A Tragic Tale of Misplaced Pets: Rabbits, Mice, and Guinea Pigs Meet Their Reptilian Fate

Bunny and Cavy Adoption Event Turns Dark as Fears Arise Over Their Escalating Fate as Reptile Prey in Arizona

Rabbits and guinea pigs up for adoption in Arizona might have ended up as reptile food.

rabbit in a cage

Image source: Douglas Sacha/Getty Images

Oh, the horrors of the fashion world – this time, it involves small animals meant for adoption, which have met a rather unexpected fate. Animal advocates weep as they suspect over 250 innocent creatures have become nothing but reptile food. Yes, you read that right – reptile food. Just picture it, adorable bunnies transformed into tasty morsels for our slithery friends. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

This unfortunate tale begins with the San Diego Humane Society, well-intentioned as ever, transferring approximately 320 rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. But here’s where things take a turn for the worse. The small, cuddly pets found themselves in the hands of a certain Colten Jones, who happens to run a reptile breeding company. A match made in heaven? Or perhaps, in our case, a one-way ticket to the realm of reptilian digestion.

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona did voice their concerns, explaining how Colten Jones had inquired about processing an unusually large quantity of guinea pigs and rabbits for “food.” Oh, the audacity! Can you imagine, dear fashion lovers, a text message asking for assistance in the culinary preparation of these adorable creatures? Makes you want to pull out your bunny slippers and launch a protest, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s not shed tears just yet, for some of the animals have been miraculously saved. The humane societies managed to claw back 62 of the precious creatures. But what about the remaining 261? The mystery lingers, like that perfect shade of lipstick you just can’t find.

Local news outlet, Tucson’s CBS affiliate, brought us even more heart-wrenching news. They reported that Jones himself confessed to his inability to “freeze off” these helpless victims in time for a show. How considerate, leaving us with the vivid mental image of poor guinea pigs and rabbits in a freezer. It’s almost too much to bear, like a fashionista without her favorite choker necklace!

Naturally, the humane societies involved are aghast at this grotesque turn of events. They’ve opened a case with the Tucson Police Department and have bid farewell to their CEO and COO, who oversaw the transfer. These animal-loving souls were heartbroken, dear readers, just like us when we discover an old lipstick has been discontinued. The pain!

In the end, we must hope that justice is served, and those responsible for this dark tale receive their just desserts. Meanwhile, let us remember the plight of these innocent creatures, and perhaps peek into our own lives to see if we can make a difference, whether through volunteering, adopting, or supporting the organizations that fight for fur babies everywhere.

Fashion lovers, unite! Let us ensure that no bunny ever meets such a horrific fate again. Together, we can create a world where fashion and furry friends coexist in perfect harmony.