Trendy Design Trends: From Chevrons to Checkers and Mustaches to Cowboys

Beauty and Fashion Experts Decode Gen Z Design Trends Destined to Replace Millennials' Favorite Styles

Who doesn’t love a trendy design trend? It’s like a fashion statement for your living space – an opportunity to express your unique style and flair. But beware! Just as quickly as a trend emerges, it can be swept away into the abyss of “cheugy” (yes, that’s a real word now). And what’s “cheugy,” you ask? Well, it’s when a trend becomes overdone and seemingly outdated. So, hold on to your checkerboard-print hats, because it seems Gen Z’s beloved design choices might be next in line for the “cheugy” treatment.

Remember when millennials were head over heels for chevron prints? Those zig-zag patterns were everywhere, adorning dresses, rugs, and even shower curtains. But like a Monday morning after a wild weekend, chevrons are yesterday’s news. Now, the torch has been passed to Gen Z, who are all in on the checkerboard print frenzy. It’s like millennials and their chevrons had a funky love child, bringing this geometric pattern back with a vengeance. But mark my words, dear reader, for even the checkerboard prince will one day be dethroned from trend-setting stardom.

But wait, there’s more! In a viral TikTok video, the wise and wacky creator Reeves Connelly spilled the tea on Gen Z’s favorite design trends and their millennial equivalents. Picture a wild west showdown between cowboy couture and mustache mania. Millennials couldn’t get enough of mustache motifs, whether it was on mugs, wall art, or even tattooed on unsuspecting fingers (ouch!). And now, Gen Z struts their stuff in cowboy boots and flaunts their love for all things ranch-inspired. It’s like the Yeehaw Agenda meets the Mustache Brigade in a fashion duel for the ages.

But hold on tight, because the ride doesn’t stop there. Remember when you used to hang those whimsical fairy lights in your bedroom, creating a dreamy wonderland? Well, Gen Z has said “ta-ta” to those twinkling strings and replaced them with LED strip lights. These vibrant lights snake their way under beds and around TVs, bathing the room in a kaleidoscope of colors. And don’t even get me started on the “squiggle mirror,” Gen Z’s pièce de résistance. It’s like a modern art masterpiece, breaking away from the geometric shapes favored by millennials. A stunning reflection of Gen Z’s unique spirit.

And let’s not forget the Mason jars, dear reader. Oh, how millennials adored those versatile glass vessels. From salads in the workplace to wedding centerpieces, the Mason jar captivated a generation. But now, Gen Z has waved goodbye to the humble jar and said hello to stacked-ring vases. It’s like a bubbly party for your flowers, providing a whimsical touch to any space.

So, as the trend cycle spins faster than a DJ at a fashion show, remember to embrace these design trends while they’re hot. But don’t be surprised if one day you find yourself clutching your beloved checkerboard print, only to realize that it has become the poster child for “cheugy.” After all, fashion is a fickle beast that never stays in one place for too long. So, whether you’re a chevron-loving millennial or a checkerboard-obsessed Gen Zer, remember to keep pushing the boundaries and expressing your unique style. Trends may come and go, but your fashion sense is forever.

Now, dear reader, tell us, which design trend are you most guilty of falling in love with? Are you a chevron enthusiast or a checkerboard fanatic? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Let’s celebrate the whimsy and wonder of fashion together.