Uncork in Style: The Best Wine Openers of 2023

Top 5 Wine Openers of 2023 Tested and Reviewed for Effortlessly Enjoying Your Favorite Wines

Top 5 wine openers of 2023 tested and reviewed

Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew An easy-to-use wine opener makes quick work of even the most stubborn corks. – Connie Chen/Insider

Ah, the anticipation of a delightful glass of wine. You can almost taste it. But wait! Suddenly, you find yourself in a fierce battle with a stubborn cork. It’s as if the universe is playing a cruel trick on you. Bits of cork floating in your favorite vintage, a broken corkscrew in hand – it’s a disaster! Fear not, my fellow wine lovers. There is a solution to this wine-lover’s nightmare, and it comes in the form of the best wine opener corkscrew.

Now, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Oh no, our team of wine experts has consulted the heavens (and by heavens, we mean numerous wine experts) and conducted a series of rigorous tests to bring you the crème de la crème of wine openers. We considered price, materials, ease of use, and of course, your wine-drinking habits. After all, we fashion-savvy wine enthusiasts deserve nothing but the best.

Drumroll, please!

Our Top Picks for the Best Wine Openers

Best overall: Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend CorkscrewPros: Durable construction, attractive, nonstick screw inserts easily, provides strong leverage to remove corkCons: Hand wash only

Imagine a wine key that’s not only functional but also a thing of beauty. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew. Made from sturdy stainless steel with a wooden handle, this little gem is a sight to behold. It’s like holding a work of art in your hands, but instead of a paintbrush, you have a corkscrew. The sharp, serrated foil cutter effortlessly slices through the foil, while the nonstick screw tackles even the trickiest of corks. The hinges are just right – not too tight, not too loose. They’re like the Goldilocks of hinges! Plus, it has a helpful “push” etching to remind you how to use it.

Best winged: OXO Winged Corkscrew with Removable Foil CutterPros: Comfortable to hold, fits securely over bottle opening, built-in foil cutterCons: Not as sturdy as other winged models

We love a corkscrew with some flair, and the OXO Winged Corkscrew certainly fits the bill. The built-in foil cutter is a stroke of genius. No more rummaging around for that separate accessory! And let’s talk about comfort – this baby is a pleasure to hold. With its wide body and easy-to-turn knob, it’s like a massage for your hand. It smoothly pulls out corks without breaking a sweat. We must warn you, though, winged openers tend to break after excessive use. But hey, at least you’ll have a good excuse to buy another one, right?

Best lever: Rabbit Vertical Lever CorkscrewPros: Textured handle grip, comes with a foil cutter, durableCons: Struggles with synthetic cork, hard to see whether it’s inserted in the middle of the cork

Picture this: a corkscrew that removes your wine’s cork with just a squeeze. No, we’re not talking about magic – we’re talking about the Rabbit Vertical Lever Corkscrew. This beauty operates with just two simple steps: place the corkscrew into the cork and squeeze the bottom of the opener to pull the lever upwards. Voila! The cork is removed. Though a bit challenging for visual people (we’re talking to you, perfectionists), the Rabbit Vertical Lever Corkscrew makes the process nearly foolproof. It even comes with a textured grip handle for extra comfort. Cheers to that!

Best budget: Truetap Double-Hinged CorkscrewPros: Good value, nonstick screw inserts easily, provides strong leverage to remove cork, comes in many colorsCons: Foil cutter is difficult to get out, less comfortable to grip than the Le Creuset

We understand that not everyone wants to splash the cash on a fancy corkscrew. That’s where the Truetap Double-Hinged Corkscrew comes in. This sleek, all-metal beauty is budget-friendly without compromising on performance. With smooth hinges and a nonstick screw, it removes corks like a pro. It may not be the most comfortable to hold, but hey, you can choose from a rainbow of colors to match your personal style. Who said practicality can’t be fashionable?

Best electric: Secura Electric Wine OpenerPros: Cordless, rechargeable, requires much less physical effort, comes with a foil cutter, has a viewing windowCons: Bulkier than other types of openers, must be charged

Now, for those who prefer a touch of modernity in their lives – we present the Secura Electric Wine Opener. You can say goodbye to physical exertion with this cordless wonder. All you have to do is press a button, and it does all the work for you. It’s like having a personal sommelier at your fingertips! And don’t worry, the sleek design won’t clash with your kitchen decor. In fact, it adds a touch of sophistication. Cheers to convenience!

What to Look for in Wine Openers and Corkscrews

We know you’re itching to get your hands on the best wine opener, but hold your glasses for a moment! Before you make your choice, here are some factors to consider:

  • Budget: Wine openers come in various price ranges, from wallet-friendly options to luxury brands that’ll make your bank account weep. Most fall under $50, with an average of around $20. Just remember, plastic corkscrews might be cheaper, but they’re more prone to breaking.
  • Materials: Durability and performance go hand in hand with the right materials. Look for sturdy materials like stainless steel, preferably with a nonstick coating on the screw. Not only will this make cork removal a breeze, but it’ll also ensure longevity.
  • Comfort: Different designs require different levels of hand strength and dexterity. Consider your physical abilities and preferences to find a wine opener that’s a perfect fit. Padded grips or handles shaped for your fingers can make all the difference in reducing strain.
  • Wine-drinking habits: Your wine consumption habits will determine the number of openers you need and how much you’re willing to spend. Planning a picnic? A compact waiter’s key is a must. Have a drawer for kitchen essentials? Treat yourself to a lever corkscrew. Keep your individual needs in mind, and your wine opener will be the perfect companion for any occasion.

How We Tested Wine Openers and Corkscrews

Testing Wine Openers

We didn’t just pull these recommendations out of thin air. Oh no, we put these wine openers through their paces. Here’s how we conducted our rigorous testing process:

  1. Ease of use: We rated each opener on how smoothly and easily it extracted corks, taking note of comfort, compactness, and design features. After all, you want an opener that works like a charm and doesn’t weigh you down.
  2. Durability: We washed each opener to test ease of cleaning and any specific care instructions. To ensure they could withstand the challenges of life, we also dropped them from hip level five times. It’s like an extreme sport for corkscrews!

Wine Opener FAQs

Wine Openers

We hear you, fellow wine enthusiasts. You have burning questions, and we have the answers. Here are some frequently asked questions about wine openers:

What’s the best wine opener for beginners? 🍷 All our experts agree: the double-hinged wine key is the way to go. It’s like the wine opener version of a superhero – fast, efficient, and foolproof. No more struggling with corks like an amateur. You’ll be an uncorking pro in no time.

Help! The cork won’t come out. How do I handle it? 🤔 First, take a deep breath and summon your inner strength. Show that stubborn cork who’s boss! Apply firm, steady pressure as you twist and pull. And if all else fails, don’t be afraid to take the battle to the ground. Trust us, it’s a move that’ll leave that cork shaking in fear.

Which corkscrew is the easiest to use? 🔄 If you want an opener that does all the heavy lifting, an electric wine opener is your best bet. Just sit back, relax, and let technology take care of the hard work. It’s like having your very own wine-opening minion.

What is a two-prong wine opener called? 🍴 Ah, the mysterious and elegant “ah-so” wine opener. It’s perfect for those old, wise bottles of wine that require extra finesse. The two prongs delicately navigate between the cork and the bottle, allowing for a graceful extraction. It’s like a ballet of wine opening, complete with a twist!

Cheers to Uncorking Success!

Well, there you have it, dear readers, the crème de la crème of wine openers. Now armed with this knowledge, go forth and conquer those stubborn corks with style. Pour yourself a glass of wine and raise it high in celebration. Cheers to your uncorking success!

P.S. VoiceAngel may earn an affiliate commission when you buy the wine openers through our links, but don’t worry, it won’t cost you any more. We just want to keep the wine flowing!