A comprehensive character breakdown for every major personality in ‘The Boys’ spin-off ‘Gen V

Unveiling the Intriguing Characters of the 'Gen V' Spin-off from 'The Boys' Your Ultimate Guide

Get Ready for the Supes! The Fashionable Freshmen of Godolkin University

Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau and Lizze Broadway as Emma Meyer on season one of “Gen V.”

Calling all fashion lovers and superhero enthusiasts! Get ready to feast your eyes on the fabulous and fashionable freshmen of Godolkin University in the college-set spin-off, “Gen V,” debuting on September 29. This Prime Video show takes a hilarious and lovely approach to the world of superheroes and fashion, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking style and superpowers galore.

Let’s dive right into the marvelous characters that will grace our screens on this thrilling show.

Marie Moreau – The Blood Manipulator Played by the stunning Jaz Sinclair, Marie Moreau is an 18-year-old freshman with a mesmerizing ability to manipulate and weaponize blood. Move over, runway models, because Marie takes “blood red” to a whole new level. With her fierce fashion sense and killer powers, she’s the ultimate trendsetter among the supes.

Andre Anderson – The Magnetic Marvel The charming Chance Perdomo takes on the role of Andre Anderson, a magnetic force on campus. His powers aren’t just limited to attracting attention, but also to literal magnetic powers. With his magnetic personality and captivating presence, this junior is bound to leave a lasting impression, both in and out of the classroom.

Emma Meyer – The Mighty Cricket Lizze Broadway embodies Emma Meyer, also known as Little Cricket. Like Marvel’s Ant-Man, Emma has the impressive ability to shrink to a tiny size. But don’t underestimate her petite stature. With her fashion choices buzzing around like a fashionable cricket, Emma shows us that great things come in small packages.

Luke Riordan – The Fiery Golden Boy Prepare to be dazzled by the scorching-hot Patrick Schwarzenegger, who plays Luke Riordan, also known as Golden Boy. Just like Marvel’s Human Torch, Luke can set his whole body on fire. And let’s not forget about his fiery sense of style. He’s on fire both figuratively and literally.

Cate Dunlap – The Persuasion Queen Maddie Phillips portrays the captivating Cate Dunlap, a junior at Godolkin University who has an irresistible power – the ability to persuade people to do anything she wants with just a touch of her hands. With her enchanting style and persuasive charm, she’s a force to be reckoned with, both in fashion and in life.

Jordan Li – The Gender-Fluid Dynamo London Thor and Derek Luh bring the dynamic character of Jordan Li to life. As a top student, Jordan can effortlessly switch between female and male forms, showcasing the beauty of gender fluidity. The male version of Jordan is indestructible, while the female counterpart emits powerful energy blasts from her hands. Talk about versatile fashion!

Sam – The Super Strength Sensation Asa Germann takes on the role of Sam, a character with super strength and invulnerability. In the world of fashion, Sam isn’t just a trendsetter – they can crush any runway show with their superhuman strength. But as the red-band trailer suggests, Sam’s involvement in the big mystery at the heart of “Gen V” seems to be more than just a stylish coincidence.

Polarity – The Prestigious Superhero Sean Patrick Thomas portrays Polarity, Andre’s dad and an esteemed alum of Godolkin University. Polarity’s name holds prestige both in the realm of entertainment and in practical superheroism. He may not have made it to the Seven, but his legacy and fashion-forward style definitely make him a force to be reckoned with.

Indira Shetty – The Dean of Fashion Shelley Conn stars as the stylish Indira Shetty, the dean of Godolkin University. Known for her impeccable taste, Indira leads the way when it comes to fashion trends on campus. She keeps the supes in line and ensures that they are not just saving the world but also doing it in style.

And let’s not forget about the star-studded alumni of Godolkin University, including Queen Maeve and A-Train from the infamous superhero group, The Seven. They set the bar high for the fashionable freshmen, serving as inspiration and style icons for generations to come.

With Professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff teaching crime-fighting and Dr. Edison Cardosa’s mysterious links to the university, the campus of Godolkin University is buzzing with excitement, fashion, and hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered.

So, fellow fashion lovers and superhero fanatics, mark your calendars for September 29 and get ready to witness the most stylish and super-powered freshmen on “Gen V.” Whether it’s blood-red couture or magnetic allure, this show promises to be a fashion extravaganza that you won’t want to miss!

Drop your favorite character in the comments below and let us know which superpower you wish you had. And remember, as fashion and superpowers collide, always stay fabulous, darlings!

Cover Image: Brooke Palmer/Prime Video