Living the Luxe Life: Why a Single Night in a Five-Star Hotel Just Isn’t Enough

Having had the privilege of staying in luxurious 5-star hotels across the globe, I have come to the conclusion that indulging in this splurge is truly worth it, but only when you extend your stay beyond just one night.

Staying in 5-star hotels is only worth it if you stay for more than one night.

By VoiceAngel’s fabulous fashionista

Author’s Stay in Five-Star HotelsMonica Humphries/Insider

Let me paint a picture for you: bellhops whisking away your bags, a valet driver swiping your car keys, and a receptionist handing you a key to your room at The Little Nell, a five-star hotel in Aspen, Colorado. Ah, the sheer luxury! But wait! With a late check-in and an early checkout, it’s like a race against time to enjoy every amenity that comes with your pricey stay.

Now, imagine this scenario is only your second time basking in the glory of a five-star hotel. You’ve got to make every second count! Hot tub dipping, cocktail sipping, truffle fry dining – it’s a whirlwind of luxury that’s over before you can even blink. Oh, the agony of not having enough time to tick off everything on your Little Nell bucket list!

But fear not, my fellow seekers of opulence, for I have learned the secret to truly experiencing the splendor of a five-star hotel. Drumroll, please… It’s staying for more than one night! Cue gasps and applause

The Lobby at The Hotel BritomartMonica Humphries/Insider

When you dish out those big bucks for a five-star hotel, you expect the ultimate in luxury. We’re talking concierge desks, 24-hour reception, room service, and turndown service, according to the esteemed Five Star Alliance. But wait, there’s more! These hotels are typically situated in the heart of the city, granting you easy access to gastronomic delights, touristy hotspots, and oh-so-fabulous shopping. Plus, there’s the added bonus of pools, gyms, on-site restaurants, and even ski shops for the snow bunnies among us.

But here’s the thing – how can you truly revel in these lavish amenities when the hotel’s check-in time is usually around 4 p.m. and checkout is a cruel 11 a.m. the next day? It’s a race against the clock, my darlings! If we factor in a measly eight hours of beauty sleep (because, hello, high thread counts and down pillows), we’re left with less than a full day in the lap of luxury.

Sure, a one-night stay may be enough to enjoy a soak in a hotel’s luxurious tub, indulge in a heavenly rain shower, and surrender yourself to the embrace of a cozy bed. But, my fellow connoisseurs of grandeur, one night is not enough to experience every amenity. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

Picture this: The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Banff, Canada. A race against time to devour s’mores at the bonfire meant missing out on a refreshing dip in the indoor pool and a fitness class. Oh, the agony! And then there was Crystalbrook Albion in Sydney, Australia, where a late check-in meant bidding adieu to the daily gin-and-tonic happy hour. It may not be the end of the world, but it’s still a damper on the indulgence.

Now, let me share a secret with you, my style-savvy darlings. The times my five-star experiences truly sparkled were when I treated myself to more than one night of opulence. Ah, the bliss! Take, for instance, the Hotel Britomart in Auckland, New Zealand, and The Darling, a five-star beauty in Sydney, Australia. Having the pleasure of an extended stay allowed me to hop on one of the hotel’s free bikes and explore the city at my leisure. Plus, I managed to squeeze in some gym time, indulge in the outdoor pool, revel in my majestic hotel room’s divine shower, and feast upon a delectable breakfast at the on-site restaurant. Oh, the joys of extra nights!

You see, my fabulous globe-trotters, I often find myself staying in five-star hotels in new and exciting cities. It’s a true dilemma – do I spend my limited time enjoying the expensive haven I splurged on, or do I venture out and explore the wonders of a new destination that may not cross my path again anytime soon? Decisions, decisions!

So, here’s the ultimate verdict: if you’ve got the means to treat yourself to a luxury stay, go all out and indulge in more than one night of pure opulence. It’s a privilege to have such choices, my dears, and when you’re already splurging hundreds of dollars for a place to rest your fabulous head, why not savor every moment?

For my future luxurious escapades, I’ve made a vow to save even more of my hard-earned coin and allow myself the divine pleasure of a two-night extravaganza. It’s the ultimate way to vacation in style and truly immerse myself in the grandeur of every amenity. After all, my dear fashionistas, isn’t that what staying in a five-star palace is all about?

The Pool at The Little Nell in Aspen, ColoradoMonica Humphries/Insider