Two Lives Intertwined: The Unbreakable Bond of Friendship and Fashion

My Best Friend Became My Platonic Life Partner The Story of Our Journey as Housemates

My husband and I live with my best friend, who is like my platonic life partner.

Couple posing with a friend on their wedding day The author (right) with her husband and Erin (left). Courtesy of the author

On the day of my wedding, there were four people standing at the altar: me, my dashing husband Kareem, our charismatic officiant, and our maid of honor slash best man, Erin. Yes, you read it right. Erin was both! She held my train, danced tirelessly beside us, and even helped clean up after the celebration. The next day, the three of us drove back home to our cozy apartment.

Now, moving in with your significant other after tying the knot is pretty normal, right? But here’s the plot twist – my hubby and I moved in with my beloved best friend, Erin. Gasp! I could practically hear the gasps and raised eyebrows of the skeptics. My boss thought it was peculiar, my family interrogated me about Kareem’s feelings, and one friend even accused us of taking a step backward in our relationship. But here’s the deal: my family isn’t complete without Erin. And if Kareem didn’t get that, well, I probably wouldn’t have married him!

Calling Erin my best friend doesn’t even come close to capturing the essence of our relationship. We’re like sisters, but without the hair-pulling fights. We can go days apart and still spend hours on the phone, pouring out our souls to each other. Oh, and I have to mention, our friendship has never ventured into romantic territory, despite what some people may speculate. But honestly, life without Erin? Unimaginable. A mutual friend once even called us “platonic life partners,” and you know what? That sounds about right!

Our friendship started in elementary school, after I got into a heated playground brawl with Erin. I know, I know, not the most glamorous beginning, but she forgave me without hesitation and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We grew up spending weekends at each other’s houses. They even chauffeured me around before I had my driver’s license and always covered my food expenses when I forgot cash during lunch breaks. They practically became part of my family, attending our holiday dinners and even spending Thanksgiving with my mom when I was out of town. I’ll never forget the Snapchat photos of Erin doing the dishes with the caption “your mom’s favorite.” Classic Erin!

Now, the real turning point was when I introduced Kareem to Erin and her twin sister, Sarah. Picture it: car windows down, music blasting, and the twins waving like madmen from the front seats. They shared embarrassing stories about me, poked fun at me, and instantly hit it off. I distinctly remember saying to Kareem, “Babe, this is great because they’re gonna be a permanent fixture in our lives!” Ah, the foreshadowing.

Tragedy struck our tight-knit trio when Sarah passed away three years ago. It was a heartbreaking blow that brought Kareem and me even closer to Erin. It felt like she was the only person in the world who could truly understand the depths of my pain, even though I knew I would never fully comprehend her loss. So, naturally, when Kareem and I decided to take the plunge into cohabitation, there was no one else we wanted to share our new home with but Erin.

Living together has been an absolute joy. From Kareem snuggling Erin’s fluffy dog, to our plants thriving side by side on the windowsill, and the simple pleasure of sharing a meal together, our moments as roommates have been pure bliss. Erin is a social butterfly, effortlessly making friends at Kareem’s work events. At one gathering, Kareem introduced us as “his wife and roommate,” prompting laughter when everyone realized there were indeed two people present. Erin sent me a photo of two elderly women, best friends and neighbors, with the caption, “Us in 60 years.” Our dream is to live no more than a door away from each other, to never let the busyness of life push our friendship to the sidelines. We want to see each other every single day.

And speaking of Kareem, he surprised me with a proposal that Erin saw coming from miles away. She advised him to choose a ring that matched my unique taste, and he did just that. On a sunny hike, he got down on one knee in a picturesque clearing, as Erin captured the moment in photos. But wait for it… when Kareem asked for the ring, Erin “forgot” it in the car, slapping her hand to her head in mock horror. We all burst into laughter, unaware that the ring had been hiding in Kareem’s pocket all along.

Erin even suggested that she be the one to give me away at the wedding, but Kareem rightly pointed out that it didn’t quite fit the symbolism. After all, Erin never plans to give me up, no matter what. We’re in this for the long haul.

So, my fellow fashion enthusiasts, remember this: friendships aren’t limited to mere labels like “best friend” or “roommate.” They can’t be confined to societal expectations. They have the power to shape and enhance our lives in unimaginable ways. Cherish those friends who bring laughter, support, and endless joy to your journey, just like Erin does for me. Because when it comes to fashion and friendship, some bonds are forever, like a perfectly tailored outfit that never goes out of style.

And now, I turn to you, dear readers. Do you have a friend who inspires your fashion choices? Someone who understands your style like no other? Share your stories in the comments below, because the world needs more fashion-forward friendships!