Nail Trends: Winter Edition

7 Nail Trends That Are In and 6 That Are Out This Winter According to Top Nail Artists

A checkmark and an X pointing at two different sets of nails. Image Source: Huan N. Pham/Shutterstock

Hey there, fashionistas! Ready to dive into the magical world of nail trends for this winter? We’ve got the inside scoop from three nail professionals on what’s hot and what’s not in the nail game. So, buckle up and get those nails ready for a fabulous winter makeover!

Earthy Tones: Embrace the Cozy Vibe

Earth-toned nails. Image Source: Huan N. Phan/Shutterstock

This winter, it’s all about those earthy tones, my friends! According to Hayley Dang, a talented nail artist at Bellacures, shades like deep blues, forest greens, and espresso browns are going to be all the rage. These cozy colors will perfectly complement your winter wardrobe and give you that “change of season” vibe. So, why not rock those earthy hues and feel like a winter fashion goddess?

Aura Nails: Unleash Your Inner Mystical Diva

Aura nail manicure. Image Source: Tigra09/Shutterstock

Prepare to be enchanted by the allure of aura nails! This popular trend is evolving with an edge, as explained by celebrity manicurist Brittney Boyce. The outer-to-inner gradient design is taking a wild ride with additional eye-catching elements like chrome. It’s a trend that’s spreading like wildfire and adding a cool factor to your nail game. Trust me, this mystical twist will have you feeling like a fashion sorceress!

Denim Blues: Channel Your Inner Taylor Swift

Denim-colored nails. Image Source: Tigra09/Shutterstock

Who says you can’t rock denim on your nails, too? Thanks to the stylish Taylor Swift, denim shades of blue have become the talk of the town. According to the fabulous Hannah Lee, a manicurist and content creator, this moody and fashionable shade is the perfect fit for your winter aesthetic. So, grab that dark-blue polish and let your nails be the star of the show!

Classic Red: The Eternal Love Affair Continues

Red manicure. Image Source: Vesnaandjic/Getty Images

Some things never go out of style, and classic red nails are one of them! Hayley Dang confirms that this vibrant red hue is making waves all over social media because it embodies confidence, sophistication, and adds the perfect statement to your winter wardrobe. So, let your nails shine bright like a ruby, and embrace the timeless elegance of classic red!

Velvet Nails: Sparkling Luxury at Your Fingertips

A picture of mint, velvet nails. Image Source: Kseniya Ovchinnikova/Getty Images

Get ready to luxuriate in the glory of velvet nails! This trend was a major hit last season, and it’s sticking around for the rest of the year. Hannah Lee explains that even though the design doesn’t include actual velvet, it replicates its texture with sparkles galore. Magnetic polish and a clever magnet activation create a mesmerizing and eye-catching look that will leave everyone in awe. So, let your nails sparkle with extravagant charm!

Chrome French Manicures: A Shimmery Twist

Manicure with chrome French tip. Image Source: Huan N. Phan/Shutterstock

Say au revoir to the classic white! The new and improved French manicure is here, and it’s all about chrome powders. This stunning twist, recommended by Brittney Boyce, is stealing hearts and redefining elegance. Add a touch of shimmer to your French tips with a lustrous chrome finish. Trust me, this style is not just a trend; it’s a fashion affair you won’t want to miss!

Pearl and Gem Embellishments: Let Your Nails Shine Bright

Nails with butterfly accents and pearls. Image Source: RoGina Montgomery/Getty Images

Are you ready to level up your holiday nail game? Hayley Dang suggests skipping the glitter polish this season and opting for pearl and glitter gems instead. These exquisite embellishments can quickly transform your nails into stunning works of art, whether you prefer a minimalistic or maximalist approach. Get ready to upgrade your manicures and bring out that extra sparkle this holiday season!

Multicolored Nails: A Trend on the Decline

An X pointing at a colorful manicure. Image Source: Huan N. Phan/Shutterstock

Hold on to your matching sets, because multicolored nails are fading away, according to Hannah Lee. As much as she loves a good Skittle-inspired manicure, the fully matching set is stealing the spotlight with its cleaner and more polished look. So, bid farewell to the mix and match and embrace the power of harmonious manicures!

Glitter Ombré: Sparkles Are Taking a Backseat

Glitter-ombre nails. Image Source: Nittaya Saternram/Shutterstock

It’s time for glitter ombré to step aside and make room for the rising star, velvet nails! Hayley Dang reveals that this sparkly look is losing popularity in comparison to the latest trends. So, if you want to stay ahead of the fashion game, embrace the ravishing elegance of velvet nails and let the sparkles ignite your style!

Manicure with arrow pointing to half-moon design. Image Source: zaphoto/Shutterstock

Negative space and two-toned looks are taking a backseat this season, according to Hannah Lee. Half-moon nail designs, once popular, are currently out of the spotlight. But fear not! The world of nail trends is vast and ever-evolving. So, stay tuned for new and exciting manicure trends that will capture your heart and unleash your inner fashionista!

White Nails: A Cozy Exchange

An X pointing at white nails. Image Source: Huan N. Phan/Shutterstock

Winter is all about embracing those cozy vibes, which means it’s time to bid adieu to white nails for now. According to Hannah Lee, rich shades are taking over, perfectly fitting the moody and snug aesthetic of the season. So, dive into the world of luxurious and warm colors and let your nails cocoon you in style!

Over-the-Top Christmas Designs: Simplicity Takes the Stage

An X pointing at Christmas nails. Image Source: Huan N. Phan/Shutterstock

Last winter, textured sweater prints and plaid nail art dominated the scene, but things have changed. Hayley Dang reveals that instead of over-the-top festive looks, clients are leaning towards a more minimalist style that aligns with the clean girl aesthetic. So, let simplicity be your guide this holiday season and embrace the understated beauty of a minimalistic manicure!

Matte Nails: Gloss Is Back in Town

An X pointing at matte nails. Image Source: Tigra09/Shutterstock

Matte nails had their moment, but it seems that glossy reigns supreme once again. Hayley Dang highlights that clients are shifting back towards an overall gloss look. Who can resist the allure of shine and the promise of a chip-free and long-lasting manicure? So, wave goodbye to matte and let your nails glow with dazzling gloss!

There you have it, trendsetters! The ultimate guide to nail trends for this winter. Whether you’re into earthy tones, sparkling designs, or classy classics, there’s something for everyone. Make your nails the center of attention and let your fashionista spirit shine!

Tell us, which of these trends are you most excited to try? Are there any nail styles you think should make a comeback? Share your thoughts and let’s keep the fashion conversation going!