Forever Young: Meet Garth Barfoot, the Marathon Marvel

Age is just a number Meet the 87-year-old running the New York City Marathon with 4 hip replacements

The oldest New York City Marathon runner, aged 87, has undergone 4 hip replacements.


They say age is just a number, but for 87-year-old Garth Barfoot, it’s a mere inconvenience. This remarkable retiree is about to take the fashionably fit world by storm as he gears up to participate in the esteemed New York City Marathon. And get this, folks, he’ll be the oldest person to tackle the course this year! Move over, youngsters, fashion has a new face!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. How does this sprightly octogenarian maintain his youthful vigor? Well, according to Barfoot himself, he owes it all to some good ol’ “outdoor adventure” and a sprinkle of modern science. With four hip-replacement surgeries under his belt (or should we say under his running shoes?), he quips that he’s practically a celebrity in the orthopedic unit. Who knew running marathons could earn you such distinction?

Now, you may be wondering, what mysterious concoction of exercise and magic keeps Barfoot sprinting towards the finish line? Brace yourselves, fashion lovers, because his fitness secrets are none other than daily 10-kilometer walks and, wait for it, Pilates! Yes, you heard that right. This marathon marvel is not only a pavement pounder but also a Pilates devotee. Who knew bending and stretching could lead to marathon stardom? Sign us up!

But wait, there’s more! Barfoot’s journey to marathons didn’t happen overnight. Back in the swinging sixties, when fashion was groovy and disco ruled the world, he and his wife, Judy, dabbled in recreational running. Starting with fun little 5-kilometer runs, they joined a running club and gradually worked their way up to half-marathons and marathons. And just for kicks, they even tried their hand, or rather their feet, at triathlons. Talk about pushing the fashion envelope!

So, what’s next for our dynamic fashion icon? After conquering the London Marathon in a staggering eight hours and twenty minutes (seriously, how is that humanly possible?), Barfoot sets his sights on the Big Apple. His goal? Finish the arduous 26.2-mile race in under nine hours. We can only imagine the fashion-forward frenzy he’ll create as he struts his stuff through all five boroughs of New York City. Move over, Carrie Bradshaw, there’s a new fashionista in town!

If you think his age might slow him down, think again. Barfoot’s spirit is as indomitable as his determination. Sure, he admits that most of his body is a bit “decrepit,” but that doesn’t stop him from chasing his marathon dreams. Despite the occasional tumble, he remains grateful for the countless advances in medicine that enable him to pursue his passion. Ah, the wonders of science, making fashion dreams come true.

So, my fashion-forward friends, are you feeling inspired by Garth Barfoot’s incredible journey? Are you ready to lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement with vigor and style? Let us know in the comments below! And remember, age is just a number, but true fashion knows no bounds. Keep strutting, keep exploring, and keep defying expectations. Because, let’s face it, fashion is timeless, just like Garth Barfoot.

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