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Rethinking Sleep The National Sleep Foundation Introduces New Recommendations

National Sleep Foundation’s New Recommendations Rethink Sleeping In


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September 26, 2023

We all know that beauty sleep is crucial, but what if I told you there might be a way to catch up on those Zzzs and still look fashionable? Yes, you heard me right! The National Sleep Association has just revealed that sleeping in on weekends might actually be a good thing. So throw on your most stylish pajamas, and let’s dive into the cozy world of beauty sleep!

Analyzing the Beauty of Snoozing

A recent study conducted by a panel of sleep experts with the National Sleep Foundation has uncovered some interesting details about the impact of sleep timing on our health and performance. After reviewing 63 different studies, these experts have come to some eye-opening conclusions.

It turns out that having a consistent sleep schedule is crucial for health, safety, and performance – no surprises there. But here’s the exciting part: when you have a sleep debt, catching up on those precious Zzzs can actually be beneficial. It’s like having a designer discount on sleep! 😉

To Sleep In or Not to Sleep In?

Hold on to your sleep masks, though! This doesn’t mean you can binge-watch your favorite series until the crack of dawn and sleep until noon. The experts recommend minimizing catch-up sleep to only 1-2 hours or taking short power naps when feasible. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between fashionably late and fashionably rested.

“While some people advocate for maintaining consistent bedtimes throughout the week, regardless of sleep debt, our panel of experts suggests that extending sleep on non-work days for up to 1-2 hours and/or taking naps could be more beneficial,” the authors explain. So, in other words, you can hit that snooze button guilt-free, as long as you don’t overdo it. Don’t worry; fashion won’t wait for you forever!

The Takeaway: Fashionable Beauty Sleep

Whether you’re a night owl, a caregiver, or just someone who struggles with falling asleep on time, we all know that life often gets in the way of our beauty rest. But fear not! The National Sleep Foundation has given us the green light to catch up on our beauty sleep when needed. So, go ahead and put on that comfy robe, grab your favorite sleep supplement (here are some fab recommendations if you’re curious), and indulge in a couple of extra hours of beauty sleep.

Remember, my fellow fashionistas, consistency is still key, and catching up on sleep should be your secret weapon, not your daily routine. Keep that sleep schedule in check and let your beauty shine through. Now, go out there and slay the fashion game with your well-rested self!

Sweet dreams, and until next time!

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