lithuanian swimming sensation Ruta Meilutyte takes a plunge, and Miss Estonia Jana Tafenau dazzles on stage at the Miss Universe pageant. Together, they showcase the remarkable heights achieved by their respective nations.

Ruta Meilutyte Jana Tafenau

Fashion mavens, our adventure culminates in the regal lands of the Netherlands, Denmark, and Iceland. The Dutch, renowned for their tall and elegant citizens, grace the world’s runways with an average height of 5 feet 9.72 inches (177.1 cm) for women and an impressive height of 6 feet 0.36 inches (183.8 cm) for men. Say hello to their Majesties, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, who embody the regal height of their fellow countrymen and women.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima

Meanwhile, Denmark shines with its stylish sensibilities, boasting an average height of 5 feet 9.17 inches (175.7 cm) for women and a dashing 5 feet 11.61 inches (181.9 cm) for men. Picture the suave Mads Mikkelsen, known for his impressive performances on Danish soil and beyond, bringing a touch of Nordic elegance to the big screen.

Mads Mikkelsen

Last but certainly not least, Iceland enchants us with its ethereal landscapes and remarkable heights. With an average height of 5 feet 9.09 inches (175.5 cm) for women and a staggering 5 feet 11.69 inches (182.1 cm) for men, it’s no wonder Icelandic actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, best known as “The Mountain” from “Game of Thrones,” stands tall as a towering icon.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Now, my height-loving comrades, this is just a taste of the world’s tallest countries. From elegant Greeks and refined Austrians to stylish Dutch and majestic Icelanders, the fashion world bows down to their impressive heights. And remember, while the mean height may be our guide, it’s the diversity and individuality of each person that truly sets the fashion stage ablaze. So, whether you’re a towering titan or daintily petite, embrace your unique height and conquer the fashion world with confidence!

Fashionable people standing together

Note: Using mean heights instead of average heights gives us a sense of which countries have the most people on the tall side of the spectrum. However, if we were to rank by average height, Germany would climb several spots, thanks to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany’s calculations. So remember, my stylish adventurers, statistics may change, but fashion is eternal!

Now, my fashion enthusiasts, it’s time for you to share your thoughts! Are you surprised by the countries that made the list? Do you have any fashion tips for those looking to embrace their unique height? Let’s keep the conversation witty, playful, and fabulous!