3 Essential Questions to Consider Before Ending a Relationship, As Advised by a Psychologist

3 Essential Questions to Consider Before Ending Your Relationship, According to Expert Psychologists

woman and man Ah, relationships! They can be confusing, can’t they? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re going through a rough patch or if something is truly off. But fear not, my fashionable friends, for I have the perfect solution to navigate these treacherous waters.

Let’s meet Dr. Sandra Wheatley, a social psychologist with a knack for unraveling the mysteries of the heart. She suggests asking yourself three crucial questions before you consider ending things for good. So grab your metaphorical pen and paper, and let’s dive in!

What is happening outside of your relationship?

Picture this: your partner’s life undergoes a significant change, like starting a new job or battling an illness. It’s like they’ve donned a fabulous new outfit, but it’s making them a bit stressed and distracted. Just like an ill-fitting pair of shoes, this external issue might be causing them to behave differently. Now, darling, ask yourself: has this happened before? Will it resolve itself with time? Are you willing to patiently wait it out, or is it time to upgrade your relationship wardrobe?

Is something different because of you?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s responsible for it all? Take a long, hard look at yourself, my dear. Could it be that your own actions and attitudes are contributing to the dynamic change? Ah, the Power of Reflection! Just as you assessed the changes in your partner’s life, now it’s time to assess your own. Embrace the possibility that it might be you, not them. After all, self-improvement is the trendiest accessory.

Does this person add to your life?

Darling, it’s essential to evaluate if this person enhances your fabulous life or if they’re a fashion faux pas. Get yourself a pen and paper and start listing all the positive and negative attributes of your relationship. No filters, my dear! You might be surprised by the sheer quantity of positive elements. But remember, it’s the quality that truly matters. If those negative aspects outweigh the positives, it’s time to let go of that outdated trend. And remember, making the right decision for yourself is also the right decision for the other person. It’s a win-win!

Now, my lovely readers, take a deep breath. If you still feel uncertain about your decision, don’t rush! Take your time, confide in a trusted friend, and trust your fashionable instincts. Because at the end of the day, you deserve a relationship that complements your exquisite style.