The Wild Ride with Tecovas Dean Boots: A Fashion Adventure

Tecovas Dean Boots Review Still Looking and Feeling Great, Even After 2 Years

Tecovas Dean Boots Review 2 years and going strong

Collage of author in two different outfits with the Tecovas Dean boots.

Two years ago, I stepped into a pair of Tecovas Dean ankle boots and embarked on a fashion journey like no other. These Western-style boots have become my trusted companion, growing more comfortable with each wear and flaunting a leather patina that’s worthy of envy. And let me tell you, their durability is no fluke. Tecovas, the first direct-to-consumer Western boot brand, has established itself as a legend in the industry, thanks to their exceptional craftsmanship, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Hedrick, the ingenious founder and CEO of Tecovas, last year. When I asked about his vision, his answer left me dazzled: “We want to be the best Western footwear company of all time.” Move over, cowboys and cowgirls, because Tecovas is on a trajectory to conquer the world, offering not only the crème de la crème of cowboy boots for both men and women, but also an entire ensemble of denim, shirts, outerwear, and accessories. They’ve even collaborated with iconic figures like country music superstar Thomas Rhett and fashion designer extraordinaire Kristopher Brock. And if that’s not enough, they’ve set up shop in brick-and-mortar locations, from Dallas to the beautiful city of Denver.

Paul Hedrick, founder and CEO of Tecovas.

But hold on a minute! Before you go emptying your wallet, let me fill you in on the secret sauce behind Tecovas’ enchanting boots. They’ve managed to keep their handcrafted marvels priced far below the high-end offerings of brands like Lucchese and Tony Lama, all without compromising an ounce of quality. Crafted in the heart of Mexico’s iconic leather footwear industry, these boots undergo a meticulous 200-step process by skilled artisans in León. Talk about dedication!

Now, let’s talk style. The Tecovas Dean boots are the epitome of Western glamour laced with rock-and-roll panache. As if their sleek aesthetic isn’t enough to make hearts flutter, their versatility is unmatched. Believe me when I say I’ve teamed these beauties with everything from elegant suits to casual tees, leather jackets to jeans. They effortlessly elevate every outfit, leaving me feeling like a fashion maven. The only thing I haven’t tried pairing them with? Shorts. Trust me, that’s a look best left to the daredevils among us.

Author wearing black Tecovas Dean boots.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the Dean boots’ enchanting features. Handmade in Mexico using traditional methods and premium materials, these babies boast a buttery soft full-grain calfskin exterior. Lined with leather and adorned with a huggable zipper guard, they ensure nothing stands in the way of happy ankles. With their slim-cut shafts, you won’t need boot-cut jeans to strut your stuff. The stacked leather 1 1/4-inch heels, accented with a rubber cap for extra grip, boast the perfect balance of height and practicality. What’s more, they’re Goodyear welted and secured with lemonwood pegs instead of metal nails. It’s a top-notch technique beloved by the finest cowboy boot brands, as lemonwood and leather share a special bond—moisture absorption equals long-lasting durability. Those pegs are hammered in by hand, adding an extra touch of artistry.

Since my first rendezvous with the Dean boots, Tecovas has expanded the color palette, giving us more options to drool over. Besides the classic Bourbon—a rich brown—and the stunning Midnight—a captivating black (both in supple calfskin)—there are now two new kids on the block. Say hello to the Cafe, a luscious chocolate-brown, and the dashing Scotch, a reddish brown. Both crafted from goatskin—soft, flexible, and oh-so-durable. And here’s the cherry on top: they fit like a dream and break in like a charm. By my second outing, I found myself strolling comfortably for four miles through the city, leaving bystanders in awe.

The leather of my Tecovas Dean boots has only gotten better over time.

Fast forward two years, and my Tecovas Dean boots have become an extension of me. They’ve molded themselves to my feet, becoming a bespoke pair that radiates comfort. The calfskin has gracefully aged, maintaining its softness and suppleness. The decorative cording still shines with perfection, the stitching holding strong. Every component, from the zippers to the leather outsoles, exudes resilience and class. With minimal care involved—just a wipe and a shine using high-quality cream shoe polish a few times a year—these boots have proven that simplicity is the truest form of sophistication. Trust me, investing in the best shoe polish ensures your leather boots will remain a symbol of timeless elegance.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room—cons. And here’s the shocker: after two years of walking in these marvels, I couldn’t find a single con. Yes, you heard that right. Not a single one.

The author seated wearing black leather cowboy boots.

So, what’s the bottom line? The Tecovas Dean boots are more than just a pair of shoes. They’re a testament to superior quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and a sense of style that defies boundaries. Priced at $265 (a mere $10 increase in two years, considering the wild world we live in), they offer an unbeatable value compared to Western boot rivals like Lucchese or Frye. Tecovas is raising the bar, ensuring that fashion enthusiasts and boot aficionados alike can experience the pinnacle of Western elegance.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Tecovas, particularly their iconic Dean boots. Prepare to embark on a sartorial adventure like no other, with each step echoing with style and grace. So, why wait? Cowboy up and embrace the Wild West with Tecovas!

PS: Have you tried pairing these boots with shorts? If so, I bow to your sheer audacity. Share your fashion adventures in the comments below!