North West Playfully Pokes Fun at Kim Kardashian’s Designer’s Pearl Met Gala Look, Labeling it ‘Dollar Store’ His ‘Worst Nightmare’ Unveiled

North West Roasts Kim Kardashian's Designer over His Pearl Met Gala Look, Calling it 'Dollar Store' His 'Worst Nightmare

Kim Kardashian and North West at the Met Gala

North West might only be nine, but she’s already a master of fashion critiques. In a newly aired clip, Kim Kardashian’s designer was left quaking in his boots as little North tore apart his creation for the 2023 Met Gala.

“It looks like she’s a Hawaiian girl with her dress all ripped,” West said with a smirk to Schiaparelli creative director Daniel Roseberry. Ouch! That’s a metaphorical punch right in the gut.

In the clip, West, Kardashian, and Roseberry were huddled together, discussing the custom-made pearl Schiaparelli gown that Kardashian would be wearing. I imagine the tension in the air was thicker than the thickest foundation.

Now, North didn’t hold back with her honest opinion. She scoffed at the dress, even going as far as saying the pearls looked fake. Can you believe it? The audacity! She added, “I like the pearls. I just don’t like that it looks like from the Dollar Store.” Talk about a savage fashion roast!

Roseberry, clearly mortified, had to resort to desperately chugging water to ease his embarrassment. He exclaimed, “It’s like I’m being ‘Punk’d’ the night before the Met. Getting read for filth by a nine-year-old.” I can just picture the sweat dripping down his forehead, like a fashion designer in a horror movie.

But here’s the plot twist – fans absolutely loved North’s brutally honest commentary. “I’d watch an entire season of just North West roasting her mother,” said one Twitter user. Who needs reality TV when you have North’s sass?

It’s undeniable that North West is a fashion guru in the making. Her honesty is like a breath of fresh air in a world of artificial sophistication. Even though she might have roasted the dress, she still lent a helping hand, picking up the loose pearls that fell from the gown. She’s a fashion critic with a heart.

So, sit back, fashion lovers, and take note. North West has proven that even the most glamorous events can be filled with savage fashion critiques from unexpected sources. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll rule the fashion world with her fiery wit and impeccable style. Keep slaying, North!