The Ultimate Couple’s Travel Hack: Breaking the Routine

The Key to a Successful Trip with Your Partner? Quality Time Apart!

The key to a successful trip with your partner? Some time apart.

A couple walks down a street smiling with buildings and greenery around them (Courtesy of UNDISCVERED)

Are you ready for a travel hack that will revolutionize your adventures with your partner? Meet Serena Masand and Anish Kotecha, the ultimate travel duo who have journeyed to a mind-blowing 40 countries together! But here’s the secret ingredient to their successful travels – spending time apart!

Picture this: Serena and Anish wake up in stunning Europe, and instead of immediately embarking on their day together, they indulge in a little individual time. Serena sets out on a quest for coffee and croissants, while Anish delves into his own solo exploration. This quirky couple believes that starting the day as individuals adds a touch of magic to their travels.

Originally Londoners, both Serena and Anish were avid travelers before fate brought them together four years ago. Since then, they’ve transformed into full-time wanderers, with incredible stories to tell. From backpacking through South America to fishing escapades in Vietnam, their adventures are the stuff of dreams. Along the way, they created UNDISCVERED, a travel platform that showcases their most unique experiences from around the world.

Two photos of the couple exploring on their travels (Courtesy of UNDISCVERED)

But what makes this couple’s travel philosophy so fascinating? Well, it’s all about the power of time apart. According to Serena and Anish, being attached at the hip during travels can cramp their style. Just like in their everyday lives, where they have their own routines and activities, exploring separately gives them a sense of familiarity on the road.

“When you’re traveling as a couple, you’re in each other’s space all the time,” says Serena. “But, hey, at home, you still do things on your own, right? So why not replicate that while traveling?” This dynamic duo suggests carving out some personal time during longer trips. For example, during a three-month sojourn in Bangkok, Serena attended women’s entrepreneur workshops while Anish perfected his surfing skills in Bali.

A couple talking in front of a yellow wall with a black-covered window behind them (Courtesy of UNDISCVERED)

Anish emphasizes that understanding each other’s interests is vital. While one might yearn to explore ancient ruins, the other might be dreaming of shopping sprees. By catering to individual desires, they manage to weave their separate adventures into a harmonious travel tapestry. It’s about finding a balance while igniting the spark of wanderlust within.

These solo escapades have allowed Serena and Anish to grow independently and appreciate each other’s unique qualities. So, the next time you and your partner wake up in an exciting new place, why not surprise them with a little “me time”? Take a leisurely stroll and bring back a delightful breakfast treat. Who knows, this unexpected twist might make your shared journey all the more delightful.

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