Hair Shedding: The Shower Struggle

Effortlessly Reduce Shedding A Pro's 3-Step Shampooing Routine

Pro Tips 3-Step Shampooing Routine to Minimize Shedding

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We’ve all been there—standing in the shower, witnessing strands of our precious hair swirling down the drain. Sigh. It’s gut-wrenching, isn’t it? But fear not, my fashionable friends! Shedding hair is completely normal, with an average of 50 to 100 hairs lost everyday. So take a deep breath and relax.

But hey, if you want to minimize the shedding and keep your luscious locks intact, we’ve got you covered. Our hair guru, Ricardo Dinis, the Aveda Global Artistic Director, is here to spill his secret protocol for a shedding-less shampoo. Hold on to your hairbrushes, folks, because this is about to get interesting!

Step 1: Prep, Baby, Prep!

Before you even think about stepping into that glorious shower, start with a pre-shampoo scalp treatment. Think of it as giving your scalp a makeover, creating the perfect environment for hair growth and taking the weight off your roots. You can go for an oil-based treatment or a lightweight serum, but make sure it’s heavenly like unicorns dancing on rainbows. Dinis recommends the Aveda Scalp Solutions Exfoliating Scalp Treatment—a slick gel that eliminates excess oil, surface pollution, and product buildup. It’s like a spa day for your scalp!

But hold your curling iron, my friend! Don’t go overboard with the scrubbing. Exfoliate your scalp only once or twice a week, just like you would with your face. We don’t want an angry, irritated scalp now, do we?

Step 2: Tea-rific Shampoo Time

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect shampoo, keep your eyes peeled for one magical ingredient: tea tree oil. Not only does it provide a soothing experience like sipping chamomile tea on a breezy afternoon, but it also works wonders in cleansing your scalp from all that excess product buildup, oil, and dead skin. And guess what? It even helps balance the oil on your scalp, making your hair stay fresh and fabulous for longer. Say goodbye to those pesky oily roots!

Step 3: Massage Like a Pro

Now, let’s talk about the holy grail of hair washing—massage, baby, massage! It’s time to rethink your shampooing game. Are you just going through the motions, not paying attention to detail? Darling, that’s a no-no. You need to massage your way to hair heaven!

Here are some tips from the fabulous Dinis himself: – Instead of frantically rubbing your scalp like you’re trying to find the last crumbs of your favorite dessert, embrace circular motions. This boosts blood circulation, enhances the experience, and adds extra oomph to your hair thickness. Trust us, it’s like giving your scalp a glorious hug. – Pay special attention to pressure points, like the hairline and the base of your skull. Give those areas some extra love and a gentle, soothing massage. Hey, if you’re going to wash your hair, might as well turn it into a spa session, right? – Ah, those fingernails. They might look fierce, but they have no place on your scalp. Ditch the nails and rely on the pads of your fingertips for massaging and stimulating your scalp. We want gentle, not aggressive!

The Takeaway: Put the “Fun” in Functional Haircare

So there you have it, my lovely fashionistas! Follow these three steps—pre-shampoo scalp treatment, tea tree oil shampoo, and magical massages—to unlock a world of reduced shedding in the shower. It’s that easy, and your hair will thank you for it! But hey, if you’re worried about your shedding crossing over into full-on hair loss, check out our guide on how to tell. Now go forth and shower with confidence!

Did these tips help you save your precious strands? Have you found any other secret techniques to combat hair shedding? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below. Let’s empower each other to have stunning, shedding-free hair days, every day!

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