Unleashing Relationship Fashion: Tips and Tricks from Therapist and Author, Alexandra Solomon

Expert Therapist Reveals Effective Tricks to Avoid Destructive Fights with Your Spouse and Children

Therapist’s tricks for avoiding destructive fights with family

Therapist Alexandra Solomon

Therapist Alexandra Solomon, the ultimate fashionista for relationships, is about to drop the hottest book of the season: “Love Every Day: 365 Relational Self-Awareness Practices to Help Your Relationship Heal, Grow and Thrive.” This fashion-forward guide will have your love life strutting down the runway in no time!

Solomon knows that the key to a fabulous relationship isn’t just a one-time makeover, darling. It’s the little fashionista choices you make every day that bring out your inner beauty. Forget about expecting a sudden transformation with one conversation. It’s all about those daily “microdoses” of relationship growth, just like those designer pills that make you feel fabulous from head to toe.

Love is all about rocking the right accessories, and Solomon has curated nine essential themes to choose from. Whether you’re transforming conflict, healing from the past, or navigating love’s stages, Solomon’s got you covered, my stylish comrades!

But wait, fashionistas! Solomon isn’t just about doling out advice; she’s also been spotted sporting two killer practices that have revolutionized her own love game. Get ready to take notes, loves!

1. The Runway Stance: “How am I coming across right now?”

Picture this, darling: you’re strutting down the love runway, engaged in a heated argument. Instead of tripping over your stilettos and falling flat on your face, Solomon suggests asking yourself, “How am I coming across right now?” It’s like having your own personal stylist fix your attitude in seconds! This little trick is especially fabulous if you felt invisible or powerless as a child, as it helps you tap into your superpowers—no cape required.

Oh, and don’t worry loves, that isn’t the only question to slay the runway. Other staggering inquiries include:

  • What is the energy I’m bringing to this conversation?
  • What is my tone of voice right now?
  • What non-verbal cues am I giving?
  • What is my stance in this situation?

With these questions as your fashion-forward arsenal, you’ll be strutting away from arguments in style, my darlings!

2. The Fashion Forward Repeat: Say It with Confidence

Ever find yourself struggling to defend your fashion choices? Solomon has the perfect solution, loves! Instead of drowning in a sea of guilt or shame, try channeling your inner fashion icon by repeating what someone has said back to them in your own unique way. It’s like accessorizing their concerns with your own fashionable twist!

Picture this: your loved one approaches you with their feelings of hurt. Instead of reaching for the nearest fashion emergency kit, you channel your inner Solomon. You say, “What I’m hearing you say is…” and create a fabulous narrative of their thoughts. It’s the ultimate technique to strut your empathetic side and make a statement!

Doing this not only makes you look like a fabulously attentive listener but also helps to avoid those pesky defense mode moments. Talk about a fashion-forward approach to conflict resolution!

Love, embrace these relationship fashion tips from Alexandra Solomon – the guru of stylish love! Remember, just like fashion, relationships require daily care, attention, and a fierce sense of style. So go forth, my lovelies, and rock that love catwalk! And, of course, don’t forget to tag us in your fabulous relationship transformations! ✨💖✨