The Art of Negotiation: How to Get More for Less

The Key to Nailing Your Job Offer One Must-Do Step for Success

Key Step When You Get a Job Offer

Jeremy Barnyak and Lulu Goddard

My cousin Jeremy and I are like two peas in a pod when it comes to business. We love to chat and exchange ideas, bouncing off each other like ping pong balls. And let me tell you, this man knows how to negotiate like nobody’s business!

First off, can we take a moment to appreciate how stinking adorable he is? He’s Lulu’s son, after all. Just look at that face! I would carry him on my shoulders all summer long if I could.

Now, let’s rewind to our childhood days. Jeremy was the youngest cousin on family trips, while I played the role of the wise and responsible oldest cousin. Ah, the memories of carrying him all around Cornwall. Good times, good times.

Fast forward to the present, Jeremy resides in the steel city of Pittsburgh with his lovely wife and two adorable kids. He’s an ex-Fortune 100 negotiator turned one-on-one negotiation coach. Fancy, huh? Naturally, I couldn’t resist asking him to share his pearls of wisdom with all you savvy fashionistas out there. And boy, did he deliver!

According to Jeremy, the key to success in negotiation is simple: always ask for more. Don’t leave any chips on the table, my friends. In fact, in a recent Pew Research Center study, a whopping 66% of people who asked for more money actually got what they wanted. Talk about a game-changer!

Now, let’s dive into Jeremy’s fantastic advice on how to ask for more like a boss:

1. Shift your mindset away from you-vs-me.

Picture this: you’re not trying to pound your fist on the table to squeeze out every last penny. Negotiation is more like a dance, a graceful tango of collective problem-solving. So, maintain a friendly and collaborative tone throughout the process. Trust me, it works like a charm.

2. Remember that it’s not just about the money.

Sure, money talks, but it’s not the only language negotiable. There are other goodies up for grabs, my dear fashion enthusiasts. Think vacation time, a swanky job title, or even a sprinkle of equity from that hot start-up. Get creative! Like Jeremy says, “Seems like you guys want to conserve cash, but could equity be more flexible?” Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

3. Talk to your sounding board extraordinaire.

Every successful negotiator needs a trusty sidekick, a confidant who’s got your back. Spitball your strategy with someone who can see the forest for the trees. Jeremy recommends a trusted spouse, colleague, or even a wise cousin like yours truly. Trust me, people are often better advocates for others than they are for themselves. Don’t believe me? Give it a shot!

4. Negotiate like a boss, over email.

When it comes to discussing the numbers, stick to the written word. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by engaging in a live conversation where eloquence might fail you. Email is your secret weapon, allowing you to articulate your thoughts clearly and gather your arguments like a boss. Take that, flustered nerves!

5. Write your negotiation script.

Remember, negotiation is not an impromptu jam session. It’s a well-rehearsed symphony. Don’t rely on your quick wit and charm alone; write yourself a negotiation script. Plan your delivery, paste your talking points, and let the magic unfold. Preparation and thoughtfulness can move mountains, my friends.

6. Embrace the art of silence.

Silence is golden, my loves. After you drop your price bomb, let the silence hang in the air like an invisible sword of negotiation prowess. Don’t be tempted to fill the void with nervous chatter. Give both parties a moment to digest the information and conjure up some creative solutions. Trust me, it’s a deal-sealing trick that even the smoothest of negotiators cherish.

7. It’s okay if the answer is no.

Here’s the beauty of negotiation: even if they can’t meet your monetary demands, you’ve gained knowledge and power. Never settle for less than your worth. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve simply by asking. Jeremy recounts his first job offer as a starry-eyed analyst during a recession. He had no leverage, and the answer was a resounding “no.” But that experience built his resilience, reminding him to always strive for more. And so it shall be for you, dear fashion mavens.

Ah, but wait! Before we part ways, let me introduce you to the man himself. Jeremy has his own company called Peak Negotiations. Need some expert negotiation coaching or guidance in setting your rates? He’s your guy! Trust me, he’s not just warm-hearted; he’s a negotiation wizard. With Jeremy on your team, you might just find yourself uttering those fateful words, “Holy shit, they just accepted this!” Yeah, he’s that good.

So go forth, my fabulous fashion lovers, armed with these negotiation nuggets from Jeremy. Keep pushing for what you deserve, and always remember to leave no money on the table. Your dream job and that enviable salary increase are one witty negotiation away. Good luck, and may the fashion gods be forever in your favor!

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