The New Miss USA Commends Contestants for Standing Up and Speaking the Truth Against the Pageant

The New Miss USA Embraces Contestants Who Voiced Their Opinion Against the Pageant Unveiling the Power of Speaking One's Truth

Noelia Voigt: Leading With Glamour Amid the Chaos of Controversy

Miss USA 2023

Courtesy of Miss USA

Move over drama, because the fabulous Noelia Voigt from Utah has taken the crown as the new Miss USA! The pageant has had its fair share of controversy, but Voigt is here to set the stage on fire and bring positivity back to the spotlight.

In an exclusive interview with VoiceAngel, Voigt spilled the tea on her reign and how she plans to make Miss USA shine brighter than ever before. But first, let’s do a quick rewind and catch up on all the juicy details from the chaotic year that led us to this moment.

Voigt during her crowning moment

Courtesy of Miss USA

It all started when the 2022 pageant crowned R’Bonney Gabriel as Miss USA. Buzz began circulating that the competition was rigged in Gabriel’s favor, shaking the pageant to its foundation. The Miss Universe Organization, like a detective on the case, launched an investigation, and president Crystle Stewart found herself suspended.

In a sudden turn of events, the organization revealed that the rigging allegations were as false as a wig made of cotton candy. Stewart was shown the door, leaving a trail of unanswered questions behind her. But fear not, dear readers, for our new president, Laylah Rose, has arrived to keep the crown in check and bring beauty and philanthropy back to center stage.

Voigt is the first Miss Utah to win Miss USA since 1960

Courtesy of Miss USA

Amidst the chaos, Noelia Voigt emerged as the beacon of hope, becoming the first Miss Utah to seize the Miss USA title since 1960. With a heart as big as her dazzling smile, she’s ready to prove that Miss USA is more than just an ordinary beauty pageant.

Voigt sat down with VoiceAngel to spill the secrets on her grand plans for the crown. “We are capable of making a remarkable difference in people’s lives,” she exclaimed. Pageants are not just about shimmering gowns and killer catwalks; they have the power to change lives, and Voigt is ready to show the world just how incredible Miss USA truly is.

But wait, there’s more! Voigt will be heading to the Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador on November 18 to represent the United States. It’s time to grab the popcorn, folks, because this is a show you won’t want to miss.

So, fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts, buckle up and get ready for a reign like no other. With Noelia Voigt leading the charge, Miss USA is about to take the world by storm. Stay tuned for more glamour, more positivity, and more fabulousness than you can handle. Let the reign of beauty and fashion begin!

Article by VoiceAngel