From Pilates to Pumping Iron: My Weightlifting Journey

From Pilates to Weight Training A Personal Journey and Expert Tips

Pilates to Weight Training My Experience + Tips

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September 27, 2023

We all know the drill – pilates, yoga, repeat. But what happens when the routine gets boring and the results start to plateau? Well, it was time for me to break free from the shackles of monotonous exercise and embark on a thrilling journey into the world of weightlifting. Brace yourselves, fashion lovers and fitness enthusiasts, as I share with you my transformation, revelations, and some juicy tips that will make you fall head over heels for the iron!

Why Swap Weight Training for Pilates?

Let’s face it, pilates can be a snooze fest. I spent years hopping from one studio to another, trying online courses, and even designing my own pilates workouts, but something was missing. The uninspiring routine left me yearning for more. I wanted to feel stronger, see definition in my muscles, and actually get bang for my buck. Pilates in New York City doesn’t come cheap, darlings. So, I decided it was time to put away my resistance bands and step into a realm where muscles reign supreme.

But hold on, ladies and gentlemen! Before you conjure up images of becoming the Incredible Hulk, let’s debunk the myth. Weight training won’t turn you into a walking mountain of muscle. In fact, it has numerous benefits that go way beyond a sculpted body. As Nike Master Trainer and Hyperice Ambassador, the fabulous Betina Gozo, said, “Adding a heavy load can help keep your bones and muscles strong.” Turns out, weight training can even prevent pesky age-related muscle loss, as proven by a 2022 study. And if you thought that was impressive, buckle up – strength training can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to another study from the same year. Who knew pumping iron could be such a game-changer?

How I Got Started with Weightlifting

Naturally, I couldn’t just dive headfirst into the weightlifting world without a bit of guidance. So, I booked a personal training session and armed myself with ambition, goals, and even some fancy gym gear. My trainer showed me the ropes, ensuring my form was on point, and taught me how to use the machines. Upper body days, lower body days, there were so many options to choose from, it felt like a fashion lover’s dream closet. But you know what truly made all the difference? Friends. Enlisting the help of gym-savvy pals made me feel like I had my own entourage cheering me on. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of gym gossip in between sets?

What Are My Workouts Like?

Now let’s talk about the meat and potatoes – or should I say, the dumbbells and barbells? I crafted a routine that works for me, following the advice of experts and a dash of my personal research. To make sure my muscles are grooving to the right beat, I usually stick to three sets of 10 repetitions. And when I find it easy breezy, I level up and increase the weight. Safety first, though. No need to transform my gym into a shattered glass gallery. If I feel my form slipping, I know it’s time to lighten the load.

But before I can conquer the world of weights, I must pay homage to stretching. Always, always, always stretch! I learned this the hard way (ouch!). And remember, my lovelies, every day might not be an energetic powerhouse. Some days require quick, intense workouts, while others call for gentler moves like yoga. It’s all about listening to your body and giving it the love and rest it craves.

Now, are you ready for the grand reveal? Here are some of my favorite exercises so far:

Upper Body & Core – Bicep curls – Seated row machine – Lat pull-down machine – Push-ups – Cable tricep rope push-downs – Plank up-downs – Side planks – Crunches – Leg raises

Lower Body – Bulgarian split squats – Hip thrusts – Leg press machine – Abductor machine – Adductor machine – Calf raises

I know, these exercises sound just as divine as a versatile little black dress, don’t they? But trust me, they work wonders for your body and your confidence!

The Perks of My New Routine

Now let’s unveil the glittering benefits that weightlifting showered upon me. Brace yourselves, darlings, it’s time for the grand reveal!

1. The Feeling of Improvement
Each week, I watched myself grow stronger and celebrated mini milestones. Even the smallest progress brought a sense of accomplishment that highlighted the power within my body. Standing tall and sweating with pride, I realized that my journey was as much about physical gains as it was about celebrating my body’s capabilities.

2. More Movement Autonomy
Imagine tackling an arduous move – let’s say, lifting heavy boxes up five flights of stairs. Before weightlifting, I would’ve collapsed at the bottom of the first step. But now, my darlings, I conquer those stairs with sass and strength. Weightlifting has granted me newfound independence, freeing me from heavy-box stress and leaving my cape-wearing superhero status intact.

3. Confidence in the Gym
Ah, the gym, once a realm of insecurity, now my kingdom of curiosity. Armed with knowledge and experience, I strut confidently, exploring new machines and movements with a twinkle in my eye. Why worry about awkward eye contact? We’re all in the same dance party, darling. So go ahead and shine like the gym superstar you are!

4. More Time for Myself & My Social Life
Remember those days when you needed to squeeze in a workout every single day? Well, my newfound strength training routine liberated me. Now I enjoy three or four intense workouts a week, leaving me ample time to socialize and to treat myself to an extra dollop of beauty sleep. Who knew iron could grant you more time for fun and self-care?

5. Body Confidence
Though I wasn’t discontent with my body pre-weightlifting, the gentle whispers of muscles spoke to my soul. After just three months of weight training, my arms and thighs triumphantly displayed newfound tone and definition. More importantly, my body confidence skyrocketed. It’s not just about how we look, my darlings; it’s about how we feel. Knowing that weight training nourishes my body from the inside out, I radiate confidence like a disco ball at Studio 54.

Tips From the Trenches

Oh, sweet readers, you must be longing for some sage advice from my newfound weightlifting wisdom. Fear not, for I have compiled a treasure trove of tips just for you:

  1. Prioritize Protein: Whether you consume plant-based protein or opt for the animal kingdom’s offerings, remember that protein is your body’s precious fuel. Stock up on tofu, lentils, tempeh, roasted chickpeas, and embrace the power of a pre-workout protein shake. Let those muscles dance!

  2. Experiment with Workout Times: Don’t be confined to the confines of the morning or evening workout routine. Explore different times of the day and find your personal rhythm. Perhaps you shine brighter under the evening stars or break records with the rising sun. Embrace the mystery and find what works for you.

  3. Know Your Limits: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your weightlifting prowess. Take it easy, my darlings, and listen to your body. Pushing yourself too hard may lead to unwanted injuries and setbacks. Progress should be a beautiful waltz, not a desperate sprint.

  4. Bring a Friend: The weightlifting world can be daunting for the uninitiated. But fear not! A gym buddy can be your guiding light and source of support. Stronger together, they say, and trust me, it’s true. Turn anxiety into adventure and share the joy of weightlifting with a friend.

  5. Refresh Your Workout Wardrobe: A change in routine calls for a change in attire, darlings. Give yourself a boost of confidence by slipping into a snazzy new workout ensemble. Unleash your inner sports fashionista and conquer the gym runway with style and panache.

  6. Be Patient: Remember, splendid souls, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The road to muscular glory takes time and dedication. Embrace the journey, celebrate even the tiniest progress, and know that every workout is a victory for your overall health.

  7. It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing: Just because you’ve fallen head over heels for weightlifting doesn’t mean you abandon other forms of exercise. Pilates and yoga shall forever remain your loyal companions. Embrace the harmony of different movement modalities and listen to what your body desires. After all, variety is the spice of life.

The Final Pose

My lovelies, the time has come to bid you adieu. But before we part ways, always remember that the journey to a stronger, more confident you begins with a single rep. Embrace the iron, dare to venture into uncharted territories, and let weightlifting become your runway to success. The gym is waiting, my darlings, and so is your destiny. Are you ready to flex your fashion muscles and redefine your fitness routine? Let the weightlifting revolution commence!

Oh, and don’t forget to share your own weightlifting adventures in the comments below. We’re all in this fabulous fitness journey together!