The Best Pizza Peels: A Slice of Heaven for Your Homemade Pizzas

Unleashing the Top 5 Pizza Peels of 2023 Expertly Tested by Chefs

2023’s top 5 pizza peels, chef-approved

Baked pepperoni pizza on top of a New Star wooden peel.

If you’re beginning the delicious journey of making pizza at home, hold on to your crusts because we’ve got the scoop on the best pizza peels that will take your homemade pies to the next level! These paddle-like devices, also known as “baking peels,” are like magic wands for pizza lovers, effortlessly transporting your magnificent creations from counter to oven and back again with ease. And trust us, once you have the best pizza peel, there’ll be no turning back!

Our Top Picks: The Crème-de-la-Crème of Pizza Peels

Best overall: The New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza Peel The New Star wooden pizza peel, with an uncooked mozzarella cheese pizza on top of it. – Size: 12 x 13.5 inches – Handle length: 8 inches – Material: Wood

This peel is like the knight in shining armor of pizza peels—attractive, reliable, and always ready to save the day (or the pizza). Made from raw wood, it has a surface that helps prevent uncooked pizza from sticking, ensuring your dough slides off with ease. Plus, its compact handle keeps your hands safe from the fiery depths of the oven. It may be thick, but hey, that just adds a little challenge to your pizza-making adventure!

Best innovative: The EXO Non-Stick Super Peel Pro Composite Uncooked pizza with pepperoni on top of the conveyor belt-style EXO Super Pizza Peel. – Size: 13.25 x 12.5 inches – Handle length: 7 inches – Material: Composite peel, cotton belt

Behold the superhero of pizza peels! This EXO Non-Stick Super Peel Pro is like a conveyor belt, gracefully whisking your pizza from counter to oven without a single topping out of place. Its unique design is a game-changer, especially for those gooey, loaded pizzas that can be a disaster waiting to happen. Just make sure to practice a few moves with this one—it’s like mastering a secret pizza peel dance!

Best perforated: The Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel The Ooni Perforated metal Pizza Peel with an unbaked pepperoni pizza on it. – Size: 12 x 14 inches, 14 x 15.7 inches – Handle length: 11.8 inches – Material: Hard-anodized aluminum

If you’re looking for a pizza peel with a little bit of flair, the Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel is your match made in culinary heaven. Its lightweight, grooved design ensures excess flour on the bottom of your pizza gets the boot. No more paying for extra flour when you can have a peel that takes care of it for you. Plus, it’s like a performer with its tapered edge—gracefully sliding under the cooked pie like an acrobat!

Best for small spaces: The Chef Pomodoro Foldable Aluminum Pizza Peel Uncooked pizza topped with cheese and pepperoni on top of the Chef Pomodoro metal pizza peel with a wooden handle. – Size: 12 x 14 inches – Handle length: 10 inches – Material: Aluminum

When it comes to saving space, the Chef Pomodoro has got you covered. With its foldable wooden handle, it’s like a pizza peel that does yoga—flexible and adaptable to fit into any small kitchen nooks and crannies. Plus, it’s a breeze to slide under your unbaked dough and baked pizzas, ensuring your masterpiece is handled with utmost care. Just make sure not to let your raw dough stick to it, or you might have to do some dough yoga to save the day!

Best metal: The American Metalcraft Extra Large Blade Pizza Peel A metal American Metalcraft pizza peel taking a cooked pepperoni pizza out of the oven. – Size: 14 x 13.5 inches – Handle length: 12 inches – Material: Aluminum

If you’re all about sleek elegance and reliability, then the American Metalcraft will be your pizza-making partner in crime. With its thin and flexible blade, it effortlessly slips under your baked goodies, saving them from the scorching oven and bringing them into the light of your hungry eyes. And did we mention it’s lightweight? You’ll feel like a pizza-slinging superhero as you effortlessly wield this mighty peel!

What to Look for in a Pizza Peel: Finding Your Perfect Slice

Material: Like a fashionista choosing the perfect fabric, your choice of material for a pizza peel is crucial. While wooden peels are nonstick masters, the smoothness of a metal peel can make all the difference. Consider having both—a wooden peel for loading pizzas into the oven and a metal peel for taking them out. It’s like having a complete wardrobe for your pizza-making adventures!

Size: Size really does matter when it comes to pizza peels. You want a peel that can hold your masterpiece while still being practical for home use. So think about the size of your typical pizza and choose a peel that can accommodate it. No one wants their pizza to hang off the edges like an ill-fitting outfit!

Design: The devil is in the details, my pizza-loving friends. Look for peels with beveled edges and thin blades—they make the art of pizza manipulation even more delightful. You want a peel that can handle the weight of a perfectly topped pizza without compromising its maneuverability. It’s like finding that perfect pair of shoes that look good and don’t hurt your feet!

Handle: Let’s not forget about the handle, which is like the stylish accessory that completes the outfit. A long handle keeps your precious hands safe from the fiery depths of the oven, ensuring that your pizza adventure doesn’t end with burnt fingers. So choose a handle that is heat-resistant and comfortable to grip. Safety and style—a perfect combo!

How We Tested: Putting These Peels Through the Pizza Gauntlet

Baked pepperoni pizza on top of a New Star wooden peel.

We didn’t just take these peels for a casual stroll around the kitchen, we sent them on a full-blown pizza-making expedition! We put them through their paces, handling all types of dough, from wet and sticky to dry and temperamental. We checked their ease of use, durability, and how they cleaned up after the pizza party. Let’s just say, these peels know how to handle the heat!

Wood vs. Metal: The Ultimate Pizza Peel Showdown

Three pizza peels stacked on top of each other showing the visual difference between metal and wood peels.

Consider this the battle of the pizza peel titans! In one corner, we have the wooden peel, poised and ready to wick away moisture from your dough with its porous surface. In the other corner, we have the metal peel, sleek and non-porous, delivering a smooth and seamless pizza experience. The choice is yours, but like a true fashionista, having both options in your collection is the ultimate power move!

FAQ’s: The Curious (and Hungry) Minds Want to Know

Why do I need a pizza peel? According to pizza chef extraordinaire, Sarah Minnick, a pizza peel is a must-have for making pizza. It’s the trusty tool that allows you to build and load your pizza into the oven, all while keeping your hands at a safe distance from the scorching temperatures. Forget using your bare hands—level up with a pizza peel!

How do you keep raw pizza from sticking to the peel? Avoid sticky situations with your raw pizza dough by sprinkling some flour, semolina, or cornmeal on your peel. These miracle powders create a barrier between your dough and the peel, ensuring a seamless launch into the oven. Trust us, a well-floured peel is like having a smooth runway for your pizza plane to take off!

Can I cut pizza on my peel? While your pizza peel may look like a mighty cutting board, it’s best to refrain from turning it into a makeshift butcher’s block. Slicing your pizza directly on the peel can lead to oils and cheese sticking to it, creating a messy situation. It’s always best to transfer your masterpiece onto a proper cutting surface—you don’t want your pizza peel to acquire a dubious “pizza patina.”

Are pizza peels, paddles, shovels, and sliders all the same thing? Ah, the world of pizza terminology can be quite confusing! But fear not, fellow pizza enthusiasts—pizza peels, paddles, shovels, and sliders are all cut from the same delicious cloth. These are just different names for the same wonderful tool that helps you launch and retrieve your beloved homemade pizzas. It’s like having a secret weapon for your pizza dreams!

So, there you have it—all the delectable details on the best pizza peels that’ll make you feel like a pizza-making maestro. Choose the peel that speaks to your pizza-loving soul, and get ready to create culinary masterpieces that will make jaws drop and taste buds sing. Embrace the power of the peel, my fellow pizza lovers, and let the pizza-making adventures begin!

Psst… Have you ever had a pizza peel mishap? Share your hilarious stories or top tips in the comments below! Let’s bond over our pizza-making adventures!