Last-Minute Glam: Jackie Kunzelman’s Unconventional Maternity Photoshoot in the Hospital

Capturing the Magic A Stunning Hospital Maternity Shoot Moments Before Birth

Pregnant woman’s hospital maternity shoot minutes before giving birth.

Jackie Kunzelman in the midst of her unusual maternity photoshoot at the hospital. Photo credit: Lexi Pratt

Who says maternity photoshoots have to follow a strict schedule? Jackie Kunzelman, a medical student with a busy work schedule, found herself in quite the predicament. Her maternity photo shoot was pushed to the last few weeks of her pregnancy, and to make things worse, her flamboyant gown from Etsy was delayed. But when life gives you lemons, you put on a pink fantasy gown and strike a pose!

Lights, Camera, Action — behind the scenes at Kunzelman’s unconventional photoshoot. Photo credit: Courtesy of Lexi Pratt

As Jackie’s due date grew near, her body had other plans. Swollen hands and feet prompted a visit to the hospital, only to discover she had preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous complication of pregnancy. Her OB wanted to induce the birth, but they hoped to delay it until the 37th week. Talk about a nail-biting countdown!

New mom Jackie Kunzelman and her husband, Nic, with their baby boy, Rocky, in the operating room. Photo credit: Courtesy of Lexi Pratt

In the midst of all the chaos, destiny intervened. Just as Jackie was stressing over the lack of a traditional maternity shoot, her mom texted her, “The Etsy dress just arrived. It’s amazing!” And just like that, the hospital room became the setting for an impromptu photoshoot.

With makeup, hair, and nail supplies in tow, Jackie’s mom and sister transformed her hospital room into a makeshift studio. The team trooped past the nurse’s station, armed with cameras, lights, and the fabled gown. Who needs permission when you have creativity?

Jackie Kunzelman, wearing a flowing pink dress, poses for a maternity photoshoot on top of her hospital bed. Photo credit: Courtesy of Lexi Pratt

To say the shoot was unconventional would be an understatement. Jackie sported a floaty pink dress, expertly hiding all the hospital monitors and IVs. It was a race against the clock as Lexi Pratt, Jackie’s sister and professional photographer, seized a ten-minute window before a nurse would check vitals. The result? An atmospheric backdrop of medical supplies and equipment that juxtaposed maternity beauty.

Jackie Kunzelman and her husband, Nic, celebrate the safe arrival of baby Rocky. Photo credit: Courtesy of Lexi Pratt

The viral video of this extraordinary shoot on TikTok garnered 1.3 million likes. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the nurse’s surprise entrance, luckily taking it in stride and finding humor in the moment. Other pregnant women were inspired, expressing their desire to follow in Jackie’s footsteps, though she advises against it given the circumstances.

Now, with baby Rockwell (or Rocky for short) safely at home, Jackie reflects on the whirlwind experience. The impromptu photo shoot not only brought her family together but also eased her stress during labor and even her emergency C-section. Hearing that pregnant women were drawn to her story fills her with joy, even if she wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to others.

So, fashion lovers, remember that life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes, the most extraordinary and glamorous moments bloom from unexpected circumstances. Embrace the chaos and find beauty in the unanticipated. And, of course, don’t forget your fabulous gown, even if it means capturing breathtaking memories while hooked up to monitors!

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